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A Zone's Eye View With Actress Alana Curry

By Laura Alber and Albert L. Ortega

(all photos by Albert L. Ortega)

An emerging new talent, most recently seen in "T3: Rise of the Machines, California native Alana Curry chats with EZ about this and that

Alana was raised in Hawaii and Arizona, but returned to California to pursue her acting career, which is really taking off! She's been seen in several TV shows and films, but acting in a film with Arnold Schwarzenegger has got to be a blast for anyone! Expect big things from this actress! 

Now...on with the show!

Z: Can you explain how your professional life has changed since appearing in T3?

AC: I sure have received a lot attention since T3, not only from magazines and press for interviews and articles, I even got my first magazine cover, but from those in the industry. I think people tend to give you more respect when they find out your in such a big movie.

Z: Tell us about your character and the actual experience of being in such a big budget film compared to an independent film.

AC: Although my part was small, it was very fun to film. The Terminatrix has a bunch of teenage targets that she is trying to kill, my boyfriend, Bill Anderson is one of them. She comes after him while we are having a party at his house, and kills him right in front of me. The shooting experience was great, everyone was really nice and since it was such a big budget film everything from the catering to the crew was the best.

Z:  How was it working along side Kristanna Loken? Did you get to interact with Arnold Schwarzenegger? What was he like in person?

AC: Kristanna was really cool. I first met her in the make-up trailer and I'm thinking this chick is so beautiful and she doesn't even have a stitch of makeup on yet. I didn't have any scenes Arnold, just with Kristanna but I'll tell you this, in person, Arnold is just as strong and handsome as he looks on the screen; he really is a nice guy.

Z:  Since Arnold just announced his candidacy for Governor can you say whether or not you will vote for him and why?

AC: I don't like to talk politics, but I do think Arnold would do a great job in office. He has a lot of great ideas and the power behind him to win. Think of all the fans he has in California! Voting for him is the least I can do to, considering all I've got from being in his movie- don't you think :)

Z:  How do you spend your time on a film set between scenes?

AC: Usually snacking at craft service, no really just normal things. Taking bathroom breaks, getting coffee, a bite to eat, changing your wardrobe and working on your lines for the next scene. If I have a really long break sometimes I'll score a quick cat nap in my trailer.

Z:  You've been traveling the country quite a bit promoting T3, can you share some memorable moments meeting fans? Any surreal encounters?

AC: I haven't had anything too weird happen, I do see a lot of the same fans over and over again though, I've noticed when I have been at Sci-Fi conventions signing, the most loyal fans are that of Star Trek! They dress up as their favorite characters, and even have little star trek suits made for their dogs!

Z:  You have done some work in Independent productions coming out soon. Would you like to tell us a little about each of them?

AC: I shot a couple of indie films earlier this year, one being "Is This Seat Taken" which is a very well written, witty & funny it's an ensemble piece, It's about a family that comes home together for Thanksgiving weekend; all the crazy, funny, serious, traumatic things that happen to them. I play the teenage daughter, Beth Haines. Then I did a small part in a different indie flick called "Changing Fates" in which I get to play a ghost. It was really cool, because we did a scene where my spirit rises out of the actual body, like in the movie "Ghost".

Z:  With your role in the film T3 you have been featured in such publications as Femme Fatale, do you see yourself as a sex symbol? Walk us through the experience, how were you
selected and what happened on the shoot. You were shown on VH-1, how did that come about?

AC:  Well, as far as a sex symbol- I feel far from that. I like acting goofy and hanging around in jeans and comfortable clothes. It's fun to dress up and act all sexy in photo shoots- but that's not on a day to day basis. It's been cool though, there have been a lot of different magazines that I've been featured in lately, The Femme Fatale shoot particularly was fun. I met one of the F.F. photographers, Albert Ortega, at a signing in Los Angeles, and then he put the photo shoot and article into the works from there. I arrived at the photo shoot and the photographer was on top of things right from the beginning. She had specific ideas and even poses all thought out, and I did my best to mirror her visions. The shoot lasted about six or seven hours because we had a lot of shots to set up and a lot of wardrobe changes. I had a great stylist, Okera Banks, who dressed me in all kinds of cool crazy clothes, the kind I'd never be able to wear out on the street. It's so much fun playing dress up. And yes, VH-1 was there doing a piece on the magazine's publisher Ellie Cornell Halloween 4&5) for their "Where Are They Now" show and they covered some of my shoot while I was there.

Z:  Can you compare working in Television vs. film?

AC: I love doing television. I've worked on all kinds of different shows-Soap Operas are really fun, I like the one hour dramas too. It's really exciting working on sitcoms because I get a rush working in front of a live audience. Films have long hours and a lot of work but very rewarding; there's just something different about being on the big screen.

Z: Now that you have worked in the Science Fiction genre can you describe the difference between those fans and the fans from Soap Operas?

AC: They are actually not that different, I think a lot of fans of sci-fi shows and soaps sometimes don't distinguish between you the actor and the character. They'll come up and say, "Remember in that one episode when you said (blah blah blah) to her, that really affected me." And I'm nodding like, what are you talking about?!??!

Z:  Who have been your biggest influences in your acting career?

AC: There have been so many different people that have helped me succeed. My mom has helped me a lot get to where I am. When I first started acting in high school, she drove me around to all my auditions, rehearsed all my scenes with me, and was always very supported in what I wanted to. When I moved out to Los Angeles, she came out with me and got me settled here in the big city. The actors who I admire most, I'd have to say are Reese Witherspoon, Ashley Judd, Sandra Bullock, Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington. There are too many to name them all.

Z:  What are your favorite films? (Old or new)

AC: I define a favorite film as one I can watch over and over again and not get sick of watching, so here they are. All 3 "Back to the Future" films, "Stepmom", "Meet the Parents", "Pretty Woman", "Clue", "American Pie", "Turner and Hooch", and "Speed"!

Z:  Anyone you would like to someday work with? Actor or Director.

AC: There are so many great directors and actors, anyone who has a great script and project.

Z:  Can you tell our readers your experience of going to auditions and the frustrations of modern actresses.

AC: Every year there are more and more young people trying to break into the acting field. I've been on auditions where there are a hundred plus girls auditioning for the same role, which is really hard. For all the jobs I do get, there are so many that I don't get. It's hard on your spirit when they go with another actress for whatever reasons, and I've heard them all - she's too old, she's too young, she's too tall, short, not big enough boobs, etc. I am a person and I have feelings so of course it can be hard. It's also frustrating when I book a part and then I can't do it- whether it's because the project has nudity, or I'm not available. For example, I just went on a week-long cruise to Alaska & Canada - I check my messages when I get back and my agent informed me that I had booked a movie while I was gone, but they began filming while I was away so they went with their second choice since I wasn't available. Thanks alot!

Z:  What has been your favorite project to date and why?

AC: There are great things about a lot of the projects I've done, I guess I'd have to choose the film "Is This Seat Taken", because I was a lead character. I worked on the project for a long time and the cast became a second family.

Z:  Last Good film you saw?

AC: I have seen a lot of films this year, I think the best, besides T3 of course, would be "Phone Booth".

Z:  What currently on television holds your interest.

AC: I'm hooked on "Charmed" and "Smallville".

Z:  If you had the opportunity to work with anyone in the business who would it be and why?

AC: Mark Wahlberg, he's hot.

Z:  Can you name any childhood heroes you have?

AC: Barbie, she was the perfect woman.

Z:  What is something about you that we would never guess?

AC: I did ballet for thirteen years and would've been a professional ballerina if I didn't fall into acting. And I can do a little bit of Close-up Magic!

Z:  Can you name a guilty pleasure?

AC: See's Dark Chocolate truffles! Mmmm Mmmm.

Z:  If you had one wish what would it be?

AC: To save all animals from abuse and being homeless.

Z:  Favorite Midnite snack.

AC: Cereal, Cheerios are my favorite.

Z:  Can you share a moment in your life when you were happiest.

AC: My first trip to Disneyland when I was five!

Z:  What makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up?

AC: Watching "Fear Factor", I hate seeing anything with snakes, insects, or rodents.

Z:  Leno or Letterman? Conan or Kimmel?

AC: Leno, because he tapes 5 minutes from my house, and I also like Conan.

Z:  What television show would you like to see make a comeback or remade as a film?

AC: "Bewitched", I love shows with magical plots.

Z:  Finish this sentence (blank) is the root of all evil.

AC: Freeways are the root of all evil.

Z:  Lastly, with or without butter? (popcorn)

AC: Little bit of popcorn, little bit of salt.

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