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The Entertainment Zone

A full service entertainment portal complete with original Red Carpet Premiere photos, interviews, reviews, trailers, syndicated feeds and much much more. Receiving 12 million hits per month.

The Entertainment Zone "Blog Zone"

New Blog integrated into the main Entertainment Zone Website, complete with RSS Feeds and trackbacks.

The Rock Shop!

Designs created in vector format exclusively for The Rock Shop! Nearly 3000 products to choose from!

MiGNation Information Portal

Fully endorsed "Hub" for all things MiG! Latest news, vids, pics, appearances, forum, chats and more!


The LA ALLSTARS Official Site

The LA Allstars are a full service Entertainment Company, providing musical entertainment for any event! Deanna Johnston made her mark with "Rockstar: INXS" and Deanna and Wes now appear on the hit TV show "The Singing Bee", as well as performing at corporate events!

Trey Parker Official Site

Home of Trey Parker of the LA Allstars!


Herbert Jefferson Jr. Official Site

Battlestar Galactica's "Boomer" Official Site!


Albert L. Ortega Photography Official Site #2!!

We've revamped Al's Official Site! Check it out!!

Jay Woelfel Official Site

Director Jay Woelfel gets up close and in depth with his movies on his new Official Site.


TEAM MiG Ayesa Global Fansite

Fan Site for MiG Ayesa the world's NEWEST ROCKSTAR!

(no longer maintaining this site)

Unique Soap Boutique - Official Site

Find great events, buy merchandise, and learn about your favorite actors.
Contracted by TRC Entertainment to design flash opening


Katrina Elias Official Site

Katrina Elias - Writer/Producer/Director/Actress

Steven Williams - Official Site

Mr. X on The X-Files etc.
Contracted by TRC Entertainment to design flash opening

Gino Salvano - Official Site

Created entire photo gallery for the actor in flash format.

Three Bad Men - The Movie Official Site

Created entire site for this new Western Film.

Dylan Cash - Official Site

ABC's General Hospital 
Contracted by TRC Entertainment to design flash opening

Joan Benedict Steiger - Official Site

Wife of Academy Award winning actor Rod Steiger
Contracted by TRC Entertainment to design flash opening

Jeremy Slate - Official Site

Film, Television and Stage Actor
Contracted by TRC Entertainment to design flash opening

Noah Poletiek - Official Site

Walt Disney Pictures' Holes
Contracted by TRC Entertainment to design flash opening

CARM Consulting, Inc.

Full service consulting service. 

McQ's Smoke House, Inc

California's Best Kept BBQ Secret!

Forbidden Zone

The Official Site for the Re-Release of Richard Elfman's Cult Classic! 


Bodyguard Fitness with Riva!

Elect Jerry McCarter

Jerry McCarter for 36th District State Representative for Missouri

Act For Justice

A website dedicated to the freeing the wrongful imprisoned Marcus Dixon. Please visit, read his story and sign the petition!

The Official City of Richmond, Missouri

Includes demographics, city information, etc.


The Official Richmond, Missouri Chamber of Commerce

Includes Chamber information, members, upcoming events, pictures, etc.

Missouri Foreclosures

A Corporate website built and maintained by Laura Alber


Investors Realty

A Corporate website built and maintained by Laura Alber


Rae K Creations

An online gallery of paintings.


Ryan's Haven

A fansite for Ryan Phillippe


"Date or Disaster"

Movie site maintained by Laura Alber


The Official Site for Drum TV and Rick Steel

Includes information about the TV show DrumTV and updates on Rick Steel's projects. Also, the web's first interactive drum kit.

The Official Site for Clare Elfman

The wonderfully talented author and mother of Richard and Danny Elfman.

The Richmond Daily News Online

The newspaper was updated weekly by Laura Alber. Recently the newspaper had to halt updates pending more ad sales in the print paper.

Texas Encore Materials

Corporate Website


Albert L. Ortega Photography Official Site

A flash portfolio of just some of Albert's work. Celebrity Red Carpet Photos and Events are covered by Albert.

Fotos For Fans

A celebrity photography website portfolio and purchase information.

Calla Web Design

Laura Alber's previous web design company. (all flash site)

Rockas of Wirth

Site map for RockasofWirth site, which is no longer active. Site map is all flash.

Rockas of Wirth

Intro for RockasofWirth site, which is no longer active. Intro in flash.


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