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Hong Kong's favorite son Jackie Chan became the latest entertainer to receive one of Hollywood's most prestigious honors as he was the 2,205th person to receive a Star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame. The biggest star of Asian cinema, Jackie Chan dominated the box office for 20 years in his native home, mixing his brand of action and comedy before taking America by storm with Newline Cinema's RUMBLE IN THE BRONX. Since then the work-a-holic Chan has never looked back juggling his movie schedule between America and Hong Kong. Jackie has since released a string of hits including the RUSH HOUR films as well as SHANGHAI NOON, THE TUXEDO and the upcoming SHANGHAI KNIGHTS. He is currently working on the films HIGHBINDERS and the remake AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS. 

In addition to this honor Jackie Chan has also been recognized by MTV with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 1995 and later in following years two additional MTV Movie Awards. In 1999 the Actor of the Year Award was bestowed upon him at the Hollywood Film Festival as well as two Best Actor Awards at the Golden Horse Film Festival. Hong Kong has also honored him with three Film Awards and in 2002 the stunt community presented to him the Taurus Honorary Award at the 2002 World Stunt Awards.

In 1988 Jackie established his own charitable foundation to help impoverished children, the disabled and the elderly under the moniker The Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation. The foundation also offers grants in the form of scholarships to students in performing arts and science.

So lift a glass fans of flying fists, wisecracks and prat falls as we join the world in giving Jackie Chan a long awaited "home" to his good name on the streets where dreams come true, Hollywood!

Models from Frederick's Of Hollywood offer their support.

Director Brett Ratner of the action flicks RUSH HOUR 1 & 2 phones home.

SHANGHAI NOON costar Owen Wilson goes over his speech.

Jackie Chan maintains his cool while waiting to be announced.

Jackie and Brett Ratner share a moment.

Jackie once again teams up with Owen Wilson in the film SHANGHAI KNIGHTS.

Martial Arts master extraordinaire Jackie Chan!

Jackie waves to his legion of fans.

A visibly pleased Jackie Chan.

Jackie listens to all the praise made about him.

"Jezz just how long is this going to take?"

Director Brett Ratner speaks about the pleasures of working with this Hong Kong god.

Jackie looks humbly on as his name is praised by Brett Ratner.

Grateful for all the kind words Jackie can only smile.

Owen Wilson charges toward the podium for his turn.

Describing his costar as a generous fun loving professional Owen Wilson wins the approval of the fans assembled.

Jackie Chan proudly displays his proclamation from the Los Angeles City Council.

Jackie Chan finally gets his chance to speak.

Recalling his illustrious career, Jackie Chan shares moments of his history.

Preparing to unveil the Star.

Ceremonial mayor Johnny Grant unveils the Star.

A joyous Jackie enjoys his new award along with Johnny Grant, Owen Wilson, Brett Ratner, Leron Gubler and Russ Joyner.

Jackie places his mitts on The Star

Giving the "Peace" to the media.

Its' clear to see that Jackie Chan is smitten!

One will have to pry Jackie from Hollywood Blvd.

A true honor to have one's name placed on the legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Jackie Chan is the first to walk all over himself.

Jackie shares the moment with his Hong Kong partners.

Mayor Johnny Grant plays peek-a-boo with Jackie Chan.

When you come to Hollywood you have to spar against the Mayor to get the key to the city!

The SHANGHAI KNIGHTS twosome of Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan.

Tired from all the festivities Owen Wilson returns to his limo for solace.


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