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Welcome back!

It has been quite sometime since I last updated this site and I say its' a long time coming because there has been a ton of stuff to report on. First off I just finished work on a third film for producer Mark A. Altman a whole slew of horror films coming to you cineplexes late this year and throughout 2006. In October "All Souls Day: Dia De Los Muertos" from Jeremy Kasten will premiere around Halloween look for my brief scene as a zombie don't blink or you'll miss me. In 2006 Mike Hurst's "House of the Dead 2: Dead Aim" will debut with Lion's Gate as distributor which is exciting because a major studio is taking interest plus a have a much bigger part as a heavy metal zombie in that one! Finally "Room 6" will also make it to the silver screen in 2006, sorry no cameo in this one but it does have some groovy scares. The last I heard from Mark is that they are trying to get another film off the ground for this May, with all these hours I'll finally be able to get into the Union and be able to go on other shows I hope!

On the shooting front I am currently working with CFQ Media, which also does the above mentioned films on their two magazines Cinefantastique and Femme Fatales. I get to throw in my two cents in as photo editor and do the female athletes for Locker Room which is a gas because of how the girls can be so cooperative and fun as oppose to actresses who can be a little more than lets just say less fun. We are currently planning a soiree for the Saturn Awards and of course the big San Diego Comic Con.

I am also still doing the red carpet thing mostly for Wireimage as well as StarTraks Photo which I just began a month ago, my wife Maya still holds the fort at WI as Associate Copy Editor and reams me when I mispell names. Oh well it pays the rent right, bread and butter!

Of course my real passion is Sci-FI so maybe I'll run into you at one of my numerous convention appearances, come over and say hi. In the meantime I hope my hard work has paid off in some way and that will result in some cool images for your pleasure!

Mi Casa Es Su Casa


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