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The Dud Avocado 
Genre: Coming of Age 
Author: Elaine Dundy 
Buyer: New Line/Chickflicks 
Producer: Sara Risher, Leslie Tobin Bacon, 
Logline: Semi autobiographical tale of an American girl's rite of passage while living in Paris. Described as a Parisian "Breakfast at Tiffany's"/"Bridget Jones's Diary." 
Side Note: ChickFlicks is based at New Line and is in negotiations with Aleksandra Crapanzano to adapt the novel for the screen. 

A Fallen Angel 
Genre: Mystery 
Writer: Fred Chiaventone 
Buyer: Fast Carrier Pictures 
Producer: Steven Jay Rubin 
Logline: Set in 16th century Italy, the story follows the events leading up to the trial of Beatrice Cenci, accused of murdering her father, a powerful nobleman. The affair polarized Rome society, even entangling the Papacy amid rumors of designs on Beatrice's massive personal fortune. 
Side Note: Producer Rubin has a first-look deal with Showtime. Screenwriter is an ex U.S. Army officer. 

Molly Gunn 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Julia Dahl, Lisa Davidowitz 
Buyer: MGM/Greenstreet Films 
Producer: John Penotti, Fisher Stevens, Allison Jacobs, Gary Winick 
Logline: A vivacious, twentysomething New York socialite who, after suddenly losing all her money, gets a job as the nanny of a precocious, troubled 9-year-old Upper East Side girl.
Side Note: Based on an original idea by Allison Jacobs. To be directed by Boaz Yakin in New York in May. 

The Singing Detective 
Genre: Drama/Fantasy 
Buyer: Icon Prods. 
Producer: Bruce Davey, Mel Gibson 
Logline: A fiction writer (Robert Downey Jr.) is hospitalized with a grotesque case of psoriasis. Most of the action takes place in his fever-plagued brain, as he reworks the fiction of his first novel, "The Singing Detective," and becomes the hero of his story, pursuing Nazis in the 1940s. 
Side Note: Robert Downey Jr. to star in this remake of the BBC series which will begin shooting in April. Keith Gordon will direct. 

The Ultimate Low Self-Esteem Movie 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Michelle Wolff, Jennifer Heath 
Buyer: Miramax 
Purchase Price: $500k/high-six figures 
Logline: The movies tells the story of a woman with terrible luck with men. After repeatedly being on the other end of the “I-don’t-think-this-is-working” conversation, she meets the man of her dreams. There’s one small problem: he happens to be a homicidal maniac.
Side Note: This was a preemptive purchase. Writing team of Heath and Wolff sold the pitch "Tiny Boyfriend" to Paramount with Lynda Obst producing. Frank Oz is in negotiations to direct. Project was originally sold as a spec script on 9/21/2000. 

Affirmative Action 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Billy Ray 
Buyer: Jerry Bruckheimer Films 
Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer 
Logline: Story is about the cultural collision between an African American FBI agent and white New Orleans cop brought together on a case. 
Side Note: Based on an idea by Ben Affleck. The plan is for Affleck to star with Will Smith.

The Last Samurai
Genre: Drama/Military 
Writer: John Logan 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Producer: Tom Cruise, Paula Wagner, Ed Zwick, Marshall Herskovitz, Ted Field, Scott Kroopf 
Logline: Stoy is about a colonial who arrives in Japan to train the troops of the Japanese emperor, a new occurrence given that feudal lords employed samurai warriors to protect their territories. As the country dishonors and then systematically wipes out the samurai, the protagonist (Cruise) gets to witness close-up the honor and contradictions of the warriors.” 
Side Note: This might be Tom Cruise's next project. Co-production between Radar and Bedford Falls. 

Genre: True Story 
Writer: Billy Ray 
Buyer: Paramount/CW Prods. 
Producer: Tom Cruise, Paula Wagner 
Additional Information: Tom Cruise will play chiropractor John Sarkin. Based on a GQ article. 

The Napoleon Of Crime 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Billy Ray 
Buyer: Jerry Bruckheimer Films 
Logline: Story 19th century thief Adam Worth (Robert Reford) who, after robbing every worthwhile bank vault and train, moved on to London with his partner, Piano Charley Bullard. There, the co-conspirators got into a love triangle with an Irish barmaid named Kitty Flynn. 
Side Note: Rewrite of Jeb Stuart and Terry George script. 

Genre: True Story 
Writer: Mike Rich 
Buyer: Revolution Studios 
Producer: Brian Robbins 
Logline: Story of a mentally challenged African-American youth, nicknamed Radio, who strikes up a relationship with the town's football coach, Harold Jones. The youth, who previously could barely read or write, blossoms under Jones' assistance, and their relationship helps transform the social dynamics of Anderson, S.C. 
Side Note: This project, originally called "Someone To Lean On," was based on a Sports Illustrated story from 1996 and was in development at Warner Bros for Gaylord Films to produce. Now at Revolution, Tollin/Robbins will produce. Mike Tollin will direct. 

The Rum Diary 
Genre: Drama/Comedy 
Writer: Michael Thomas 
Author: Hunter Thompson 
Buyer: FilmEngine 
Producer: George Shapiro, Anthony Rhulen, Robert Kravis, 
Logline: Fictional account of Hunter Thompson's experiences while working for a newspaper in San Juan in the 1950s. 
Side Note: Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro are going back to the nutty world of Hunter S. Thompson. The two, who starred in the big-screen adaptation of FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS, will star in THE RUM DIARY, based on Thompson’s only fictional book. Nick Nolte will also star. Josh Hartnett is considering a role. Screenwriter Michael Thomas is writing the script. 

Suspect Zero 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Zak Penn 
Buyer: Intermedia 
Purchase Price: $400k/$750k 
Producer: Paula Wagner, Tom Cruise 
Logline: It follows an FBI agent who is reluctant to close a case on a murdered serial killer. His investigation leads him on a hunt for an avenging former agent who stalks serial killers. The story involves a vigilante, a serial killer and the F.B.I. 
Side Note: Billy Ray has been hired to rewrite which originally sold on 5/16/95 for $400k/$750k. Elias Merhige will direct ("Shadow of the Vampire"). Intermedia Films will finance with C/W Prods. producing. 

Take Me Home 
Genre: Romantic drama 
Writer: Duane Adler 
Buyer: Revolution Studios 
Producer: Beau Flynn, Trip Vinson 
Logline: East Coast fashion designer returns to her small town roots in Wyoming after a psychological breakdown. There, she develops a romantic relationship with a country music-loving cowpoke who ultimately transforms her. 

The Great Raid 
Genre: Drama/Military 
Writer: Carlo Bernard, Doug Miro 
Author: William Breuer 
Buyer: Miramax 
Producer: Marty Katz 
Logline: During World War II, a group of U.S. soldiers, led by an ambitious young colonel are sent to liberate American prisoners of war from a Japanese camp in the Philippines. 
Side Note: Not a spec sale. Benjamin Bratt will star. Originally set up on Oct. 16, 2001. Hossein Amini is doing a rewrite. Pic was adapted from a book by military historian William B. Breuer. 

Genre: Comedy/Family 
Writer: Shaina Carol 
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures/high-six 
Logline: Story about about two dogs who fall in love in New York's Central Park and make it their mission to unite their warring owners so all four can live happily ever after. 

The Motorcycle Diaries 
Genre: Biography 
Writer: Jose Rivera 
Buyer: FilmFour/Senator 
Producer: Michael Nozik, Karen Tenkoff, Edgard Tenenbaum 
Logline: Story is about the journey of the 23-year-old Che Guevara, who was then a medical student but would become a charismatic and controversial political revolutionary. With his friend Alberto Granado, Guevara traveled the South American continent on a personal odyssey in the early 1950s. 
Side Note: South Fork Pics, a division of Robert Redford's Wildwood Ent. will produce this Spanish language flick. Walter Sales will direct. Screenplay was based on diaries written by Guevara and his friend, Alberto Granado on the road. Rights to the diaries were purchased by Wildwood Ent. from Italian documentary filmmaker, Gianni Minna who purchased them from Guevara's wife. Robert Redford will exec produce with Paul Webster and Hanno Huth. 

Party Monster 
Genre: True Story 
Writer: Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato 
Buyer: ContentFilm/Fortissimo Film Sales 
Producer: Christine Vachon, Jon Marcus, Bradford Simpson 
Logline: Story of 1990s party promoter and convicted murderer Michael Alig. At his peak, he owned a record label and magazine but also had a bad drug habit. This lead to the death of his dealer whom he killed by injecting him with Draino and throwing his body in the East River. Michael Alig was such a bigshot on the club circuit that he felt invincible, even to the point of bragging about the murder of the drug dealer. The press thought it was a publicity stunt until the drug dealer's body washed ashore. 
Side Note: To Star Macaulay Culkin. Killer Films will produce for ContentFilms and Fortissimo Film Sales. Production on this $5 mil. Filming will begin in New York in mid-April. Documentarty filmmakers Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato will make their screenwriting and directing debut. Script is based on the non-fiction book "Disco Blood Bath," by James St. James. 

Shadow Play 
Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Shawn Riopelle 
Buyer: Digital Domain Films 
Producer: Scott Ross, Terry Rossio, Ted Elliot 
Logline: Story of a young man's relationship with his shadow. 
Side Note: Idea came from Shrek writers Terry Rossio and Ted Elliot who will produce through their Scheherazade Prods. 

State Of Emergency 
Genre: Action 
Writer: Damian Shannon, Mark Swift 
Buyer: New Line 
Purchase Price: High-six figures/low-seven 
Producer: Craig Perry, Warren Zide 
Logline: Set in a future in which social and economic chaos has left a city in the hands of a monolithic corporation that only a handful of resistance fighters have the courage to confront. 
Side Note: Zide/Perry Ent. will produce for New Line. Based on the video game made by Scottish-based VIS Ent. It has yet to hit the U.S. shelves. 

Untitled Tony Hawke Project 
Genre: Action 
Writer: Gary Scott Thompson 
Buyer: Universal 
Logline: "Boogie Nights" meets Fast and the "Furious." Screenplay will utilize facets of the skateboarder's life to create a gritty, fictional look at the counterculture world Hawke grew up in, long before he rode his skateboard to brand-name status. 


League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Genre: Comic Book/Fantasy
Writer: James Robinson
Author: Alan Moore
Buyer: 20th Century Fox
Producer: Don Murphy
Logline: Described as a period-piece "X-Men." It includes many literary protagonists, such as Captain Nemo, Dr. Jekyll, Allan Quatermain and Mina Harker, who are called upon by Queen Victoria to thwart an evil madman.
Side Note: Sean Connery will star. Steve Norrington will direct. The film is based on the Alan Moore comic book and has a budget of eighty million dollars. Shooting is scheduled to start in the summer. It is understood that Connery's deal includes sequel commitments.

In the Cut
Genre: Erotic Thriller
Author: Susanna Moore
Buyer: Sony Screen Gems
Logline: An extremely violent love story, "Cut" stars Meg Ryan as a thirtysomething creative-writing teacher whose neighborhood and life are disrupted by the murder of a young woman. Mark Ruffalo stars as the detective investigating the case. His character becomes sexually involved and obsessed with Ryan's. 
Side Note: The $15 million-budgeted project is scheduled to start shooting in the summer. Pathe International is financing and producing the project as well as repping open international rights at the American Film Market. Jane Campion is set to direct. 

Bear Force 
Genre: Children 
Writer: Scott Donnelly, Joe Donnelly 
Buyer: Splendid Pics. 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures/mid-six 
Producer: Guy Oseary, Doug Morton, Larry Hymes 
Logline: Young boy fights the bogeyman and other evil denizens of the night with an elite force of teddy bears. 

Benji Returns: The Promise of Christmas 
Genre: Family 
Writer: Joe Camp 
Buyer: Myriad Pictures 
Producer: Kirk D'Amico, Philip von Alvensleben, Lucas Foster 
Logline: Benji challenges a misguided dogcatcher while struggling to provide Christmas to a pair of poverty-stricken children. 
Side Note: Announcement that Myriad Pics. is teaming with Joe Camp, the writer-director and creator of "Benji," Lou Pitt and Mulberry Square Prods. to create a new feature film in the franchise. Scheduled to start production in April on location in Canada.

Genre: Psychological thriller 
Author: David Ambrose 
Buyer: Artisan Ent. 
Producer: Scott Steindorff, Michael Birnbaum
Logline: Author, seeking the truth about the phenomenon of coincidence, experiences a series of coincidences himself which lead to dramatic and potentially fatal results. This includes the discovery of a twin brother he never knew he had, who is a crook on the run who wants to kill him and take his identity. 
Side Note: Billy Bob Thornton is expected to star. Stone Village Prods. which acquired the project a week before presenting it to Artisan will produce. No screenwriter is attached. No screenwriter is attached to adapt yet. Bruce Heller will likely executive produce the project. 

Polar Express 
Genre: Children 
Writer: William Broyles 
Author: Chris Van Allsburg 
Buyer: Warner Bros./Castle Rock 
Producer: Robert Zemeckis, Chris Van Allsburg, Jack Rapke, Steve Starkey, Gary Goetsman, Bill Teitler 
Logline: The story centers on a boy, who whole-heartedly believes in Santa Claus, is rewarded one day when a train pulls up to his home and takes him and other believers up to the North Pole to meet the jolly old man.  
Side Note: Robert Zemeckis will produce and possibly direct. Tom Hanks to star. Based on the Chris Van Allsburg's children's book of the same title. This book was purchased two years ago by Castle Rock as was intended for Rob Reiner to direct. William Broyles Jr. has written a treatment for the film. 

The Seven Fires Of Mademoiselle 
Genre: Drama/Romance 
Writer: Randi Mayem Singer 
Author: Esther Vilar 
Buyer: Pathe Ent. 
Producer: Judi Counihan, Lila Rawlings 
Logline: An adaptation of Esther Vilar's novel of a young French au pair working in Washington at the time President Kennedy was in office. Described as a magical and romantic tale, the story sees the nanny fall in love with the local fire chief after being pursued by some of Washington's most eligible bachelors. 
Side Note: Screenwriter Randi Mayem Singer has been signed to adapt Esther Vilar's novel "The Seven Fires of Mademoiselle" for U.K. lotto franchise Pathe Pictures. Mike Newell will direct. 

Springer's Gambit 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: James Flamberg 
Author: W.L. Ripley 
Buyer: MGM/Hyde Park Ent. 
Producer: Ashok Armitraj, David Hoberman 
Logline: Dying real estate developer in San Francisco, who's been laundering money for the mob for 30 years, moves to Colorado to die in peace and get away from the mob. In Colorado, he discovers he isn't going to die, so he enlists the help of an ex secret service agent, to act as his bodyguard and free him from the mob's strangle hold on him. 
Side Note: Kurt Russell is attached to star. Novel was written by W.L. Ripley. Kurt Russell's producing partner, Jay Cohen brought project to Hyde Park. James Flamberg has come aboard to adapt the book which was originally set up on 8/24/01

Genre: Action 
Buyer: Crystal Sky 
Producer: Steven Paul 
Logline: Tekken is a fighting-style game played on arcade machines, platforms and PCs. To date, it has sold more than 18 million units worldwide. 
Side Note: Rights were purchased by Crystal Sky from Gaga Communications, a Japanese company and Namco. Budget for the film will be about $60 million. Crystal Sky has a 12-picture co-financing deal with Paramount and an association with Dimension Films. 

Black Livingstone: A True Tale of Adventure in Nineteenth-Century Congo 
Genre: True Story 
Author: Pagan Kennedy
Buyer: Wind Dancer Films 
Logline: Story of William Sheppard, one of the first black American missionaries to travel to Africa, who ventured to Congo to find an African-American utopian community. 
Side Note: No screenwriter is attached yet to this big budget feature. 

Blood Of Sherwood 
Genre: Adventure/Period 
Writer: Michael Tupy 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Producer: Jon Peters 
Logline: After the death of King Richard, a 20-something man, Jarrow, who was lost as a baby and presumed dead, learns that he is the son of Robin Hood. When Robin is asked to help restore England to its former glory, Jarrow joins his dad and breathes life into his his new found dad and the Merry Men as they battle against the Normans. 

Genre: Historical drama 
Writer: Neil Jordan 
Buyer: Myriad Pictures/ImageMovers 
Producer: Jack Rapke, Robert Zemeckis, Stephen Woolley, Steven Starkey
Logline: Set in 15th century Spain, the Borgia family, infamously 
corrupt group, is torn apart through greed and treachery all due to 
their takeover of the papacy and part of Italy. Rodrigo Borgia (Pope 
Alexander VI) eventually ran the Vatican as the Borgia crime syndicate 
Side Note: Neil Jordan will direct this $55 mil. historical drama which he has been developing for ImageMovers for about a year. Myriad Pictures will finance. Shooting to begin this summer. Kirk D'Amico, Philip Von Alvensleben and 
Lucas Foster will Executive Produce.

Race Car Kid 
Genre: Action/Drama 
Writer: William Brent Bell, Matthew Peterman 
Buyer: Warner Bros./Cosmic Ent./Watershed Ent. 
Logline: Set in the ultra-intense junior leagues of NASCAR. 
Side Note: To be produced for Warner Bros. by Cosmic Ent. (owned by Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson) in conjunction with Watershed Ent. 

Without Apparent Motive 
Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Eric Blakeney
Buyer: Splendid Pics./YSA Prods. 
Producer: Bob Yari, Faye Schwab, Mary Apick, Amedeo Ursini 
Logline: A police detective, with the uncanny ability to get inside 
the mind of a serial killer, works through a series of suspects that 
extends to the city's political and social elite to find the murderer 
of three high profile L.A. businessmen. 
Side Note: Announcement that Splendid Pics and YSA Prods. will team up to produce this feature. Bille August ("Pelle the Conqueror") will direct. Production will begin this spring in Los Angeles. Andreas Klein and David Glasser will Executive Produce.

Genre: Action/Thriller 
Writer: Ollie Blackburn 
Author: Christopher Fowler 
Buyer: Fine Line/Granda Film 
Producer: Peter Samuelson, Marc Samuelson, 
Logline: Set in London, a gang warfare takes place among the 
communities that live on the rooftops and despise the world below 
Side Note: To be adapted from Christopher 
Fowler's novel. Fine Line and Granada Film will co-finance this production which will be directed by newcomer Vaughan Arnell, a British commercial and video director. Budget will be in the $15mil. - $25 mil. range. 

Genre: Romance 
Writer: Neil LaBute 
Author: Amanda Filipacchi 
Buyer: Catch 23 Ent./Renaissance Films 
Producer: Gail Mutrux 
Logline: Set in modern day New York, an artist/scientist, who makes 
clouds in buildings, trains an aspiring actress to be a success. 
Side Note: Announcement that Catch 23 and Renaissance Films will co-develop and finance this project. Shooting will begin this fall in New York. LaBute will write and direct the film, and it is being set up as a starring vehicle for his NURSE BETTY actress Renee Zellweger. Gail Mutrux will produce for Renaissance through her and Neil LaBute's company, Pretty Pictures. Stephen Evans, Angus Finney 
and Jeremy Barber will Executive Produce.

Silver Strike 
Genre: Supernatural thriller 
Writer: J. Barton Mitchell 
Buyer: Twentieth Century Fox 2000 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures 
Producer: Trevor Albert, Marc Gordon 
Logline: Story is about a group of werewolf hunters. Described as "Black Hawk Down" in the world of werewolves. 
Side Note: Screenwriter is a Texas-based IBM guidebook writer by day. Marc Gordon Co. will produce for Fox 2000. 


Tell No One
Genre: Thriller
Writer: Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci
Author: Harlan Coben
Buyer: Columbia Pics.
Logline: A thriller about a man who receives a mysterious E-mail that appears to be from his murdered wife. As he frantically tries to find out whether she's alive, he finds himself being implicated in her death.
Side Note: Michael Apted (THUNDERHEART) is in negotiations to direct.

Amazing Heroes 
Genre: Action / Comedy 
Writer: Matt Lopez
Buyer: DreamWorks 
Logline: Story centers on two 12-year-old fraternal twins, a boy and a girl. When they discover that the girl has superpowers, the boy feels he was shortchanged, and the girl sees it as a curse. In the end, the two work out their differences and end up saving the world from an alien supervillain. 
Side Note: Screenwriter is an attorney in DreamWorks' business affairs dep't. 

Genre: Action / Drama 
Author: Alex Simmons 
Buyer: Catch 23 Ent. 
Logline: Books focus on the character of Arron Day, an African-American soldier of fortune known as "Blackjack." 
Side Note: Series of novels that Catch 23 will produce with Platinum Studios. Michael Jai White ("Exit Wounds") will star. 

Crime Wave 
Genre: Comedy/Thriller 
Writer: Pierce Gardner, Kim Zubick 
Buyer: Singer/Jensen Ent. 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures / seven figures 
Producer: Joe Singer, Janet Jensen 
Logline: A picture-perfect town turned upside down by its first crime wave. 

How To Deal 
Genre: Teen Romance 
Writer: Heidi Ferrer, Nina Beber 
Buyer: New Line 
Producer: Erica Huggins, Scott Kroopf 
Logline: After a teenager witnesses examples of love gone wrong, she decides it doesn't exist. Of course, she is proven wrong. 
Side Note: Will shoot this summer. Screenplay was inspired by two young adult novels by Sarah Dessen, "Someone Like You" and "That Summer." Developed at Radar Pics. (which will produce for New Line) the first-draft of the screenplay was written by Heidi Ferrer, with a second draft by Neena Beber. 

Lil' Homies 
Genre: Action / Adventure 
Writer: Freddy Gutierrez, Wesley Johnson, Scott Taylor 
Buyer: Columbia Pics./Winchester Films 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures / mid-six 
Producer: Warren Zide, Craig Perry, Ben Ramsey 
Logline: Group of four ethnic kids find a treasure map leading them to crisscross New York in an attempt to find the treasure. 
Side Note: Zide/Pery Ent. will produce for Columbia. 

Genre: Animation 
Writer: Jordan Katz 
Buyer: Vanguard Animation 
Producer: John Williams 
Logline: Story is about a crossbreed mutt and the coterie of rejected animals he meets as he attempts to follow in the footsteps of his famous police dog father. 

The Storm Returns 
Genre: Action/Drama 
Writer: Brian Koppelman, David Levien 
Buyer: DreamWorks 
Purchase Price: $1 mil./$2 mil. 
Producer: Brian Koppelman, David Levien 
Logline: STORM, is “set in St. Louis in the wake of the Gulf War. It follows a group of recently discharged soldiers who have become warriors without a war and enlist in a battle to clear a vicious drug gang out of a housing project.” 
Side Note: Writing duo will also direct and produce. 

The Wrong Target 
Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Matthew Ross 
Buyer: Singer/Jensen Ent. 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures/mid-six figures 
Producer: Joe Singer, Janet Jensen 
Logline: Single dad must attempt to get back kidnapped son without the help of the authorities because they don't want the kidnappers to know that they missed the wrong target, the son of a prominent businessman. 

Bruce Almighty 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Steve Koren, Mark O'Keefe 
Buyer: Universal/Shady Acres 
Purchase Price: $1 mil/$1.5 mil 
Logline: Man gets to play god for 24 hours. Down on his luck guy named Bruce meets god and curses him. God challenges Bruce to step in his shoes and see if he could do a better job. If he can't do it in 24 hours, Earth will revert to the dark ages. As he plays god, Bruce must tend to his pager that goes off every time someone says a prayer. 
Side Note: Koren and O'Keefe have written for several TV shows. Possibly to be directed by Tom Shadyac. Steve Oedekerk has been hired to do a rewrite of the script which was originally set up on 06/03/2000. Jim Carrey will star. 

Genre: True Story 
Writer: Mark Gibson, Philip Halperin 
Buyer: Universal/Casey Silver Prods.
Purchase Price: High-six figures/seven 
Producer: Casey Silver 
Logline: Story of wealthy guy from Philly who became the unlikely organizer of a polo squad made up of inner-city kids who played against wealthy kids and made it all the way to the Interscholastic National Championships. 

The Grand Tour 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Barry Blaustein, David Sheffield 
Buyer: Dreamworks/Montecito Pictures 
Producer: Tom Pollock, Ivan Reitman 
Logline: Centers around the crazy chaos that goes on when parents 
and kids tour college campuses before choosing the one that 
will put the parents in the poorhouse. 
Side Note: Co-writer Barry Blaustein will make his feature directing debut. Based on an idea by producer Ivan Reitman. 

The Miracle Life Of Edgar Mint 
Genre: Drama / Comedy 
Writer: Michael Cuesta, Gerald Cuesta 
Author: Brady Udall 
Buyer: UA/Single Cell 
Producer: Sandy Stern, Michael Stipe 
Logline: A seven year-old boy gets run over by a mailman. As the boy grows up he continues to have further unfortunate experiences such as a tumble off a cliff and a near-fatal beating. 
Side Note: Adaptation of the book by the same name. Michael Cuesta directed the Independent film "L.I.E." Book was published in June by W.W. Norton & Co. It was optioned by Single Cell out of its own funds and then set up at UA. 

Snow Dogs Sequel 
Genre: Family 
Writer: Mark Gibson, Philip Halperin 
Buyer: Walt Disney Pics. 
Logline: Sequel to the first film about a dentist who inherits a team of Alaskan sled dogs. 
Side Note: Original writers of "Snow Dogs" did a rewrite on the sequel. The original has grossed more than $60 mil at the boxoffice. 

Superman Sequel 
Genre: Action/Adventure 
Writer: J.J. Abrams 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Producer: Jon Peters 
Side Note: Warner Bros. hired BATMAN director Tim Burton to do the movie. Burton hired Nic Cage (who got a pay-or-play twenty million dollars). Kevin Smith wrote the first two drafts which were not accepted, then Wesley Strick came in. Dan Gilroy and William Wisher followed. The Cage/Burton SUPERMAN is dead, and it cost Warner Bros. millions. In any event, now McG, the CHARLIE’S ANGELS director, is taking over. With a script by ALIAS creator J.J. Abrams. McG and Abrams will start from scratch. 

Genre: Horror 
Writer: Danny McBride 
Buyer: Lakeshore Ent. 
Purchase Price: Six-figures 
Logline: "Romeo and Juliet" if the Capulets were vampires and the Montagues were werewolves. 
Side Note: Directing debut for Len Wiseman, a video director. He came up with the idea for "Underworld" with screenwriter Danny McBride. 

Genre: Comedy 
Author: Davis, Anna 
Buyer: Mirage/Intermedia 
Producer: Sydney Pollack, Anthony Minghella 
Logline: A feisty London taxi driver juggles five boyfriends. 
Side Note: Mirage's London office will develop the project. 

Code For Zero 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Ryne Douglas Pearson 
Author: Ken Follett
Buyer: Columbia Pics./Red Wagon Prods. 
Producer: Lucy Fisher, Doug Wick 
Logline: 1950s space race, revolving around aan American man, 
whose memory was erased, tries to piece his life back together but as 
he does so his life becomes more and more complicated. 
Side Note: Assignment to adapt the Ken Follett novel. Pearson has a first-look deal with Sony-based Escape Artists. 

Eddie "The Eagle" Project 
Genre: Drama / Comedy 
Writer: Simon Kelton 
Buyer: Saville Prods. 
Logline: Story of British ski jumper Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, who became an overnight celebrity at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta, for his awful performances and last-place finishes. At the 1988 games, Edwards finished dead last in both the 70 and 90 meter events. Because he embarrassed the country, the British Olympic Association made a new rule that prevented Edwards from competing again unless he was among the top 50 jumpers of the world. 
Side Note: TV and feature rights were purchased. Saville Prods. produces TV shows for Japan. Screenwriter is a British ski journalist. 

NYPD Nanny 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Gregg Ostrin 
Buyer: Twentieth Century Fox 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures 
Producer: John Davis, Mark Sternberg, Wyck Godfrey 
Logline: Described as "Kindergarten Cop" meets "Mrs. Doubtfire." 
Side Note: Mark Sternberg, who recently signed a first-look deal with John Davis, will produce the flick with him. 

A Scanner Darkly 
Genre: Sci-fi 
Author: Phillip K. Dick 
Buyer: Warner Bros./Section Eight 
Purchase Price: $200k/$2 mil. 
Producer: George Clooney, Steven Soderbergh 
Logline: This tale of drug addiction finds an undercover cop so brain-fried that he is investigating himself. 
Side Note: It was set up for a while at Muse Prods and Universal. Charlie Kaufman ("Being John Malkovich") penned a draft which will not be used. It's not clear if Soderbergh will direct. The book has been in development before. Most notably with Terry Gilliam. 

Buddy List 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Mark Loughlin 
Buyer: MGM 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures / mid-six 
Producer: Craig Perry, Warren Zide 
Logline: High school freshmen use an e-mail account and their knowledge of the internet to get invited to a party of high school A-listers. 

Carter Beats The Devil 
Genre: Drama/Occult 
Author: Glen David Gold 
Buyer: CW Prods./Paramount
Producer: Tom Cruise, Paula Wagner 
Logline: Love life and magic of real-life magician Carter the Great, from his first magic show in the blizzard of 1897 when he was 9 years old, through to Carter's greatest performance in 1923. He runs into major problems when he puts on the most outrageous stunt of all, using President Warren G. Harding. 
Side Note: C/W Prods. has also optioned a book about British war magician Jasper Maskelyne. 

Into The Ether
Genre: Supernatural thriller 
Writer: Brian Carr 
Buyer: Dimension Films 
Purchase Price: High-six figures 
Producer: Rafaella DeLaurentiis 
Logline: Young female doctor must do her residency in a haunted Boston hospital. Described as "ER" meets "The Shining." 
Side Note: Picked up in turnaround from Summitt Entertainment, Screenwriter Carr has also been hired to write two other screenplays which have yet to be determined. De Laurentiis has also produced "Dragonheart" and "Kull The Conqueror."  Frank Spotnitz has been hired to direct and develop this project. 

Like Mike 
Genre: Family 
Writer: Mike Elliott 
Buyer: Twentieth Century Fox 
Purchase Price: $300k / $600k 
Producer: Mike Elliot, Peter Heller 
Logline: Kid finds a pair of sneakers with magical powers worn by Michael Jordan. While maintaining his youthful frame, the teen is transformed into a basketball superstar, and gets a chance to play in the NBA. 
Side Note: Will star 14 year old rap star "Lil Bow Wow" in his feature debut. Heller Highwater Productions will produce for Fox. Several studios bid on the project. Eight NBA stars have agreed to make an appearance in the movie. They are: Kevin Garnett, Jason Kidd, Karl Malone, Tracy McGrady, Alonzo Mourning, Dikembe Mutombo, Gary Payton and Rasheed Wallace. 

The Number 23 
Genre: Psychological thriller 
Writer: Fernley Phillips
Buyer: New Line 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures / mid-six 
Producer: Beau Flynn 
Logline: Story is about a man who is obsessed with an obscure book titled "The Number 23" and becomes convinced that the book is based on his own life. 
Side Note: Screen rights were purchased from Firm Films. Tripp Vinson will executive produce with Brooklyn Weaver of Energy Entertainment, who is Phillips' manager. Phillips will also receive a producing credit through his Fingerling Films banner. 

Genre: Action / Thriller 
Writer: John Sullivan
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Purchase Price: $275 / $575 
Producer: Neal Moritz, John Sullivan, Brad Luff
Logline: Told in real time, story is about the closure of a bank for relocation and the transfer of $22 million in cash and notes via armored car that runs into thieves who attempt the heist in the middle of a hurricane. (sounds a bit like "Hard Rain")

Searching For Jordan 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Josh Goldstein 
Buyer: Pressman Films, Ed 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures 
Producer: Stephan Belafonte, Ed Pressman 
Logline: Script is based on a Neil Leifer short film starring Bill Murray and Alec Baldwin about two NBA scouts in search of the next big superstar. 

Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Damian Nieman 
Buyer: RKO/Cobalt Media Group 
Producer: Ted Hartley, Alton Irby 
Logline: Story is about sophisticated con men working the clubs of L.A. 
Side Note: First production for RKO Intl, the company formed between RKO and Cobalt Media Group. New company plans on remaking 4-6 RKO pics per year. Screenwriter Neiman will also direct. 

Untitled Peter Westbrook Story 
Genre: True Story 
Writer: Allie Dvorian, Keith Mitchell 
Buyer: Walt Disney Pics. 
Producer: Debra Martin Chase 
Logline: Story of Peter Westbrook who escaped the New Jersey housing projects by taking up the sport of fencing. Westbrook went on to become and Olympic champ. He also created the Peter Westbrook Foundation, a fencing school in Harlem that has trained thousands of inner-city children, including three who represented the United States at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. 
Side Note: Rights were purchased from producer Debra Martin Chase and writers Keith Mitchell and Allie Dvorian, who will pen the script. 

Genre: Horror 
Writer: Erich Hoeber, Jon Hoeber,
Buyer: Collision Ent./Dimension Films 
Producer: Wes Craven, Marianne Maddalena, Paul Rosenberg, Marcus Ticotin, Scott Faye 
Logline: Gothic horror version of "Alice In Wonderland," where Alice is put into a mental institution by her wicked aunt. 
Side Note: Based on the popular video game created by American McGee from Electronic Arts. Wes Craven will direct and produce. Jon and Eric Hoeber have just been signed to write the screenplay. John August has penned an earlier draft. 

Ghost Light 
Genre: True Story 
Author: Frank Rich 
Buyer: Storyline Prods. 
Producer: Neil Meron 
Logline: Memoir of Frank Rich, N.Y. Times columnist, as he recounts growing up in Washington, D.C. in the 50's and 60's. His parents divorced and to get away from an abusive stepfather, he escaped by hanging out in the theater. 

Life and Def 
Genre: Biography 
Author: Russell Simmons, Nelson George 
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: Kevin Misher, Bobby Shriver 
Logline: Life story of hip-hop impresario Russell Simmons who founded Def Jam Records. Picture will focus on Simmons when he lived in Queens, New York before he made it big in show biz. 
Side Note: Misher Films will produce for Universal. 

Unnatural History 
Genre: Family 
Buyer: Walt Disney Pics. 
Logline: Story involves a family stuck in the Smithsonian Institution when all the exhibits -- anacondas, dinosaurs, etc. -- come to life.

Genre: Suspense/Drama
Writer: Brian Helgeland
Director: Clint Eastwood
Logline: The story is about retired FBI director Terry McCaleb, who has recently had a heart transplant. He is hired by a woman to investigate the death of her sister -- the person who happens to have given McCaleb his heart. On the case, he soon finds that the killer, who staged the murder to look like a random robbery, may actually be a serial killer Terry was trailing for years in the FBI. 
Side Note: Clint Eastwood will play Terry McCaleb and Jeff Daniels has just joined the cast playing Buddy Noone, an aging professional boat bum who appears to be Terry's friend. 

Le Divorce
Genre: Drama
Director: James Ivory
Original Writer: Diane Johnson
Buyer: Merchant Ivory/Fox Searchlight 
Logline: A transatlantic, Henry James-esque quest about two Americans, one an expat, the other a visitor in Paris. It features a film-school dropout who heads to the City of Light to serve as an emissary between her pregnant, cuckolded stepsister and her upper-class family of her French painter husband. 
Side Note: Naomi Watts and Kate Hudson may star. Movie is based on the best-selling and National Book Award nominated novel by Diane Johnson. 

Brad Pitt Wants My Girlfriend 
Genre: Romantic comedy 
Writer: Les Firestein
Buyer: New Regency 
Purchase Price: near seven-figures 
Producer: Tom Lassally 
Logline: Girlfriend and boyrfriend are growing apart because the girlfriend feels that she's being taken for granted. On a trip to Canada, girlfriend meets Brad Pitt who is shooting a movie on location. Brad takes a liking to her and the jealous boyfriend has to win her back. 
Side Note: Les Firestein will write and direct. Brad Pitt was just made aware of this 
project this week, and no word yet on whether he'll star. 

The Bridge 
Genre: Drama / Comedy 
Writer: Mark Andrus 
Author: Doug Marlett 
Buyer: Paramount/CW Prods./De Line Pictures 
Producer: Donald De Line 
Logline: Story is about a cartoonist, fired from his Gotham newspaper gig, who relocates his family to the Southern house in which he grew up and tries to come to terms with his past and family. 
Side Note: Author is a Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist. Book was published by HarperCollins. The project is being developed by Tom Cruise’s Cruise/Wagner Productions, and will be a possible starring vehicle for the star. 

Soul Plane 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Chuck Wilson, Bo Zenga 
Buyer: MGM 
Producer: Bo Zenga
Logline: Urban version of the 1980 film "Airplane." 
Side Note: Sale was based on the first act of the screenplay plus a treatment of the rest of the story. Boz Prods. (owned by Writer/Prod Bo Zenga) will produce for MGM. 

Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Sarah Thorp 
Buyer: Paramount/Intertainment AG 
Purchase Price: Near seven-figures 
Producer: Arnold Kopelson, Anne Kopelson, Linne Radmin, Barry Baeres 
Logline: Female cop is the daughter of a serial killer and fears she might be a prime suspect in a killing spree that she's investigating. 
Side Note: Producer Arnold Kopleson hopes to have this project in production shortly. 
UPDATE: Ashley Judd is in negotiations to star. The script, a huge spec sale, was rushed into production by Arnold and Anne Kopelson. Arnold called it one of the finest first drafts he’d ever seen. 

The Deadly Percheron 
Genre: Mystery 
Author: John Franklin Bardin 
Buyer: Film Four/Number 9 
Producer: Elizabeth Karlsen 
Logline: Story is about a psychiatrist trying to understand a seemingly delusional patient. 
Side Note: Book was published in 1946. Project will be developed with Stephen Woolley and Neil Jordan's Company of Wolves. Paul Webster, Neil Jordan and Stephen Woolley will exec produce. 

Durham Grill 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Edgar Edgerton, John Schulian 
Buyer: RKO Pics. 
Producer: Sandy Freeman, Rob Shoaf 
Logline: Story is about the efforts of a large corporation to con residents of a small Southern town and the Southerners' unusual and successful defense. 
Side Note: RKO will finance and distribute this $6 million film which will shoot this summer in Durham, N.C. 

Everything Is Illuminated 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Jonathan Safran Foer, Liev Schreiber 
Author: Jonathan Safran Foer 
Buyer: Industry Ent. 
Producer: Liev Schreiber 
Logline: An American Jew searches for his family's roots in Eastern Europe. It weaves together the stories of a student as he traveled to the Ukraine, the Polish village where his ancestors settled and his grandfather's flight from the Nazis. 

Foxy Brown 
Genre: Action 
Writer: Tyger Williams 
Buyer: MGM/Absolute Ent. 
Producer: Julio Caro, Marcus Morton 
Logline: After the death of her undercover cop boyfriend and drug dealing brother, an enraged woman poses as a prostitute in order to seek revenge. 
Side Note: Remake of the 1974 film which starred Pam Grier. MGM holds the rights to the original flick as part of its library. Absolute has a first-look deal with MGM. 

Nothing But The Truth 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Yoni Berkovits, Tony Dreannan 
Buyer: APG/Studio Canal 
Purchase Price: $500k 
Producer: Chris Bender, J.C. Spink 
Logline: Story of a valet parking attendant who chronically lies to impress women until a strange happenstance forces him to live out his lies and realize that he has been overlooking true love. 

The Informant: A True Story 
Genre: True Story 
Writer: Scott Burns 
Author: Kurt Eichenwald 
Buyer: Warner Bros./Section Eight 
Purchase Price: High-six figures 
Producer: George Clooney, Steven Soderbergh 
Logline: Story is about Mark Whitacre, a high-level mole at the self-declared "supermarket to the world" Archer Daniels Midland. Whitacre wore an FBI wire for more than two years to uncover a major price-fixing scam with ADM's Japanese competitors that gave the company millions of dollars in profits. 
Side Note: Steven Soderbergh might direct. Book was written by NY Times investigative reporter Kurt Eichenwald. Rights were held by TV producer Michael Jaffe who allowed the screenwriter to take the project to Section Eight which is owned by George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh. 

Untitled John O'Neill Project 
Genre: True Story 
Writer: Lawrence Wright 
Author: Lawrence Wright 
Buyer: MGM/Industry Ent. 
Logline: Story of John O'Neill, the former FBI head of counterterrorism who, after trying to get the feds to recognize the dangers of Osama bin Laden, became his victim when O'Neill began his job as head of security for the World Trade Center on Sept. 10. 
Side Note: Article appeared in The New Yorker Magazine and was written by Lawrence Wright. 

Walking Tall 
Genre: Action / Drama 
Writer: David Klass 
Buyer: MGM/Hyde Park Ent. 
Producer: David Hoberman 
Logline: A Southern sheriff's one-man mission against syndicate-run gambling and his wife is murdered in response. 
Side Note: Contemporary remake of the 1973 film which starred Joe Don Baker, Elizabeth Hartman and Leif Garrett, among others. David Klass might write the screenplay. 

The Wind In The Willows 
Genre: Fantasy 
Writer: Corey May, Michael Wendschuh 
Buyer: Walt Disney Pics. 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures 
Producer: Neal Moritz 
Logline: Jules Verne- like take on the adventures of four animals. 
Side Note: Story is based on a 1908 book in the public domain. Writers are grads of the Peter Stark Program at USC. Producer Neal Moritz, who is their mentor pitched the project to Disney. Besides purchasing a treatment, Disney also got the rights to the accompanying art and related materials by Baruch Inbar. 

Chasing The Dime 
Genre: Thriller 
Author: Michael Connelly 
Buyer: APG/MGM 
Logline: L.A. molecular research scientist is given a phone number of a missing woman. His obsession with finding her leads him into the world of online porn. 
Side Note: No screenwriter or director is attached. 

Le Voyeur 
Genre: Psychological thriller 
Author: Alain Robbe-Grillet 
Buyer: Universal 
Purchase Price: ? / six-figures 
Producer: Kevin Misher 
Logline: Story is about a traveling watch salesman who may have murdered a teenage girl. 
Side Note: First published in 1955 in France and has remained in print since 1958. 

Mr. Mysterious 
Genre: Action / Fantasy 
Writer: Brandon Bodie Beaver 
Buyer: RAW Ent. 
Producer: Simon West, Jib Polhemus, Brian Oliver 
Logline: Set in the 1880's, a blind carnival magician and his 
troupe of performers must return to London in order to prevent an evil 
sorcerer from plaguing the world with black magic. 
Side Note: Simon West's Wychwood Prods. will produce. 

Genre: Drama
Director: Jan de Bont
Budget: $50m
Logline: About a mythical figure who makes deliveries to anyone, anywhere with no questions asked. He is hired to make a delivery to a legendary underworld figure who has been considered impossible to find.
Side Note: Casting is set to take place soon, but no one is solid; Brad Pitt has long been attached.


Across The Universe 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Stewart Schill 
Buyer: Pandemonium/Southpaw Media Group 
Producer: Bill Mechanic, Richard Lewis 
Logline: An astronaut and his wife struggle to find meaning in their everyday existence after a life-changing incident. 

The Adventures Of Sinbad The Salesman 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Mike Reiss 
Buyer: Paramount 
Purchase Price: $500k/$850k 
Producer: John Schneider 
Logline: Insurance claims officer is unlucky in love until he meets his dream girl. 
Side Note: Rob Schneider will star and his brother John will produce. Other producers will be added later. 

The Confidential Report 
Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Joshua Safran 
Buyer: Gran Via Prods./Pacifica 
Producer: Mark Johnson, Jane Park 
Logline: Story is about a grifter who's hired by a wealthy financier to trace figures from his past. The grifter gets more than he bargained for when he falls in love with the power broker's daughter. 
Side Note: Remake of the 1955 Orson Welles film (Mr. Arkadin) that required seven years of post production. The movie was based on an Orson Welles novel. 

His Dark Materials 
Genre: Children 
Author: Philip Pullman 
Buyer: New Line 
Logline: Story is about two children who live in parallel universes along with creatures that have the ability to change shape. The story is full of magic, morality, theology and science. 
Side Note: Trilogy of novels comprised of "The Golden Compass," "The Subtle Knife" and "The Amber Spyglass." 

Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Rawson Thurber 
Buyer: DreamWorks 
Producer: Ben Stiller, Stuart Cornfeld 
Logline: Misfits enter a Las Vegas dodge-ball tournament in order to save their favorite gym. 
Side Note: Screenwriter Rawson Thurber will make his directing debut. USC DreamWorks-based Red Hour Films will produce. 

The Whole Wide World 
Genre: Sci-fi / Action 
Writer: Sam Egan 
Buyer: Pandemonium/Southpaw Media Group 
Producer: Bill Mechanic, Richard Lewis 
Logline: Big-budget event pic about the race against time to the edges of the known universe. 

The Adventurer's Club 
Genre: Romance / Adventure 
Writer: Dan McDermott
Buyer: Paramount 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures / high-six 
Producer: Don Granger, Gary Levinson 
Logline: Man and woman team up to complete the expedition that their grandfathers died on fifty years earlier. The target of the expedition is to find the Valley of the Immortals on the border of Nepal and India. 
Side Note: Mutual Films will produce for Paramount. 

A Bend In The Road 
Genre: Thriller 
Author: Nicholas Sparks 
Buyer: Singer/Jensen Entertainment 
Purchase Price: Near seven-figures 
Producer: Joe Singer, Janet Jensen, Bruce Berman 
Logline: Story is a about a sheriff whose wife was murdered a few years earlier. After he begins to romance his child's schoolteacher, clues start popping up as to what happened to his wife. 
Side Note: No screenwriter is attached. Purchased by Singer/Jensen Entertainment a newly formed company, which will fund the cost of developing 15-20 projects a year. 

Genre: Supernatural thriller 
Writer: Browning, Michael 
Buyer: Singer/Jensen Entertainment 
Producer: Joe Singer, Janet Jensen, Bruce Berman 
Logline: Husband and wife attend a magic show. The wife disappears as part of the magic act just before the magician dies. Husband enters the metaphysical world to find his missing wife. 
Side Note: Published by Top Shelf Comics and written by Jason Hall and Matt Kindt. Screenplay will be written by Michael Browning. 

Genre: Sci-fi / Thriller 
Writer: Cormac Wibberly, Marianne Wibberly 
Buyer: Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Purchase Price: High-six figures / seven-figures 
Logline: Story will be about the way violent serial criminals are rehabilitated in the future. 
Side Note: Husband and wife writing team that gave us "The 6th Day." 
UPDATE: Bruckheimer Sign's Wibberlys for a high-six against seven figures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films picked up the pitch Signature from the husband and wife writing team of Cormac and Marianne Wibberly. Bruckheimer president Mike Stenson brought the project to the company with president of production Chad Oman and senior vice president of production Melissa Reid. Jerry Bruckheimer will be producing.

With the plot details being kept under wraps, Marianne Wibberly told The Hollywood Reporter that "the project is a psychological thriller that centers on the way violent serial criminals are rehabilitated in the future." The project will reteam the writers with Bruckheimer, who recently collaborated on the actioner Bad Boys 2. 

The Wibberly's most recent project is the upcoming feature version of the television show I Spy, starring Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson. The pair also wrote the sci-fi feature The 6th Day, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Wibberlys are repped by the United Talent Agency.

Smart and Smarter 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: David Gilbreath, Dan Wilson 
Buyer: New Line 
Producer: Charles Roven, Douglas Segal 
Logline: Two brainy guys who have spent most of their time in a think tank must venture outside this world in order to get back one of their childhood sweethearts. This causes problems for them since they are always over-thinking the situation at hand. 
Side Note: Charles Roven will produce through his Atlas Entertainment, a division of Mosaic Media Group. 

Childhood's End 
Genre: Sci-fi 
Author: Arthur C. Clarke 
Buyer: Beacon Pictures/Universal 
Producer: Armyan Bernstein, Rudy Langlais 
Logline: giant spaceships that suddenly appear over every major city on Earth. The arrival of the mysterious aliens, known as the Overlords, ushers in a half-decade of unprecedented peace and prosperity during which poverty, disease and prejudice are nearly eliminated. Not all is what it seems, though, as this "golden era" is the precursor to a new evolution for mankind, bringing about the end of the human race as we know it.
Side Note: Kimberly Peirce, who co-wrote and directed "Boys Don't Cry," is in final negotiations to direct this feature version of Arthur Clarke's 1987 sci-fi book. A screenwriter will be hired shortly. 

Genre: Thriller 
Author: Robert Shapiro, Walt Becker 
Buyer: Phoenix Pictures
Logline: About a small-town Louisiana doctor who appears to have everything, including a solid marriage, a successful practice and a prestigious nomination to the post of U.S. surgeon general. Then everything explodes when a woman he had an 
extramarital affair with becomes pregnant. 
Side Note: Authors Robert Shapiro and Walt Becker are exec producing along with Greg Davis. No screenwriter is attached. 

Action Abramowitz 
Genre: Action / Comedy 
Writer: Aaron Mendelsohn 
Buyer: New Line 
Producer: Noah Emmerich 
Logline: Accountant gets hit on the head and starts to think that he is his favorite action star. 
Side Note: Sandbox Entertainment will produce for New Line. 

Cats & Dogs 2 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Producer: Bruce Berman, Andrew Lazar 
Logline: The war between cats and dogs will continue in this live action-CGI sequel. 
Side Note: Kevin Lima will direct. Mad Chance and Village Roadshow will produce for WB. 

Enzo Ferrari Project 
Genre: Biography 
Writer: David Rayfiel 
Buyer: Spyglass Entertainment/Mirage Enterprises/Forward Pass 
Producer: Gary Barber, Roger Birnbaum, Sydney Pollack, Anthony Minghella, Michael Mann, Gianni Nunnari 
Logline: Biography of Enzo Ferrari the man who created the Italian sports car during the rise of fascism, family tragedies and a single-minded determination that pushed him to work non stop and leave time for nothing else. 
Side Note: Inspired by Brock Yates' 1991 book "Enzo Ferrari: The Man, the Cars, the Race, the Machine." Project has spent over a decade in development. Michael Mann was attached to direct but has opted to serve only as producer. Cecchi Gori will executive produce. 

Shadow Man 
Genre: Supernatural thriller 
Buyer: Dimension Films 
Logline: Story of the Shadow Man, Mike LeRoi who uses voodoo to live in our world and the world beyond. LeRoi, a failed English literature student and former taxi driver uses voodoo for protection after the deaths of his family members at the hands of the Chicago mob. 
Side Note: The video game was based on a comic book that Dimension also bought the rights to from Acclaim Entertainment. No screenwriter is attached. 

Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Carlson, Roy 
Buyer: Working Title Films 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures 
Producer: Chris Clark, Eric Fellner 
Logline: A woman is either experiencing the onset of schizophrenia or is about to resolve a major conspiracy. 

Genre: Black Comedy 
Writer: Christopher Okum 
Buyer: Cineville 
Producer: Zachary Matz, Barry Rosen 
Logline: Story about a misfit teen, subjected to the misguidance of adult authority figures, who finds salvation and love in an emotionally troubled young woman. 
Side Note: Shooting will begin in the fall. Cineville principal Carl Colpaert will direct. 

Guest/Levy/Shearer/McKean Untitled Project 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Chris Guest, Eugene Levy 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Producer: Karen Murphy 
Logline: Three folk acts, popular in the 60's, reunite in present day for a memorial concert at Carnegie Hall because a famous legendary folk manager has died. 
Side Note: Chris Guest will co-write and direct. Shooting will begin in the spring. Chris Guest, Eugene Levy, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer will star. 

The Kindness Of Strangers 
Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Cristi Limm
Buyer: Paramount/Scott Rudin Prods.
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures 
Producer: Scott Rudin 
Logline: A naive woman finds her life spiraling out of control and begins to suspect that her new best friend and co-worker might be behind her troubles. 

The Lost Regiment 
Genre: Sci-fi / Action 
Author: William Forstchen 
Buyer: Paramount/CW Prods. 
Producer: Tom Cruise, Paula Wagner 
Logline: A Civil War regiment is caught up in a time warp and discovers a horrible future where humans are slaughtered like cattle. 
Side Note: The Sci-fi project is be adapted from Forstchen's eight-part series of books.

Sugar Wars 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Paul Murray 
Buyer: RGH/Lions Share Pictures 
Producer: Billy Blake, Eric Louzil 
Logline: Based on the life of 91 year old Angelo Lonardo, a founding father of the mafia. He was one of the highest ranked Mafia leaders to turn against the mob. Rudy Giuliani, then a prosecuting attorney, said that Lonardo's testimony was a turning point in the war against crime. The story will concern itself with the Lonardo family battle with the Porello family over control of corn sugar used to cook bootleg whiskey during the prohibition. 

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 
Genre: Horror 
Writer: Tobe Hooper, Kim Henkel 
Buyer: Radar Pictures 
Producer: Michael Fleiss 
Logline: Story of five 20-somethings who fall into the clutches of a grotesque clan of Texas cannibals and find themselves prey of the chainsaw-wielding Leatherface. 
Side Note: Radar Pics. has given the greenlight on this production which is a remake of Tobe Hoopers' cult classic film from 1974. Platinum Films (owned by director Michael Bay) will produce for Radar. Ted Field, Jeff Allard, Andrew Form and Brad Fuller will exec produce. 

The 25th Hour 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: David Benioff 
Author: David Benioff
Buyer: Walt Disney Co./Industry Entertainment 
Producer: Nick Wechsler, Jon Kilick, Tobey Maguire, Julia Chasman 
Logline: Three men spend a final night partying in Manhattan before one goes to jail for drug dealing. 
Side Note: Based on a book by the same name. Ed Norton will star. Spike Lee will direct. 

Bad Santa
Genre: Black Comedy 
Writer: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa 
Buyer: Dimension Films 
Producer: John Cameron, Sara Aubrey, Joel Coen, Ethan Coen 
Logline: Con men who pose as Santa and one of his elves, rob malls each Christmas until they run into a timid eight year old who teaches them the true meaning of the holiday. 
Side Note: Dimension picked this up from Working Title. Terry Zwigoff will direct. Ki Line will produce for Dimension. Bill Murray is in early negotiations to star.

Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen 
Buyer: Universal/Archer Street Prods. 
Producer: Mike Lobell, Andrew Patterson 
Logline: A British thief conspires with a beautiful woman to rob a rich guy of his expensive statue. The heist is imperiled by a series of double-crosses. 
Side Note: Remake of the 1966 film which starred Michael Caine and Shilrey MacLaine. Anand Tucker ("Hilary and Jackie") to direct. Joel and Ethan Coen have come aboard to script this remake. They will be paid nearly seven figures for their efforts. Originally set up on 09/22/2000. Hugh Grant might star. 

Toy Men 
Genre: Romantic comedy 
Writer: Steve Pink 
Buyer: MGM 
Producer: Vince Vaughn 
Logline: An ensemble project about four hard-driving reps on the road who compete in the no-holds-barred arena of toy sales. When they zero in on a housewife who has come up with what could be a new best seller, one of the reps -- to be played by Vaughn -- brings his 11-year-old daughter to improve his chances to land the account.
Side Note: This deal is still being negotiated. David Dobkin will direct. Pitch given by Vince Vaughn who developed it with Dobkin. Steve Pink will script. Mosaic Media Group will produce for MGM. 


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