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Making another go at the silverscreen for its 4th outing was the cast of Gene Roddenberry's second incarnation of STAR TREK led by Captain Jean Luc Picard. Yes fans of THE NEXT GENERATION Patrick Stewart is back with his whole crew as they lined the streets of fabled Hollywood Blvd with black limos galore! In addition to Stewart was his android with a heart and skin of gold Brent Spiner, his warrior Michael Dorn, his healer Gates McFadden, his conscious Marina Sirtis, his engineer LeVar Burton and of course his boss Rick Berman. Also on hand were the new players Tom Hardy, Ron Perlman, Dina Meyer, screenwriter John Logan and director Stuart Baird, as were other notable members of the family of Star Trek such as Majel-Barrett Roddenberry, Chase Masterson, Linda Park, Neal McDonough and Brannon Braga. Sadly Number One, Jonathan Frakes was absent with directorial duties keeping him away. Perhaps other that want to "Live Long and Prosper" included Kyle Maclachlan, Janes Leeves, Tommy Shaw, Dr. Mae Jemison, Tim Allen, Buzz Aldrin and Sarah Ramos and Rachel Boston.

The Romulan Empire is under siege from within by the mysterious Reman leader Praetor Shinzon but he offer the Starfleet envoy peace. What Shinzon truly wants with the help of his Viceroy and assault cruiser the Skmitar is Picard's DNA and conquest of Earth. Not before we get a glance at the nuptials of Riker and Troi, an offroading thrill for Picard, Data and Worf, the discovery of yet another of Data's long lost "brothers" (B-4) and the kidnapping and release of Captain Picard. A Generation's Final Journey…Begins??? 

GATES MCFADDEN returns san her scalpel as Dr. Beverly Crusher.

An alumni of the STAR TREK universe, CHASE MASTERSON your favorite Dabo girl from DEEP SPACE 9 is working behind the scenes with Star

Plunging into the realm of STAR TREK with both feet is first time Trek Director STUART BAIRD.

Our very own space curmudgeon MICHAEL DORN picks up his Batlith for battle once more.

JOHN LOGAN the famed screenwriter of GLADIATOR adds his interpretation of the Next Generation mythos.

The Picard clone or rather English thespian TOM HARDY loses the locks and dons the DNA of a certain Starfleet captain.


Overlooking the press like his character praetor Shinzon, TOM HARDY bonds with the media line.

The wife of the late Gene Roddenberry and mother to character Deanna Troi MAJEL-BARRETT RODDENBERRY and son EUGENE RODDENBERRY represent the ongoing legacy.

Another stint in engineering for LEVAR BURTON's Geordi LaForge seen here with wife Stephanie.

The keeper of all things Trek is Executive Producer RICK BERMAN.

LEVAR BURTON perhaps sucking up to producer RICK BERMAN to direct the next outing…

BRENT SPINER is credited with shaping the story on this latest adventure as well as befriending scribe John Logan.

A bridesmaid no more, MARINA SIRTIS finally gets Riker down the aisle.

A close personal friend to Marina Sirtis is the Styx axeman, TOMMY SHAW with wife included.

PATRICK STEWART growing a beard?!?!?

Taking his place back aboard the Starship Enterprise was PATRICK STEWART along with his wife and long time Trek producer WENDY NEUSS.

Representing the current incarnation of STAR TREK was gorgeous LINDA PARK Ensign Hoshi of ENTERPRISE.

FRAISER crumpet JANE LEEVES brought along her nephew Colin to the unspooling.


KYLE MACLACHLAN, who once costarred with Patrick Stewart in DUNE came to pay homage to his old friend.

ENTERPRISE executive producer BRANNON BRAGA came to perhaps pick the brain of John Logan in order to get some ideas for his show?

The Vulcan salute impaired TIM ALLEN should perhaps stick to parodying STAR TREK, to infinity and beyond my ass! 

The real life Buzz Lightyear, astronaut BUZZ ALDRIN dons his stars and moon tie, ready for a space walk anyone? Not to be left out was his wife Lois.

DINA MEYER plays one sexy Romulan, at least she didn't have to sit in a wheelchair all day like on her show BIRDS OF PREY.

Once a member of STAR TREK always a member of STAR TREK as will the former Lt. Hawk or rather NEAL MCDONOUGH of STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT will attest. The once promising Starfleet officer escorts his lady actress RUVE ROBERTSON.

RON PERLMAN once again has the burden of putting on the latex for his turn as the Reman Viceroy.

Not only did DR. MAE JEMISON get to be the first black woman to go into space but she also got to make a cameo in an episode of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION.


Not wanting to hog the entire spotlight was RON PERLMAN with wife Opal and their son Brandon.

With her hosting duties behind her, it was time for CHASE MASTERSON to kick up her heels!

A joyful reunion of sorts between castmembers GATES MCFADDEN, PATRICK STEWART, LEVAR BURTON and RICK BERMAN.


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