Hollywood's Biggest Names-Are They Still Worth Their Price?

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Harrison Ford: (11 films over $100M) Current Salary: $25M (Bankability going downhill fast with "K-19: The Widowmaker" budgeted at $100M, and grossing to date only $25M (as of 7/30/02) His biggest draw came from "Star Wars", which was a blockbuster because of George Lucas, Not Harrison Ford). Then there was "Random Hearts", budgeted at $64M and only grossed $31.1M) Now, with his "mid-life" crisis going on, and his relationship with Calista Flockhart, I wonder if he knows he's the joke of Tinsel Town? 


Tom Hanks: (11 films over $100M) Current Salary: $20M (always a good bet, and always a favorite for the Oscars) Since his working relationship with Steven Spielberg, his career seems to have gotten even stronger. 


Tom Cruise: (10 films over $100M) Current Salary: $25M (right on the edge, he balances out his films with either doubling the budget totals, or coming in several million below budget costs at the box office.) He is doing well however, in his producing endeavors with his company CW Productions. 


Eddie Murphy: (9 films over $100M) Current Salary: $10M (a good bankable actor that doesn't demand a huge salary, a great box office choice) You can always count on a sore stomach from laughing at Murphy's antics. The upcoming "Shrek 2" should provide him a secure seat on the "Bankable actors list". 


Mel Gibson: (10 films over $100M) Current Salary: $25M (Was on the verge of losing bankability until "What Women Want", he almost didn't clear budget with "When We Were Soldiers", but now with his upcoming "Signs", he is secured in his standing. His salary is high, but that is usually combined with his efforts as producer or director. Still a good catch) And, let's face it, Mel really is: "What Women Want"!


Julia Roberts: (9 films over $100M) Current Salary: $20M (Star Quality Still Rising, always bankable. Almost always doubles or triples the budget. Well worth the $20M paycheck) With 3 new hits on the way, and her ever faithful smile and eternal optimism, Julia is the only female actor (In EZ's opinion) that will still be in demand for many years to come. 


Jim Carrey: (7 films over $100M) Current Salary: $25M (Downhill Slide..."The Grinch" and "Me, Myself & Irene" have been his only big hits for some time now. Salary too high for his latest performances. Not a good risk any longer) He seems to be tiring of the whole Hollywood biz, at least that's the impression he's throwing out there. He's made his claim to fame with his humor, but is now tired of having to be "on" all the time. We don't expect that Jim, just a "good" comedy and for your benefit...SOON!


Will Smith: (5 films over $100M) Current Salary: $20M (Thank God for "Men in Black II", since 1998 he hasn't managed to come close to clearing budget on any of his films. This latest sequel will put him back on top) He's always been great to watch, until some of his more recent works. With his talents, he should stick to what he's best at, comedy. (And, No...I don't mean "Wild, Wild West")


Arnold Schwarzenegger: (7 films over $100M) Current Salary: $30M (Borderline Bankability. Hasn't really hit it big since 1994. Hopefully things will change after the release of T3. But, most definitely NOT worth $30M..no way..no how!) Arnold, we KNOW you can't act, but you can deliver the action movies better than most...so, lets see some of that "old Arnold"! You need to be doing something to earn that $30M paycheck...and, you can fire your agent for the roles you've gotten, but...hate to tell you, it's not your agent's fault. WMA is probably the best agent you could have, it's a shame you choose to blame them for your downfall. 


Ben Affleck: (5 films over $100M) Current Salary: $11.5M (Definite bankable material! Always a box office draw, pulled off the "new" Jack Ryan, and has 3 new blockbusters on the way! Current Salary is not offensive at all) Of the two former "buds" Matt Damon and Affleck, I'd have to say Ben got the better end of the deal as far as his roles! Too bad Damon can't seem to handle his former friends' success. 


Brad Pitt:  (3 films over $100M) Current Salary: $17.5M (Has the eyes and the smile that will continue to pack in the audiences. Almost always exceeds the budgets, and chooses his roles wisely. He also still has 4 huge blockbusters on the way. Salary should be upped to $20M) His bankability can also be attributed to his highly publicized "romantic side" with his beautiful bride Jennifer Aniston. Women LOVE him, and Men want to BE him, so he will always draw them in!


EZ compiled this short list from the high rollers in Hollywood. There are many more bankable actors for sure, but these few needed to be examined and dissected a little more. 



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