August 2002 SCRIPT SALES

(Pages are updated throughout the month, with the most recent at the top of the list)

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The Other Billy Drake 
Genre: Romantic comedy 
Writer: Walt Becker, Peter Nelson 
Buyer: Robert Evans Co. 
Producer: Robert Evans, Christine Peters 
Logline: Self help guru and lifelong bachelor gets a taste of hell after a near death experience and likes it. To return there, he must commit the one sin that has evaded him his entire life--that of adultery. Marrying and then cheating on a woman proves more difficult than it sounds after he realizes that larger forces may be at play. 
Side Note: Rewrite. Robert Evans and Christine Peters to produce. Co-writer Walt Becker might direct. 

The Rules Of Silence 
Genre: Thriller 
Author: David Lindsey 
Buyer: Universal 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures 
Logline: Businessman is held captive by a South American criminal who threatens to kill his friends and family. The businessman is forced to pay millions of dollars in ransom, until he fights back with the help of a former government agent. 
Side Note: Option of film rights to Lindsey's novel.

Sentenced To Nature 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Michael McGruther 
Author: Charles Siebert 
Buyer: Universal/Jersey Films 
Logline: Dysfunctional teenagers from well-to-do families are sent into unregulated wilderness camps to learn how to achieve their goals in life, and face various trials in the process. 
Side Note: Feature story article by Charles Siebert which appeared in the Dec. 17, 2001 magazine section of The New York Times. Magazine article was originally purchased on 1/18/01. Screenwriter Michael McGruther has come aboard to adapt the article. 

Son Of The Bride 
Genre: Comedy/Drama 
Writer: Juan Jose Campanella, Fernando Castets
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Producer: Jack Giarraputo, Adam Sandler 
Logline: Guy who lives in the shadow of his dad, feels guilty for not visiting his mom regularly or his daughter, now in custody with his ex wife. A minor heart attack leads to a reunion with a childhood friend, who helps the man deal with his past and move forward. 
Side Note: Remake rights of Argentine film directed by Campanella. Adam Sandler to star in. Sandler will also produce along with Jack Giarraputo via their Happy Madison Productions banner. Sandler will also most likely co-write the remake with a yet undetermined screenwriter. 

Untitled Wendkos Project 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Gina Wendkos 
Buyer: Revolution Studios 
Producer: Beau Flynn 
Logline: In a Miami club that features burlesque dancing, a young girl takes over the club after the owner is jailed. 
Side Note: Firm Films' Beau Flynn will produce. Firm Films' Tripp Vinson will executive produce.

Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Ice Cube 
Buyer: Walt Disney Pics. 
Producer: Ice Cube, Andrew Gunn, Matt Alvarez 
Logline: A suspended NFL player sentenced by the league to return to his hometown of Los Angeles to coach a high school football team. While dealing with the teens and the sport, he finds the love of the game within himself. 
Side Note: Ice Cube's company, Cube Vision will produce for Disney along with Gunn Films. Project was originally set up at Universal. No director is attached as yet.

Vanity Fair 
Genre: Historical drama 
Writer: Julian Fellowes 
Author: William Makepeace Thackeray 
Buyer: Focus Features/Granada Film 
Producer: Janette Day, Donna Gigliotti 
Logline: Set during the 1840s, a lower-class girl defies her poverty-stricken background to climb the London social ladder with her best friend by her side. 
Side Note: Universal's Focus Features and U.K. based Granada Film are developing this project based on the novel of the same name by William Makepeace Thackeray. Nair and Fellowes to also direct. Reese Witherspoon is in talks to star. 

Genre: Drama 
Writer: John McCormick 
Buyer: UA 
Producer: Dan Lindau 
Logline: True story of Danny McGoorty, the infamous pool and billiards player. Ladies' man, bad boy, dandy, drinker, and hobo in the days before World War II, he skipped from town to town with his pool cue as a meal ticket. 
Side Note: Rights to Robert Byrnes' book were purchased. Deal was made with Crossroads Films which has a three pic deal with UA. 

False Advertising 
Genre: Romantic comedy 
Writer: Micah Schraft, Abdi Nazemian 
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: Kathy Jones, Buffy Shutt 
Logline: Set in the high stakes world of advertising. 
Side Note: Pitch was based on the 1960's Hudson-Day comedy, "Lover Come Back." Shutt/Jones Prods will produce.

Genre: Action/Adventure 
Writer: Lee Zlotoff 
Buyer: New Line 
Purchase Price: Seven figures 
Producer: Lee Zlotoff 
Logline: Based on tne 80's TV show which starred Richard Dean Anderson, a guy who could turn everyday objects into such things as explosives and flamethrowers. 
Side Note: Zlotoff is the original creator of late-1980s television series that this film will be based on. He will also direct and produce. No word on whether the star of the TV series, Richard Dean Anderson, will return to star in this film. 

The Root 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Gary Richards 
Producer: Avram Ludwig, Michael Alden 
Logline: Story is about a man who runs a chop shop, selling off parts from stolen cars. A relationship with a crooked police detective leads him to attempt to get out of the business, and that's where the trouble begins. 
Side Note: TV director Matthew Penn will make his feature directing debut on this low budget feature. David Strathairn, Gregory Hines, Karen Allen and Eli Wallach will star. Screenplay was written by Gary Richards based on his play. Film will be shot in NY early next year. 

The Whale Hunter 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Jason Smilovic 
Author: David Johnston 
Buyer: FilmEngine 
Logline: Story is about a young casino hosts as he rises to the top of the casino biz, bringing in the world's top 200 high rollers known as "whales." He is initially blinded by greed and power and soon realizes that that he is caught in a web of corporate corruption, odds stacking, embezzlement and murder. 
Side Note: Based on the nonfiction book "Temples of Chance" by Pulitzer Prize winner David Johnston.


The Big Bounce 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Sebastian Gutierrez 
Author: Elmore Leonard 
Buyer: Shangri-La Ent. 
Logline: A charming drifter hooks up with a criminally minded beauty while trying to decide if he can trust a powerful local figure, Mr. Majestyk. 
Side Note: Based on Elmore Leonard's novel. Steve Bing's Shangri-La Ent. will finance and produce. Also producing will be Jorge Saralegui's Material and George Armitage's Taormina Prods. Warner Bros. will handle worldwide distribution. George Armitage will direct. Morgan Wilson will join Owen Wilson in the cast. Brent Armitage and Zane Weiner will executive produce. 

Creature Tech 
Genre: Horror/Action 
Author: Doug TenNapel 
Buyer: Regency Ent. 
Purchase Price: High-six figures/low-seven 
Producer: Wendy Finerman, Peter McHugh, Ellen Goldsmith-Vein 
Logline: Set in the rural American heartland, the specter of an evil wizard uses the shroud of Turin to conjure a giant space eel in an attempt to destroy the world. The only thing standing in his way is an atheist with an alien strapped to his chest. 
Side Note: Graphic novel from imprint Top Shelf Productions. Wendy Finerman to produce along with Gotham's Ellen Goldsmith-Vein and Peter McHugh.

Superhero Summer Camp 
Genre: Family 
Writer: Lauren Lungerich, Brad Follmer 
Buyer: Warner Bros, Weed Road Pictures
Producer: Akiva Goldsman 
Logline: A group of misfit kids are sent to summer camp only to discover that it is a training ground for superheroes. 
Side Note: Pitch. Iungerich and Follmer to write screenplay. Weed Road's Akiva Goldsman will produce.

Billy Jack 
Genre: Drama/Action 
Writer: John Fusco 
Buyer: Intermedia 
Purchase Price: Seven-figures 
Logline: Centers on a one man gang who fights against injustice. 
Side Note: To be based on the film "Billy Jack." Frank Laughlin to produce. Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor to executive produce. Originally set up with Jersey Films & 3 Arts Entertainment in March 2002.

Genre: Drama 
Writer: Tristan Patterson 
Buyer: Walt Disney Pictures , Jerry Bruckheimer Films 
Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer 
Logline: Story is about an elite force focused on solving criminal-on-criminal homicides in San Francisco. 
Side Note: Rewrite.

Family Planning 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Shari Springer Berman, Robert Pulcini 
Buyer: New Line 
Producer: Anne Carey, Ted Hope, Anthony Bregman 
Logline: An eccentric father offers a $1 mil prize to the first one of his two sons to produce an heir. 
Side Note: First project to come out of new production company, This Is That formed by Ted Hope, Anne Carey and Anthony Bregman. They have a first-look deal with Universal-based Focus Features but this project has been set up at New Line. To be written by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini. 

Genre: Supernatural thriller 
Writer: Tony Bui 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Producer: Ed Pressman, Jeff Most 
Logline: After committing a crime together, two friends become mortal enemies due to an ancient Asian curse set in motion.
Side Note: Tony Bui will write and direct for Warner Bros. Allesandro Camon will exec produce. 

Genre: Action 
Writer: Tristan Patterson 
Buyer: Walt Disney Pics. 
Producer: Jon Shestack 
Logline: Centers on the L.A. surfing world and gang culture. 
Side Note: The script was originally set up as a pitch. 

Superstar 81 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Tristan Patterson 
Buyer: Killer Films, Magnet Ent. 
Producer: Christine Vachon 
Logline: Based on the Wonderland Murders that porn star John Holmes was involved in during 1981. 
Side Note: Jesse Peretz is set to direct. 

Inside Man 
Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Russell Gewirtz 
Buyer: Universal, Imagine 
Purchase Price: $400k/$1 mil. 
Producer: Brian Grazer 
Logline: A tough cop matches wits with a clever robber during a hostage situation at a bank. 
Side Note: Ron Howard might direct. Deal was made with Daniel Rosenberg who developed the script with the writer. Daniel Rosenberg to executive produce. Several companies wanted this script. 

Return To Castle Wolfenstein 
Genre: Action/Adventure 
Writer: Rich Wilkes 
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Producer: John Baldecchi, Mark Gordon 
Logline: Highly decorated Army Ranger who is recruited into the Office Of Secret Actions, must gain entry into and escape from Castle Wolfenstein, the lair of Gestapo capo Heinrich Himmler -- whose occult and genetic experiments are raising an unstoppable army to level the Allies. In order to save Western culture, the Ranger and his group must fight off the mutants and the Nazis. 
Side Note: Film rights to video game were purchased on 7/15/02. It was announced that Rich Wilkes ("XXX") has come aboard to adapt. 

Genre: Thriller/Action 
Author: Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child 
Buyer: Gryphon Films 
Producer: Robert Gryphon, Brett Morrison 
Logline: A female archeologist leads a fast paced expedition to a lost "city of gold" in the American Southwest. 
Side Note: NY-based Gryphon Films plans putting this project into production next year. Gryphon specializes in films with a strong female lead. Warner Books first published the novel in 1999. No screenwriter attached yet.

Genre: Action/Sci-fi 
Writer: W.D. Richter 
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Producer: Mike Medovoy, Laura Ziskin 
Logline: A high- tech air force fighter drone that malfunctions, wiping out the better part of an manned elite squadron. Against all odds, a single pilot must attempt to destroy the drone. 
Side Note: Script was initially set up at Phoenix Pics. which took it to Columbia. Laura Ziskin and Phoenix Pictures' Mike Medavoy to produce.

Hong Kong Phooey 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Robert Ritger
Buyer: Alcon Ent., Rat Ent. 
Logline: A clumsy, kung-fu using detective dog uses his supernatural talents to battle a villain intent on stealing those powers. 
Side Note: Alcon Ent. has teamed with Brett Ratner and Jay Stern's Rat Ent. to bring this 1970's Hanna Barbera cartoon series to the screen. Film will be a combination of live-action and CGI. Warner Brothers to distribute.

Money To Burn 
Genre: Drama/Action 
Author: James Zagel 
Buyer: David Permut, Site 85 Prods. 
Producer: David Permut, Neil Russell 
Logline: Story is about a federal judge who masterminds a plot to rob the Chicago Federal Reserve of $100 million. 
Side Note: Novelist is a U.S. district court judge. No screenwriter is attached. Michael King and Permut Presentations' Steve Longi to co-produce. 

The Persian Bride 
Genre: Romantic drama 
Author: James Buchan 
Buyer: Firstsight Films 
Producer: Shiva Rose, Yalda Tehranian 
Logline: Epic love story between a young Englishman and an Iranian girl against the backdrop of the emerging fundamentalist government in Iran. set against the fall of the Shah of Iran during the 1970s. 
Side Note: Firstsight has optioned the film rights to this James Buchan novel in association with Los Angeles producers Shiva Rose and Yalda Tehranian. Charles Sturridge is set to direct. No screenwriter is attached as yet.

Genre: Drama 
Author: Elmore Leonard 
Buyer: Paramount 
Producer: Arnold Rifkin, Michael Siegel 
Logline: Ex-rodeo star leaves home to become a Hollywood stuntman. When he returns home, he finds that his family ranch has been taken over by some unsavory characters. 
Side Note: To be developed by Cheyenne Enterprises, which is owned by Bruce Willis and Arnold Rifkin. Willis will star. No screenwriter attached yet.

Brighton Rock 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Don MacPherson 
Author: Graham Greene 
Buyer: Intermedia Films 
Producer: Terrence Mallick, Grant Hill 
Logline: Set in the English seaside town of Brighton, a small-time gang leader murders a rival, sending him on a downward spiral of self-destruction. 
Side Note: Novel was written by Grahame Greene. Producer Mallick will not direct. Project has been in development since last year but kept under wraps as per Mallick's desire. The novel was originally made into a pic in 1947 which starred Richard Attenborough. It is set for a summer 2002 shoot n the U.K. Asif Kapadia, who wrote and directed "The Warrior" will direct this feature which will be shot in the U.K. 

The Eighth Step 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Thompson Evans 
Buyer: Winchester Films/Wind Dancer Films 
Producer: Melissa Goddard, Hadeel Reda 
Logline: A former TV star, who is now a recovering addict, sets out to make amends to all the people he's wronged in his life, especially his son. 
Side Note: Based on an original idea by Melissa Goddard (a former exec at Wind Dancer) that she developed into a story with Thompson Evans who will write the screenplay. 

No Hassle No Haggle 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Michelle Chavoor 
Buyer: Ember Entertainment 
Logline: This story is about how a son comes to terms with the untimely death of his father, a car dealer who worked hard to put his kids through Ivy League schools, and learns to change his life and his relationship and memory of his father in the process.
Side Note: Option for this and two other projects from screenwriter Michelle Chavoor. 

Post Human 
Genre: Sci-fi/Action 
Writer: Scott Swan, Drew McWeeney 
Buyer: Revolution Studios 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures/mid-six 
Logline: The military researches ways to create metabolically enhanced soldiers. 
Side Note: This is the first deal for Scott Swan and Drew McWeeney, known as the writer "Moriarity" on Ain't It Cool News website. 

Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Michelle Chavoor 
Buyer: Ember Entertainment 
Logline: Set during WW2, story is based on a true story about a man who escaped Hitler's regime, leaving behind members of his family who could not escape. 
Side Note: Based on a true story. Option for this and two other projects by screenwriter Michelle Chavoor. 

Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Michelle Chavoor 
Buyer: Ember Entertainment 
Logline: Story is about a thirtysomething who has aspirations of making it in the world of interior design while at the same time struggling with the pressures of becoming a mother and and holding down a long-term relationship. 
Side Note: Option for this and two other projects from screenwriter Michelle Chavoor. 

Genre: Drama 
Writer: Greg Marcks 
Buyer: MDP Worldwide, Firm Films 
Producer: Beau Flynn, John Morrisey 
Logline: Story recounts a set of seemingly unrelated incidents in reverse chronology, all converging in an auto accident that occurs one night at 11:14 pm. 
Side Note: Pic has been given the greenlight from MDP Worldwide. It will begin shooting in L.A. this month. Greg Marcks wrote the screenplay and will direct. His spec was orginally sold to Firm Films. Hilary Swank, Colin Hanks, Rachael Leigh Cook, Henry Thomas and Clark Gregg will star. Hilary Swank will exec produce along with Firm Films' Trip Vinson and exec producers Damon, Sammy Lee and David Rubin. 

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Author: Philip Pullman 
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: Ilene Staple 
Logline: Revolves around three stories that come together into a complex fairy tale on the nature of fate and destiny with fantastical elements. 
Side Note: Book was first published in England in 1966. Children's TV producer, Ilene Staple found it and took it to Universal. 

The Governor's Wife 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Pablo Zachai 
Buyer: Touchstone 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures/mid-six 
Producer: David Hoberman 
Logline: The wife of the Idaho governor dreams of becoming the first lady of the United States and stops at nothing, including manipulating her husband's political career, to achieve her goal. 
Side Note: Spec by first time screenwriter. David Hoberman to produce. Todd Lieberman to Executive Produce.

Genre: Romantic thriller 
Writer: Alexander Torres 
Buyer: Alcon Ent. 
Producer: Broderick Johnson, Andrew Kosove 
Logline: Involves time travel and cryogenics. 
Side Note: Robert Cho will exec produce. 

Genre: Psychological horror 
Writer: Todd Farmer 
Buyer: Revolution Studios, Blue Star Pics. 
Producer: William Sherak, Jason Shuman 
Logline: Farmer and his family come across a scarecrow that scares more than just crows. 
Side Note: Based on an idea developed at Blue Star by company toppers William Sherak and Jason Shuman along with Revolution's John Hegeman. 

Slab Rat 
Genre: Dark Comedy
Writer: Scott McGehee, David Siegel, Beth McGroarty 
Author: Ted Heller 
Buyer: Anonymous Content, UA 
Logline: With help from an unstable co-worker, an associate editor at a popular magazine tries to get out of his career slump by plotting to kill a senior editor they both despise. 
Side Note: Written by the son of Joseph Heller, Ted Heller. Anonymous Content has a first-look deal with USA Films. David Siegel and Scott McGehee, and Beth McGroarty will adapt. McGehee and Siegel will also direct. Anonymous producers Steve Golin and Alix Madigan will co-produce with UA. 

Cheer Up 
Genre: Action/Comedy 
Writer: John J. McLaughlin 
Buyer: Bel Air Ent. 
Producer: Steven Reuther 
Logline: Group of dysfunctional cheerleaders from Eastern Connecticut College witness a murder after a cheerleading competition. A veteran FBI agent assigned to the case must learn to coexist with the girls while avoiding the gunmen who want to knock them off before the group can testify. 
Side Note: This was a pre-emptive bid. John J. McLaughlin wrote the script from a story by him and Scott Lobdell. This was first set up as a spec sale on 9/24/01. Stephen Herek is negotiating to direct. Tommy Lee Jones to star. Barra Grant has rewritten the script by John McLaughlin. 

The Sexpert 
Genre: Romantic comedy 
Writer: Andrea Davis 
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Producer: Lauren Lloyd 
Logline: Same vein as "The First Wives Club." Story follows the tactics modern women are using to avoid becoming members of that club -- with a secret twist. 
Side Note: Producer Lauren Lloyd has a first-look deal at Columbia. Davis is a former development executive who left development to pursue a writing career and joined the Walt Disney's writing program.

The Tutor 
Genre: Suspense 
Author: Peter Abrahams 
Buyer: Pheonix Pics., Chartoff Prods. 
Producer: Mike Medavoy, Robert Chartoff, Lynn Hendee 
Logline: A is tutor hired by a wealthy family to improve a troubled kid's SAT scores, but soon after the teacher begins to take over in all areas of the household. 
Side Note: Will be based on the novel by Abrahams. Mike Medavoy, Robert Chartoff and Lynn Hendee to produce

Untitled High School Project 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: David Simon 
Buyer: DreamWorks 
Producer: Ellis Bunim, Jonathan Murray, Robert Kosberg 
Side Note: Assignment for David Wain to direct. Pic will be based on David Simon's "Stolen High School Security Tapes." 

Genre: Romantic drama 
Writer: Joe Batteer, John Rice 
Author: Bartle Bull 
Buyer: Intermedia, Pacifica 
Logline: During World War II, a safari guide is forced to usher his ex-girlfriend and her husband to Egypt after they witness the destruction of a Red Cross camp amid the Italina army's preparations to invade Abyssinia. 
Side Note: Roger Donaldson has come aboard to develop and possibly direct. Based on the Bartle Bull novel " A Café On The Nile." 

Fear Itself 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Stuart Blumberg 
Buyer: Miramax 
Producer: Stuart Blumberg, Hawk Koch, Edward Norton 
Logline: Story is about a married couple confronted by a random act of violence. They flee from New York to rural Maine, but discover that they cannot outrun the threat of violence. 
Side Note: John Polson will direct this loose remake of Sam Peckinpah's "Straw Dogs" made in 1971. 

The Greatest Player Who Never Lived 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Alexi Hawley 
Author: J. Michael Vernon 
Buyer: Miramax 
Logline: Set around the world of golf, a boy takes a summer intern position at a law office and uncovers correspondence from the famous Bobby Jones, who was once a partner at the firm, and a man named Beau Stedman. Stedman was on the verge of golf greatness in the 30's, but disappeared amidst a murder charge. This summer intern decides to uncover the truth about this man.
Side Note: To be adapted from J. Michael Vernon's novel.

Genre: Sci-Fi/Adventure 
Writer: Alexi Hawley 
Buyer: MGM 
Producer: Arnold Rifkin, Bruce Willis, Stan Lee 
Logline: Story of a wealthy female philanthropist who by night is Nightbird, a superhero with mystical powers. 
Side Note: To be based on a character by Stan Lee. To be produced by Bruce Willis and Arnold Rifkin's Cheyenne banner and Stan Lee's new company, POW! Entertainment. Project set up in April 2002. Alexi Hawley has come aboard to adapt the comic book. 

The Program 
Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Alexi Hawley 
Author: Stephen White 
Buyer: Intermedia 
Producer: Edward Feldman 
Logline: A New Orleans District Attorney is forced to join the witness protection program with her daughter after her husband is killed. But when she realizes that a man she put on death row is innocent, she must risk everything to save him. 
Side Note: To based on the book by Stephen White. The book was optioned by Edward Feldman of The Edward S. Feldman Company. The Feldman Company is currently developing the project. Edward Feldman will produce. Winship Cook will co-produce.

The Killing Floor 
Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Jay Beattie 
Buyer: Millennium Films 
Producer: David Koplan, Darby Parker 
Logline: A young man is drawn into an FBI investigation to track down his brother, a suspect in a serial murder case, before he can kill again.
Side Note: Spec script. David Koplan and Darby Parker to produce.

Untitled De Rosa Romance
Genre: Romance 
Writer: Bob De Rosa 
Buyer: Revolution Studios 
Logline: Visual-effects-driven love story set in New York.
Side Note: Based on an original idea by Revolution executives. 

Genre: Romantic comedy 
Writer: Laurice Elehwany, Rick Kopp 
Buyer: Mandalay 
Logline: College senior submits his girlfriend's photo to a calendar contest. Plan goes awry when a national men's mag gets hold of the photo and offers the girlfriend a life of wealth and fame as a centerfold pinup. 
Side Note: Assignment for Joel Zwick who directed "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." Milestone Films is partnered on the project with Mandalay. 

Kool Herc's Breakbeat 
Genere: Comedy/Drama
Writer: Paul Hirsch 
Buyer: Maverick Pics. 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures 
Logline: Story of two DJs searching for an elusive but prized hip-hop record entitled "Kool Herc's Breakbeat." In real life, Herc was the first DJ to buy two copies of the same record in order to lengthen a 15-second "break," or rhythmic instrumental segment. By mixing back and forth between the two copies of the identical records, DJ Kool Herc was able to indefinitely extend the "break." In so doing, he introduced the turntable as a musical instrument in and of itself, and gave rise to the hip-hop DJ. 
Side Note: Madonna and Guy Oseary's Maverick to produce. Weaver's Energy Entertainment to Executive Produce. This deal is the 12th sale for the year & half old Energy Entertainment, a management and production company. Energy maintains a first-look deal with Original Film.

Lost Boys 
Genre: Supernatural thriller 
Writer: Brian Carr 
Buyer: Mostow/Lieberman Prods. 
Producer: Hal Lieberman, Jonathan Mostow 
Logline: Afrer being accused of taking part in the disappearance of some neighborhood children, the new residents of a house set out to solve the mystery. In doing so, they come across the supernatural character of their new house. 
Side Note: Based on a story by Orson Scott Card. Brian Carr will adapt. 

Meat In The Freezer 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Clay Tarver 
Buyer: 20th Century Fox
Purchase Price: High-six figures/near seven 
Logline: Story is about two deer hunting guides and an albino buck, a trophy of a lifetime, that everybody is trying to nab during a two-week season. 
Side Note: Mike Judge wlil direct this live-action feature which was based on a concept he came up with screenwriter Clay Tarver and Steve Zahn. Steve Zahn to star.

Shooting Blanks 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Bob De Rosa 
Buyer: Jim Gorman, Maureen Gorman 
Producer: Jim Gorman, Maureen Gorman 
Logline: Ensemble crime caper script with multiple story lines in the vein of "Pulp Fiction." 
Side Note: Jim and Maureen Gorman are NY-based indie film producers. 

Untitled Zoo Pitch 
Genre: Comedy/Family 
Writer: Gregg McBride 
Producer: Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, Jonathan Treisman 
Buyer: Escape Artists 
Logline: Described as "Home Alone" set in a zoo.
Side Note: Jason Blumenthal and Todd Black from Escape Artists will produce along with Flatiron Films' Jonathan Treisman. McBride's manager, Lauren Lloyd will exec produce along with Escape Artists' Steve Tisch and David Alper. 

Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Adrienne Copolla 
Buyer: PlasterCity Prods./Digi-Flicks Int'l 
Producer: Alain Silver 
Logline: Set in a remote desert town, two racist - one white, one black - learn they are brothers when they inherit a trailer park that houses a strange cult. 
Side Note: Christopher Copolla is directing this digitally shot pic. It will star Shirley Jones, Lynda Carter, Frank Gorshin and Bernie Kopell. Budget will be under $5 mil. Elyse Meredith and Wayne Kurzeja will executive produce.

The Cookout 
Genre: Urban
Buyer: Lions Gate Films 
Producer: Queen Latifah, Shakim Compere 
Side Note: Pitch was based on an idea by Queen Latifah and her producing partner Shakim Compere. They will produce for Lions Gate through their company Flavor Unit Entertainment. 

Dirty Girls Club 
Genre: Drama/Comedy 
Author: Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez 
Buyer: Columbia Pics 
Producer: Laura Ziskin, Benny Medina 
Logline: Six Latina's who were friends from college, reunite after ten years and then every six months after that. 
Side Note: Adaptation of the unpublished novel by Valdes-Rodriguez. Screenwriter Cynthia Cidre is in talks to adapt. Jennifer Lopez will star. Laura Ziskin will produce along with Benny Medina.

Get Me Roman Farraday 
Genre: Animation 
Writer: Joe Piscatella, Craig Williams 
Buyer: DreamWorks 
Purchase Price: Six-figures 
Producer: John Jacobs, John Lash 
Log Line: Being kept under wraps.
Side Note: Several studios bid on this comedy pitch. John Jacobs of First Entertainment will produce the project together with John Lash. 

Son Of The Mask 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Lance Khazei 
Buyer: New Line 
Logline: An aspiring cartoonist who is not ready for fatherhood but finds himself raising a baby endowed with the powers of the mask of Loki. 
Side Note: Larry Guterman who directed "Cats & Dogs" will direct this second installment of the franchise although neither Jim Carrey nor Cameron Diaz will return. No producers are attached as yet and and a start date has not been set. 

Mimic Sentinel 
Genre: Sci fi/Horror 
Writer: J.T. Petty 
Buyer: Dimension Films 
Logline: A 24-year-old man, confined to a bubble apartment room due to his severe asthma, learns that the Judas Breed monster roaches that terrorized society are back with a vengeance and preying on the inhabitants of his apartment complex. 
Side Note: J.T. Petty ("Soft For Digging") will write and direct this low-budget feature for Dimension. Sequel to the original "Mimic."


Genre: Animation 
Writer: Tom Firestone, Martin Meunier 
Buyer: Walt Disney Company 
Logline: Centers on a leopard in ancient Egypt who becomes a freedom fighter. 
Side Note: Pitch. Discovered from a posting the writers had on www.scriptshark.com.

Scorched Earth 
Genre: Thriller/Mystery 
Writer: Doug Wright, 
Author: David L. Robbins 
Buyer: Warner Bros.
Producer: Will Smith, James Lassiter, Jorge Saralegui 
Logline: Interracial couple give birth to a child who dies soon thereafter. The child is then buried in an all-white churchyard cemetary and then the casket is disinterred and buried behind a black Baptist church. That night, the white church is burned to the ground and when the dead child's black father is seen at the fire site, he is blamed as the arsonist. 
Side Note: To be adapted from David L. Robbins' novel. Overbrook Ent. is co-owned by Will Smith. Doug Wright will adapt the novel for mid-six figures / low-seven.

The Three Pigs 
Genre: Children 
Writer: Ron Friedman, Steve Bencich 
Author: David Wiesner 
Buyer: Walt Disney Co.
Logline: Retelling of the classic story that features the Pigs who take their book apart to confuse and keep the wolf away, build a paper airplane and fly off on a fairy tale adventure of their own. On their journey, they meet up with the cat and the fiddle and a dragon, cutting across many different levels of culture. 
Side Note: To be adapted from this best-selling children's book by David Weisner. Deal is part of a six-month overall writing deal with the studio's feature animation division. 

American Pie 3 
Genre: Teen comedy 
Writer: Adam Herz 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Producer: Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz, Chris Moore, Warren Zide, Craig Perry, Adam Herz 
Log Line: Second sequel to the teen-sex comedy.
Side Note: Jesse Dylan is negotiating to direct. Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Seann William Scott and Eugene Levy have signed to reprise their roles. To begin production in January for an August 2003 release. 

Barbershop 2 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Don D. Scott 
Buyer: MGM, State Street Pictures 
Producer: George Tillman, Bob Teitel
Logline: Centers on a barbershop on Chicago's South Side.
Side Note: Sequel to "Barbershop," an ensemble story that takes place during the course of one day at a barbershop on Chicago's South Side. Tim Story will return to direct this sequel. 

The Lizzie McGuire Movie 
Genre: Teen comedy 
Writer: Susan Jensen 
Buyer: Walt Disney Pics. 
Producer: Stan Rogow 
Logline: Story will follow the lead character Lizzie as she graduates from middle school and takes a trip to Rome. Her alter ego will be done in animation. 
Side Note: Based on the Disney Channel TV show. Jim Fall will direct and Hilary Duff will star in this $15 mil. production. Shooting begins Oct. 14. 

Mile Zero 
Genre: Horror/Thriller 
Writer: Holly Brix 
Buyer: Phoenix Pics. 
Logline: Story is about a young woman's efforts to clear her father's name in a string of gruesome murders at a remote Alaskan oil facility. In doing so, she gets a job at the station, hoping to prove that the place is haunted. 
Side Note: Spec script. Benderspink to executive produce.

One Eyed Jacks and Suicide Kings 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Colin Patrick Lynch 
Buyer: Linda Fiorentino 
Producer: Linda Fiorentino, David Collins, Michael Williams 
Logline: Six boyhood friends in their 20's confront their futures when they get together for a weekly poker game 
Side Note: Actress Linda Fiorentino will make her directing and producing debut on this low budget feature that is based on a play by Colin Patrick Lynch. 

Untitled Price Thriller
Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Richard Price 
Buyer: Paramount 
Producer: Scott Rudin 
Logline: Thriller set in a modern urban setting. 
Side Note: Richard price has been hired to write a script that will star Jodie Foster and be directed by Jonathan Demme. 

The Booster 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Sheldon Turner 
Author: Eugene Izzi 
Buyer: Intermedia Films 
Producer: Louis DiGiaimo, Mark Johnson 
Logline: Two legendary thieves reunite during a winter storm to rob the 91st floor of the Sears Tower -- from the outside. 
Side Note: Adaptation of Eugene Izzi's novel. Sheldon Turner will adapt. John McTiernan is negotiating to direct. 

Don't Send Help 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Al Franken, Geoff Rodkey 
Buyer: Deep River Prods. 
Purchase Price: High-six figures/low-seven 
Producer: David Friendly, Marc Turtletaub, David Higgins 
Logline: Relationship between several supermodels and one geeky guy. 
Side Note: Pitch. David Friendly and Marc Turtletaub to produce. David Higgins will executive produce. 

The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Asia Argento 
Author: J.T. Leroy 
Buyer: Muse Prods. 
Producer: Chris Hanley 
Logline: Semi-autobiographical story about a hellish odyssey of drug abuse, prostitution and foster homes. 
Side Note: To be adapted from story collection by J.T. Leroy. Chris Hangley to produce. Asia Argento to direct and star in. 

John Hamburg Project 
Genre: Romantic comedy 
Writer: John Hamburg 
Buyer: Universal/Jersey Films 
Producer: Danny DeVito, Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher 
Logline: An anal-retentive risk-averse man analyzes risk for a living but his life is turned upside down when he gets involved in a risky romance.
Side Note: Hamburg set to direct. Danny DeVito, Michael Shamberg and Stacey Sher will produce. Ben Stiller is in negotiations to star.

Genre: Drama 
Author: Nick McDonell 
Buyer: Radar Pictures 
Producer: Ted Field 
Logline: Chronicle of drug and decadence among the kids in the privileged class of the Upper East Side of Manhattan. 
Side Note: Radar picked up the rights to novel which is entering its sixth printing, and has sold close to 60,000 copies to date. McDonell is eighteen years old.

Area 51 
Genre: Sci-fi/Action 
Buyer: Stan Winston Prods. 
Logline: Three characters on individual and cooperative missions, attempt to unlock the extraterrestrial mystery behind the secret military base in the Nevada desert. 
Side Note: Purchase was made from Midway Games which is relaunching the game on PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube in 2004. No screenwriter is attached yet.

Genre: Comedy/Musical 
Writer: Todd Graff 
Buyer: IFC Prods/Jersey Films/Killer Films 
Producer: Christine Vachon, Pamela Koffler, Katie Roumel, Danny DeVito, Stacey Sher, Michael Shamberg, Todd Graff 
Logline: Set in a summer camp for young performers and centers around a guy named Bert Hanley, a burnt-out, once-successful Broadway songwriter who has reached a career low. 
Side Note: Todd Graff will make his directing debut. The film will feature production numbers to songs by Stephen Sondheim, the Rolling Stones and Victoria Williams. 

Crazy Taxi 
Genre: Action/Comedy 
Buyer: Mindfire Entertainment 
Logline: The video game is about a Russian cab drivers in New York who must deliver customers from location A to location B as fast as possible by any means necessary. Cabs careen through crowded streets and sidewalks, rush through subway tunnels and jump onto rooftops to make better time. 
Side Note: Based on Sega's arcade game. Material was originally optioned by Goodman/Rose Productions in July 2001, but the option ran out. Described as a combination of "The Fast and the Furious" car crashes mixed with the drama of "Taxicab Confessions" and the comedy of "Rat Race." It is expected to go into production as early as first-quarter 2003. 

First Snow 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby 
Buyer: Senator International 
Producer: Linne Radmin, Robyn Meisinger 
Logline: Similar to "Memento" in its quirkiness. 
Side Note: Fegus will make his directorial debut on this film, set for an October start. Linne Radmin and Robyn Meisinger of the Radmin Company will produce. 

King Kamehameha 
Genre: Biography 
Writer: Greg Poirier 
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Producer: Jon Shestack 
Logline: Bio of Kamehameha, who conquered the tribal-ruled seven Hawaiian islands in the 1700s and made himself king 
Side Note: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will star. Project was a preemptive buy. Original Films partners, Marty Adelstein and Neal Moritz might also be involved in some type of producing capacity. Rob Cohen ("The Fast and the Furious" ) is in early talks to direct. 

Genre: Sci-fi 
Writer: John Rogers 
Author: Matt Wagner 
Buyer: Spyglass Ent. 
Producer: Andrew Cosby, Roger Birnbaum, Gary Barber, Ross Ritchie 
Logline: Set in a modern metropolis, the story follows a normal guy who becomes a reluctant hero in the battle between Good and Evil.
Side Note: Adapted from the comic book "Mage" created by Matt Wagner. Zack Synder to direct. Roger Birnbaum to produce witl Gary Barber, Ross Ritchie, and Andrew Cosby. Jon Glickman will executive produce. 

Genre: Sci-fi/Adventure 
Writer: Larry Whitaker 
Buyer: Cornerstone Animation 
Logline: Story is about a teenage princess named Sephie who must battle evil plots against the throne after her father is killed. 
Side Note: Film rights of this 26 series comic book were purchased from Cross Generation Comics. Larry Whitaker will co-write the script with plans to direct the project, which is expected to go into production next year. 

The Outer Limits 
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy 
Writer: Gerald DiPego, Zachary DiPego, Justin DiPego 
Buyer: MGM 
Producer: Mark Victor, Michael Grais, Pen Densham, Mark Stern, Guy McElwaine, John Watson 
Logline: Science fiction, horror, and fantasy tales & fables. 
Side Note: To be based on the 19060's anthology series. This is part of a two-picture deal Victor & Grais Prods. signed with MGM. It will be a co-production with Trilogy Ent. Rupert Wainwright to direct.

Genre: Romance 
Writer: Richard Kurti, Bev Doyle 
Author: Rafael Sabatini 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Producer: David Heyman 
Logline: Set in the early days of the French Revolution and features the exploits of one Andre-Louis Moreau, also known as Scaramouche. 
Side Note: Terry Gilliam is negotiating to direct. Adaptation of the 1921 novel by Rafael Sabatini. Even though the novel has been brought to the screen many times, this is not a remake and will stem from the original source material.

Genre: Drama 
Writer: David Rothmiller
Buyer: Magic Lantern Entertainment
Producer: Jewel Kilcher, Lenedra Carroll
Logline: Chronicles the chaos surrounding the reunion of a mother and her estranged son in a small island community off the west coast of Canada. 
Side Note: This is the first purchase by Magic Lantern Ent. the company which is owned by singer Jewel and her manager/mom Lenedra Carroll. They will serve as exec producers on the project. The company plans on doing more projects with new talent. 

Way Of The Rat 
Genre: Action/Adventure 
Writer: Russell, Chuck 
Buyer: Castle Rock 
Side Note: Writer/Director Chuck Russell has teamed with Writer/Director Frank Darabont to bring this comic book to the big screen. Russell will write and direct. Pic will be produced by Darabont's company, Dark Woods Prods. Branded Entertainment's Michael Uslan ("Batman & Robin") is serving as executive producer. 

In Her Shoes 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Susannah Grant 
Author: Jennifer Weiner 
Buyer: Fox 2000 
Producer: Ridley Scott, Tony Scott 
Logline: Story is about about sibling rivalry in which a sexy, irresponsible party girl moves in with her sister, an ambitious attorney. 
Side Note: The book was submitted to several companies by BenderSpink before Fox and Scott Free Prods. took it off the market. Scott Free Productions will produce. Fox 2000 picked up the rights to the novel in June 2002.

The Breathtaker 
Genre: Thriller/Action 
Writer: Sheldon Turner 
Author: Alice Blanchard 
Buyer: John Wells Prods. 
Producer: John Wells 
Logline: Story is about a serial killer who strikes during tornadoes and kills his victims in the eye of the storms. 
Side Note: To be adapted from Alice Blanchard's novel. John Wells Productions to produce. Novel will be published in October. Sheldon Turner will adapt for low-mid-six figures. 

Columbia Gold 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Tom Pabst 
Author: Fredric Dannen 
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: Matthew Greenfield, Sydney Pollack, Anthony Minghella 
Logline: Story is about a laundering ring that is under investigation by the FBI, centering on a sympathetic woman who joins the investigation only to get in deeper than she had anticipated -- in both the crime ring and a love triangle. 
Side Note: Pitch. To be based on Dannen's New Yorker magazine article. Miguel Arteta is attached to develop and direct. Sydney Pollack and Anthony Minghella's Mirage Enterprises to produce. 

Genre: Drama 
Writer: Mike Giardi 
Buyer: Media Ventures Pictures 
Producer: Robert Green 
Logline: A woman who fakes a coma in an effort to make her husband's life miserable and steal his money. 
Side Note: Hans Zimmer and Jay Rifkin will produce along with Robert Green. 

Genre: Drama 
Writer: Jean-Claude Carriere 
Author: Sandor Marai 
Buyer: Robert Haggiag 
Producer: Robert Haggiag 
Logline: Two old men, once best friends, who meet again after a 41-year break in their relationship. 
Side Note: To be adapted from Sandor Marai's Hungarian novel. Milos Forman to direct. Robert Haggiag to produce.

The Game Of Their Lives 
Genre: True Story 
Writer: Anthony Pizzo 
Author: Geoffrey Douglas 
Buyer: Crusader Entertainment 
Logline: Story of the U.S. olympic soccer team that in a stunning upset, defeated England in the 1950 World Cup. Since the tournament was not regarded very highly in the U.S. the team was hastily put together comprised of amateur and semiprofessional players, composed chiefly of working-class immigrants. 
Side Note: Director David Anspaugh and writer Angelo Pizzo are teaming up to bring this book to the screen. Shooting will begin early next year. 

Million $$$ Baby 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Paul Haggis 
Author: FX Toole 
Buyer: The Ruddy Morgan Organization 
Logline: Story is about a young woman looking to fight her way out of poverty in the ring and of the veteran trainer who takes her on against his better judgment. 
Side Note: To be adapted from the novella from the best-selling collection of boxing stories "Rope Burns: Stories From the Corner" by F.X. Toole. The project is being produced in association with Morgan Freeman's Revelations Entertainment The author, whose real name is Jerry Boyd was a boxing trainer for 20 years. 

Genre: Horror action
Writer: Jim Warren, Forrest Ackerman, Frank Frazetta, Trina Robbins
Buyer: Mindfire Ent. 
Producer: Mark Altman, Dan Bates, Mark Gottwald 
Logline: Story of Vampirella, the sexy heroine who gets involved in a range of supernatural adventures even as she must continue to sustain herself off the blood of the living. 
Side Note: This $20 mil - $25 mil production will get underway early next year. Film and TV rights of this comic book first published in 1969 were purchased from Harris Publications. No screenwriter is attached. 

Chasing The Dime 
Genre: Crime drama
Writer: Jon Bokenkamp 
Author: Michael Connelly 
Buyer: MGM 
Producer: Mark Canton 
Logline: A young scientist receives mysterious phone calls and suspects the woman who had the number before him is missing. He becomes obsessed with finding and saving her even though they have never met. 
Side Note: To be adapted from Michael Connelly's novel which was optioned in February 2002. Mark Canton to produce. 

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time 
Genre: Coming of Age 
Writer: Steve Kloves 
Author: Mark Haddon 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Producer: Brad Pitt, Brad Grey, David Heyman 
Logline: 15-year old autistic boy tries to replicate the methods of his literary idol Sherlock Holmes and discover who killed his neighbor's dog with a garden tool. 
Side Note: Negotiations are taking place for the rights to this novel. It would be the first deal for the new company that was formed by Brad Pitt and Brad Grey at WB. Steve Kloves("Wonder Boys") is in early talks to adapt and direct. 

Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Michael Cooney 
Author: Paul Eddy 
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures/high-six 
Producer: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Doug Wick, Lucy Fisher, Lyndon Jones 
Logline: British intelligence agent, Grace Flint is savagely beaten and disfigured while infiltrating a money laundering scheme. Reconstructive surgery saves her face but leaves her with a new identity. She is then able to go after the bad guys once again. 
Side Note: To be adapted from Paul Eddy's best-seller. Red Wagon Entertainment's' Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher to produce along with Catherine Zeta Jones and Lyndon Jones. Zeta Jones to also star in. Originally set up in March 2000. On October 2, 2000 screenwriter Marc Moss was hired to pen a screenplay adaptation. 

The Nanny Diaries 
Genre: Comedy/Drama 
Writer: Jenny Bicks 
Author: Emma McLaughlin, Nicola Kraus 
Buyer: Miramax 
Purchase Price: $500k 
Producer: Richard Gladstein 
Logline: Centers on a college student who takes a job as a nanny for a five-year-old whose parents are prominent and wealthy New Yorkers. She finds herself in the household from hell, dealing with their marital problems, her classes and a new romance. 
Side Note: Book was written by first-timers Nicola Kraus and Emma McLaughlin. Jenny Bicks will adapt the book for the screen. 

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