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"Matrix 2 and 3 aka The Matrix Revolutions" and "Reloaded" Information

Official Site

Revolutions Trailer!!!

Warner Bros.

Release Date: Matrix Reloaded-May 15th, 2003

Revolutions-November 5, 2003

Confirmed Cast to date: (Reloaded) 15 May 2003

Keanu Reeves (Neo) 
Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity) 
Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus) 
Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) 
Christine Anu 
Steve Bastoni (Captain Sorren) 
Monica Bellucci 
Daniel Bernhardt (Agent Johnson) 
Collin Chou 
Nona Gaye (Zee) 
Lachy Hulme (Sparks) 
Roy Jones, Jr. (Captain Ballard) 
Harry Lennix (Lock) 
Matt McColm (Agent Thompson) 
Monique Montez 
Harold Perrineau, Jr. 
Jada Pinkett-Smith (Niobi) 
Rupert Reid 
Che Timmins (Radio Man) 
Gina Torres (Cass, Dozer's widow) 
Clayton Watson (The Kid) 
Lambert Wilson 

Confirmed Cast to date: (Revolutions) November 5, 2003

Keanu Reeves ... Neo
Laurence Fishburne ... Morpheus
Mary Alice ... Oracle
Monica Bellucci ... Persephone
Daniel Bernhardt ... Agent Johnson
Nona Gaye¹ ... Zee
Lachy Hulme ... Sparks
Nathaniel Lees ... Mifune
Harry J. Lennix ... Lock
Matt McColm ... Agent Thompson
Carrie-Anne Moss ... Trinity
Collin Chou¹ ... Seraph
Genevieve O'Reilly ... Officer Wirtz
Harold Perrineau Jr. ... Link
Jada Pinkett Smith ... Niobe
Adrian Rayment ... Twin #2
Neil Rayment ... Twin #1
Bruce Spence ... Trainman
Hugo Weaving ... Agent Smith
Lambert Wilson ... Merovingian
Anthony Wong ... Ghost
Kathryn Jenkins ... Hel Club Trainee Pony-Girl (uncredited)
Deborah Roach ... Hel Club Patron (uncredited)
Nicole Roberts ... Hel Club Slave (uncredited)
Craig Walker ... Hel Club Pony-Girl Trainer (uncredited)
Cassandra Williams ... Bubble Girl (uncredited)
Jessica Wynands ... Hel Club Pony Girl (uncredited)

*Note: Aaliyah was cast as co-star and was tragically killed in an airplane accident. Reports say (from that "Aaliyah had already completed the initial shooting for the Matrix II in Los Angeles last month and was scheduled to fly to Australia after the New Year to finish up the principal photography for the Matrix 2 & 3"

*Note: Gloria Foster aka "The Oracle" died on September 29, 2001 of diabetes, before starting work on any of her Matrix 3 filming (most of her Matrix Reloaded work was already done). There's no word yet about whether this film will be rewritten in the aftermath, or if the role will be recast with another actress.  

Behind the camera

Director: Andy and Larry Wachowski

Screenwriters: Andy and Larry Wachowski

Producer: Joel Silver

Plot: Nothing official has been announced. However, we do know that these films will be sequels (not prequels) and that we will see Neo as a superhuman figure, capable of amazing feats. Also, it has been reported that Matrix Reloaded will end with a cliffhanger that is resolved in The Matrix Revolutions.

*Side Notes: Variety reports that Warner Bros. is releasing a two and half hour documentary, "The Matrix Revisited" on VHS and DVD on November 20, 2001. Additionally, Anime directors are being sought to work on Matrix episodes that will be released to video as Matrix Anime in late 2002 or early 2003. This is apparently an offshoot of the plan to produce an Anime prequel


Belluci talks "The Matrix Reloaded" 
January 9, 2002

Italian actress Monica Belluci chatted with the SCI FI Wire ( and revealed that she was a big fan of the Wachowski brothers, who directed the first "Matrix" film.

"All I can say is that I'm very happy to be a part of the project, because I love the Wachowski brothers' work," she said. "I loved the first 'Matrix,' and, maybe because I'm a woman, I loved 'Bound.'"

"It's a very hush-hush project," she said. "Everybody's very secretive about it." She added, "'The Matrix Reloaded' has a great cast, and it was a great experience for me. I haven't seen anything yet. I'm just one of the new characters in the story." 

"The Matrix Reloaded" is scheduled for a May 2003 release.


The official "Matrix Reloaded" website is now online. To access it, however, you go to the site and type in the code 'reload'. There, fish through the site and you'll get some pictures and cast interviews.


LOS ANGELES, February 7, 2002 -- In an interviewed on Entertainment Tonight, actor Keanu Reeves detailed the next level of f/x, at the heart of The Matrix: Reloaded. “We are trying to do some crazy things out here,” Reeves explained. “The kung-fu sequences are more sophisticated and more challenging than the first film. Some of the wirework do back flips and cartwheels all in one shot. It's pushed me to my limits. Before it was like, 'Can you do two kicks?' and now it's like, 'Can you do three kicks, but with a jumping backspin hook-kick?' So, it's like you have learned to can you fly.” Reeves also hinted at the plot slant of the upcoming film, noting that, “The sequel carves a continuation of Neo's journey and his quest to find out the truth. It's more about the conflict with the machines and the humans."


(from Cinema Confidential)

Coming Attractions ( reports that a scooper has tipped that the first teaser trailer for "The Matrix Reloaded" will be attached to copies of the Steven Spielberg/Tom Cruise sci-fi action film, "Minority Report," due out in June.

It should be noted, however, that "The Matrix Reloaded" is being distributed by Warner Bros. while "Minority Report" is a 20th Century Fox film. Other Warner Bros. films being released in May & June include "Insomnia" & "Scooby Doo", though it is unlikely that such a violent film would have its trailer with "Scooby Doo".


Almost seven months after the world mourned the death of Aaliyah, Carrie Anne-Moss reveals to The Calgary Sun that a replacement still has not been found for the role in which Aaliyah once occupied in the "Matrix" sequels.

"I don't know what's happening regarding Aaliyah's role," Moss said. "All I know is that we're all still grieving for her and for Gloria Foster, who died just a month after Aaliyah."

Gloria Foster played the Oracle in the first "Matrix" film. Shooting is set to finish this August.


'Ali' Actress Filling Aaliyah's Role in 'Matrix 2' 
Thu Apr 11, HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - "Ali" starlet Nona Gaye, daughter of Motown legend Marvin Gaye, will fill the shoes of the late singer-actress Aaliyah in Warner Bros. Pictures' sequels to "The Matrix." 

Gaye will portray Zee, a role that is introduced in the second film, "The Matrix Reloaded," and expands considerably in the third installment, "The Matrix Revolutions." She will begin shooting in Sydney next week. When Aaliyah was killed last August in a plane crash, she had completed the initial shooting for "Reloaded" in Los Angeles. The R&B singer was scheduled to wrap principal photography on both films early this year. "Reloaded" is slated for release May 23, 2003, with "Revolutions" to follow in November. The three stars of the original sci-fi action thriller -- Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Laurence Fishburne -- also are returning in the sequels. Gaye, who is the daughter of Marvin Gaye and released her own album in 1992, recently made her feature debut in "Ali" as Belinda Ali, the second wife of the boxing great. 


Moviehole ( reports that Rupert Reid (TV's Blue Heelers) has joined the cast of the sci-fi installments, which continues shooting until the end of August.

It's believed his role is of great importance to the movies but is being kept under wraps. Reid is believed to have been signed for both films, but "Reloaded" having already shot the majority of it's scenes - will probably only feature him minutely. The former "Blue Heelers" star will join fellow Australians Hugo Weaving and Christine Anu on the set of Andy and Larry Wachowski's revolutionary sci-fi series this week. The series, with an estimated budget of more than $120 million, has been in production at Fox Studios in Sydney since last October. Reid, 27, said he was a "huge" fan of the first film, which has earned nearly $1 billion since its 1999 release. "To me, The Matrix is a seminal work," he said. Reid's contract states that he cannot discuss his character or the content of The Matrix sequels. 


Warner Bros. has announced a shift in the release date of THE MATRIX RELOADED, and for once it’s not a big, anticipated movie being pushed back because of production problems. 

Instead of the previously announced May 23, 2003 release, the flick has been bumped up to May 15, 2003. No firm release date for the third flick, THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS has yet been set. 


The Matrix Revolutions: The Daily Telegraph has posted up details on the dramatic final 14-minute sequence which is being described as "the most complicated sequence ever made" and has taken many months to plan. Key streets through the north end of Sydney's central business district area will be shut down for two weekends in July to accommodate shooting which involves plans to fly a helicopter below roof-tops (at times less than 600ft/180m from the ground) through the city streets starting west along Bridge Street (at the cnr of Macquarie St), turning south into George St (the CBD's key main road) for several blocks and then turning east into Martin Place - the wide thoroughfare overseas audiences glimpsed in the first film's 'training program' (ie. the woman in the red dress scene). The copter will include a camera mounted to the pilot's seat giving the moviegoer a birds-eye-view of the action, however the 'set' will be off limits to the public.


(photo: Filming of Matrix)

Variety reports that Warner Bros. has set the domestic release of The Matrix Reloaded for May 15, one day earlier than expected. The second sequel, The Matrix Revolutions also will be released in 2003, sometime during the holiday season.

"There's a pent-up demand for the movie, and we want to get it out there as soon as we can," said Jeff Goldstein, Warners' executive VP and general sales manager, domestic distribution, of the studio's decision for a Thursday release. "It's already an event, but we wanted to make it more pronounced."

This is the first time that Warners has released a film on a Thursday. The first "Matrix" sequel will go out on more than 3,200 screens, eight days before the Memorial Day weekend. This release pattern mimics the one adopted by Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones.


AICN's Spy from Down Under has some Matrix Reports:

* plot details: tank has 2 children, verified by the costume design bloke 

* there is a scene where the main ship rushes towards zion followed by the robot jellyfish things, and the crew are torn between using the anti-weapon thing or not, as this will damage zion. 

* castleraigh street was sealed off as the film production crew landed a helicopter in the street. 

For complete article, visit


(As of August 1, 2002) Reeves Drive reports that due to his sister's deteriorating health from leukemia, Keanu Reeves has flown back to the US and put his Matrix filming on hold. 


(rumor): Colin Kennedy, editor of Empire Magazine, recently revealed to the The Evening Standard that the widely discussed car chase sequence in "The Matrix Reloaded" will be as long as 25 minutes.

The car chase sequence has been a hot topic of discussion among Internet movie buffs for quite some time now. A stretch of road was constructed by the production company specifically for the reason of filming the sequence. One rumor states that in the film, the Agents will be morphing from driver to driver during rush hour in order to capture the gang.


Filming of the two sequels wrapped in Sydney August 21st, 2002, which is Carrie-Anne Moss's birthday, and also the fifth anniversary of the 1997 date in which she found out she had the role of Trinity in the first film. 


The Dirt on "The Matrix" Sequels (WARNING: SPOILERS)


NEW!! Teaser One Sheets! 6 New Posters on AICN!


From Yahoo Previews: (12/19/00) Variety columnist Michael Fleming reports that Jet Li has dropped out due to salary constraints, with Michelle Yeoh now in talks to play the same character. Li was asking for $13 million for both movies, to keep his salary in the range of other movies he's doing, and they offered only $3 million. (1/13/01) Yeoh is now out, according to


World Premiere Note: (3/3/03) Warner Bros is considering premiering this film at the Cannes Film Festival (out of competition) in France on May 15th, 2003, which is the same date as its U.S. release.


The 9-minute CGI short called "The Final Flight of Osiris" will be attached to the March 21st theatrical release of Stephen King's Dreamcatcher. (Probably the only good reason to see Dreamcatcher!) The Animatrix sequence is wonderful!


Be SURE to sit through the end credits on this one! They have decided to put the first full trailer of The Matrix: Revolutions! You'll have to sit through 8 minutes of credits, but it should be well worth it!

Matrix Revolutions Pics!


The Matrix Reloaded October 14th Release!


The two-disc DVD release includes an explosion of mind-freeing bonus features:

• Preload – Get a behind the scenes overview of The Matrix Reloaded with on-location footage and interviews with cast and crew
• The Matrix Unfolds – A fascinating look at the Matrix phenomenon and its amazing cultural impact
• The Freeway Chase – Behind the scenes footage shows the viewer how the mind-blowing scene was captured on film.
• What is The Animatrix?- A glimpse into the history and the intrigue of the Animatrix. 
• Enter The Matrix – Making of the best-seller video game and the groundbreaking technology used to create it. Your exclusive opportunity to step inside the world of Enter the Matrix.
• The Matrix Unfolds – A review of The Matrix phenomenon and its amazing cultural impact
• What is The Animatrix?- A glimpse into the history and the intrigue of the Animatrix compilation.
• 2003 MTV Movie Awards Matrix Reloaded Parodyparody
• Get Me An Exit - Matrix-inspired advertising. 
• Weblinks to the official Matrix website.


Futuristic Movie To Debut at Futuristic Hall 
11 September 2003 
The futuristic Walt Disney Concert Hall, which opens with an inaugural gala, on Oct. 23, will present the world premiere of the futuristic The Matrix: Revolutions four days later. Daily Variety indicated on Wednesday that producer Joel Silver was able to use his friendship with architect Frank Gehry to land the hall as the site for the film's premiere.


Warner Bros. is planning on opening this movie around the world on November 5th at exactly the same moment (in countries getting the film on that date). For example, it will open at 6AM in Los Angeles, 7AM in Denver, 8AM in Chicago, 9AM in New York, 2PM in London, 5PM in Moscow and 11 PM in Tokyo.


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