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Genre: Comedy/Drama 
Buyer: Trigger Street Productions 
Logline: Story centers on two misfits, the shy, neurotic Elling and the loud, sex-obsessed Kjell Bjarne. After two years in a state home, the two become close friends and are released to the real world. 
Side Note: English language remake of the 2001 Oscar nominated Norwegian film which was based on a Norwegian comic book. Trigger Street Prods. is owned by actor Kevin Spacey but he will not act in the pic. The Norwegian film was first shown in the U.S. at the recent Tribeca Film Fest in NY. 

Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Mark L. Smith 
Buyer: Phoenix Pics. 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures/mid-six 
Logline: Prominent young criminal attorney must defend his old mentor, a college basketball coach under suspicion of having murdered his mistress. 
Side Note: Screenwriter is managed by BenderSpink. Brad Fischer and Anne Rodman at Phoenix will oversee project's development.

Holiday Club 
Genre: Political thriller 
Writer: Aaron Feldman, Oritte Bendory 
Buyer: Thousand Words 
Logline: American diplomat's son is seduced into a thrill seeking world by a group of children of foreign diplomats who use and abuse their diplomatic immunity to break the law. The hero of the tale, soon finds himself as a pawn in a dangerous political game. 
Side Note: Co-writer Oritte Bendory will co-produce. 

Indiana Jones 4 
Genre: Action/Adventure 
Writer: Frank Darabont 
Buyer: Paramount/LucasFilm 
Producer: George Lucas 
Additional Information: Deal is in the works for Frank Darabont to write the 4th installment of the Indiana Jones series. Pic will be released July 2005. Harrison Ford will reprise his role. George Lucas will write the story and return as producer; Steven Spielberg will return as director. 

Master P: Kung Fu Panda 
Genre: Animation 
Writer: Cyrus Voris, Ethan Reiff 
Buyer: DreamWorks 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures 
Logline: A gang of snow leopard bandits come down from the highlands to invade a bamboo jungle. In response, the jungle animals must search for a prophesied warrior to defend them. They find their hero in a lazy, underachieving panda who they must train to become the ultimate kung fu master. 
Side Note: Based on an original pitch from the writers. To be produced at Pacific Data Images.

White Out
Genre: Drama/Action 
Writer: Chris Bertolini 
Buyer: Gaylord Films 
Producer: Hunt Lowry, Casey La Scala, David Permut 
Logline: True story of former NY cop, Jerry Speziale, who was part of an anti drug task force. Going against policy, Speziale used an internationally known blacklisted informant who helped transform the cop into the ultimate undercover operative. After bringing down one of the largest drug deals in history, Speziale discovered that the informant was betraying him all along. 
Side Note: To be based on the upcoming nonfiction novel by former New York Police Officer Jerry Speziale. Antoine Fuqua is attached to direct. Gaylord's Hunt Lowry and Casey La Scala will produce along with Permut Presentations' David Permut. 

The Desert Rose 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Nora Ephron, Delia Ephron 
Author: Larry McMurtry 
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Producer: Laurence Mark 
Logline: As a single mom tries to hang on as the lead dancer at a Vegas casino, her gorgeous daughter begins to make a name for herself in showgirl circles. 
Side Note: Studio has re-optioned this Larry McMurtry novel. Nora Ephron to direct as well as write with her sister. Laurence Mark will produce. Keith Barish and Nicholas Pileggi will Executive Produce.

The Last American Man 
Genre: True Story 
Author: Elizabeth Gilbert 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Producer: Barry Levinson, Paula Weinstein 
Logline: Story of Eustace Conway, considered one of the last frontiersmen in contemporary society. A Davey Crocket type, he escaped an abusive childhood by running away and living in the Appalachian Mountains. He lived in a teepee full time for 17 years and set a world record when he crossed the continent on horseback in 103 days. To this day, he continues to live in the wild, a lifestyle he promotes. 
Side Note: To be adapted from Gilbert's non fiction book. Barry Levinson and Paula Weinstein's Baltimore/Spring Creek Pictures to produce. 

Le Voyeur 
Genre: Psychological thriller 
Writer: Massy Tadjedin 
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: Akiva Goldsman, Kevin Misher 
Logline: Man returns to the Caribbean island of his birth only to have to clear his name of the murder of a child that was committed two days after his arrivval. 
Side Note: To be adapted from the 1955 novel "Le Voyeur" by Alain Robbe-Grillet. Kevin Misher and Akiva Goldsman will produce. 

Pleased To Meet Me 
Genre: Romantic comedy 
Writer: Alfred Botello 
Buyer: Paramount/MTV Films 
Producer: Albert Berger, Ron Yerxa 
Logline: In San Francisco, two party crashers fall in love while doing what they do best. 
Side Note: Nicholl Fellowship winning screenplay. Bona Fide wil produce for MTV and Paramount. 

Rain Falls 
Genre: Dark Comedy 
Writer: Marlene King 
Buyer: Fine Line Features 
Producer: Sean Furst 
Logline: Emotional fallout after an upper-middle-class suburb adopts the hobby of partner-swapping. 
Side Note: Fine Line will finance and produce this project which was developed at Myriad Pictures with a different cast. Myriad's Kirk D'Amico and Lucas Foster will exec produce. Pic will go into production mid-July. Naomi Watts and Kate Beckinsale might star. Screenwriter Marlene King will make her directorial debut. Budget will be below $10 mil. 

Untitled Don Scott Project 
Genre: Action/Comedy 
Writer: Don D. Scott 
Buyer: Universal 
Logline: Centers on two drug cops. 
Side Note: Jersey Films' Danny DeVito, Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher and Pamela Abdy and Native Films' Shauna Garr and James Ellis will produce. Rappers-turned-actors Redman and Method Man to star in.


Fatal Frame 
Genre: Horror 
Buyer: DreamWorks 
Logline: A woman's search for her mysteriously missing brother leads her to a haunted mansion, in which she is able to see ghosts with an antique camera. 
Side Note: To based on the horror videogame "Fatal Frame" from Japanese game publisher Tecmo. No screenwriter is yet attached.

Genre: Fantasy/Drama 
Writer: Daniel Wallace 
Author: Daniel Quinn 
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: Michael Bostick 
Logline: A man wakes up to a world where time is in reverse for everyone but him. 
Side Note: This will be adapted from Daniel Quinn's graphic novel "The Man Who Grew Young." Shady Acres' Tom Shadyac to produce. Shadyac may direct as well.

The 24th Day 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Tony Piccirillo 
Buyer: Independent Financing 
Producer: Nick Stagliano, Brad Mendelsohn 
Logline: An HIV positive man's desperate search for the truth about who infected him with the deadly virus. Convinced it was the result of a one-time homosexual fling, he holds the ex-lover captive in his apartment until his blood can be tested. 
Side Note: Piccirillo will make his feature directorial debut on this screenplay which he adapted from his play of the same name. James Marsden and Scott Speedman are set to star in the independently funded film that will be shot in Philadelphia, with lensing to commence this week. Nick Stagliano of Nazz Productions and Lynn Apelle will produce along with Brad Mendelsohn of Immortal Entertainment.

The Devil Wears Prada 
Genre: Drama 
Author: Lauren Weisberger 
Buyer: Twentieth Century Fox 2000 
Purchase Price: Up to seven-figures 
Producer: Wendy Finerman 
Logline: A small-town girl takes a job working for the overbearing editor of a fictitious New York fashion magazine called Runway. 
Side Note: Wendy Finerman will produce through her Fox based company. It is rumored that the novel was based on the author's experience working for Vogue editor Anna Wintour. 

Genesis Code 
Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Ron Shusett, Ian Rabin 
Author: John Case 
Buyer: Eagle Pics. 
Producer: Ciro Dammicco, Billy Dietrich, Mike Mailer, Danny Bigel 
Logline: After members of a family are victimized at an Italian fertility clinic run by a doctor with some unusual ideas about DNA, it catches the attention of a dangerous religious order. The investigator must save one surviving woman and child from their wrath. 
Side Note: Eagle Pictures is an Italian distribution company. This will be its first production. It is based on the bestselling 1997 book by John Case. Rupert Wainwright is negotiating to direct. Eagle Pictures' Ciro Dammicco will produce along with Billy Dietrich and Mike Mailer and Danny Bigel of Bigel/Mailer Films.

got milk? 
Genre: Drama/Comedy 
Writer: Mike Elliott 
Buyer: Universal 
Purchase Price: $500k/$800k 
Producer: Kevin Misher 
Logline: Story will based around the game of "streetball" an inner city version of basketball. A DJ is on the side of the court and announces the game. Story will be about a white kid who comes to the playground to prove he belongs on the court. He matches up against a top-tier African-American player and finally gets his own nickname: Milk. 
Side Note: Screenwriter also wrote "Like Mike" which will be released shortly. Kevin Misher and studio made a preemptive deal. Dave Phillips and Rob Lee will exec produce. 

Last of the Breed 
Genre: Drama/Action 
Writer: Aaron Benay, Mathew Benay 
Buyer: Miramax 
Logline: An Air Force pilot of Native American descent is shot down over Siberia and has to use survival instinct to elude armed captors chasing him across the frozen wilderness. 
Side Note: Remake and update of Louis L'Amour's Cold War bestseller "Last of the Breed."

The Light At The End Of The Chunnel 
Genre: True Story 
Writer: Peter Landesman 
Buyer: Paramount/CW Prods. 
Producer: Tom Cruise, Paula Wagner 
Logline: Story of how Middle Easterners illegally stow away for the speedy train's very dangerous trek between Paris and London. 
Side Note: To be adapted from NY Times Magazine article by the same name. Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner will produce.

St. Nikolas 
Genre: Historical drama 
Writer: Dennis LeFevre, Ken Young 
Buyer: Newman/Tooley Films
Producer: Vincent Newman, Tucker Tooley, Jan de Bont, Jessica Borsiczky 
Logline: Story of 4th century Austrian warrior Nikolas' experiences as a heroic warrior investigating a deadly mystery when he is assigned to restore order in a town plagued by corruption and violence at the time of the Roman Army's withdrawal. 
Side Note: Jan de Bont to develop and direct. Vincent Newman and Tucker Tooley will produce through their Newman/Tooley Films. Jan de Bont and his producing partner Jessica Borsiczky will also produce. Nancy Lanham, head of production for Newman/Tooley Films will co-produce.

A Swallow Made The Summer
Genre: Drama 
Buyer: Legende Enterprises/Nord-Quest Production 
Producer: Alain Goldman, Christophe Rossignon 
Logline: Set in the countryside of France, a woman moves out of the hustle and bustle of the Paris city life and buys a farm, agreeing to let the old man, who originally owned the house, live on with her there.
Side Note: English language remake of last summer's French hit "Une hirondelle a fait le printemps," directed by Christian Carion. 

Untitled McKenna Project 
Genre: Western 
Writer: Bruce C. McKenna 
Buyer: Twentieth Century Fox/Scott Free Prods. 
Purchase Price: High-seven figures 
Logline: No details given.
Side Note: Ridley Scott will direct. Preemptive bid was made. 

Enders Game (and Ender's Shadow)
Genre: Sci-fi 
Writer: Orson Scott Card 
Author: Orson Scott Card 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Producer: Wolfgang Peterson, Rob Chartoff, Diane Rathbun, Ted Ravinett 
Logline: Two alien attacks have nearly wiped out the human race and a frantic world government trains children for war by teaching them a competitive game that's a cross between "Harry Potter's" quidditch matches and "Star Wars" Jedi lightsaber battles. The best players become rivals vying to lead the world against the aliens. 
Side Note: To be based on Card's prize-winning series of science-fiction bestsellers. Wolfgang Petersen to possibly direct. 

Ghost Rider       (EZ's Coverage of Ghost Rider)
Genre: Action/Fantasy 
Writer: Shane Salerno 
Buyer: Sony-Columbia Pics. 
Producer: Avi Arad, Steven Paul 
Logline: A former motorcycle stuntman agrees to let his body become host to a vengeful spirit in exchange for the safety of his true love. The price he pays is that at night he is transformed into Ghost Rider, a bike-riding demon with a flaming skull. As his alter ego, he avenges souls tarnished by evil. 
Side Note: Columbia is in negotiations with Dimension to acquire the rights in turnaround. Shane Salerno might rewrite the material. Marvel Entertainment's Avi Arad and Crystal Sky's Steven Paul are producing the project. 

Killer On The Road 
Genre: Thriller 
Author: James Ellroy 
Buyer: Film & Music Ent./Tartan Films 
Logline: Centers on serial killer Martin Plunkett, who began a life of crime as a teenager in the 1960's in Los Angeles, and continued on until his capture in New York decades later along with his relationship with a rural policeman, also a serial killer, who forces him to swap murder techniques in order to evade capture. Plunkett was nicknamed the "Sexecutioner." He lived in a world of twisted fantasies and was tormented by terrible dreams and could only find relief from the sight, taste, and feel of fresh blood. He would kill his victims (lonely drivers or young lovers), dismember their bodies, the leave them in grotesque positions. 
Side Note: Published in 1986 as "Silent Terror." No screenwriter is attached as of yet. 

North Shore Ninja 
Genre: Action/Adventure
Writer: Bob Mittenthal, Michael Rubiner 
Buyer: Artisan Ent. 
Producer: Jane Startz 
Logline: A 13-year-old boy obsessed with martial arts finds himself teaming up with his idol, the karate movie star Jackie Lee, to engage in a real-life battle against the Hong Kong mob. 
Side Note: Pitch. Jane Startz to produce.

Genre: Comedy/Action 
Writer: Ice Cube, Matt Alvarez 
Buyer: MGM/Hyde Park Ent. 
Producer: Ashok Armitraj, David Hoberman 
Logline: A cab driver finds himself the only black participating in a stock-car race. 
Side Note: Ice Cube and Matt Alvarez will rewrite the Jason Filardi script. Ice Cube will not appear in the film. 

The Shadow Project 
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure 
Writer: Brent Forrester 
Buyer: DreamWorks 
Purchase Price: Six-figures 
Logline: After an evil force upsets the balance between the intersection of human and shadow worlds, a shadow drags his human counterpart into the shadow realm to set things right. 
Side Note: To be a mix of live action and computer animation.

To Live and Die In Los Angeles 
Genre: Drama
Author: Dennis McDougal 
Buyer: Storyline Ent./Mark Sennet 
Producer: Mark Sennet, Alan Jacobs, Mark Hayman 
Logline: Portrait of Bonnie Lee Bakley that covers detective Robert Ito's investigation of her murder as well as the tumultuous relationship between Bakley and actor Robert Blake. 
Side Note: To be based on McDougal's upcoming book of the same name. Mark Sennet and Storyline Entertainment's Craig Zadan & Neal Meron will executive produce. Alan Jacobs and Mark Hayman to produce.

Genre: Drama 
Writer: John Turman 
Author: Barry Sadler 
Buyer: Radar Pics/Focus 
Producer: Tom Engelman, Scott Kroopf 
Logline: A Roman legionary kills Christ and is cursed to live forever. 
Side Note: To be adapted from Barry Sadler's "Casca" novels, which include 22 books in all. Radar's Scott Kroopf and Tom Engelman will produce with Focus fully financing the film.

Genre: Action/Thriller 
Writer: Chris Morgan
Buyer: New Line
Purchase Price: $750k 
Producer: Roland Emmerich, Dean Devlin 
Logline: A kidnapped woman calls a cellular phone and the recipient must try to save her before she - and her cell battery - expire. 
Side Note: Morgan rewrote screenplay by Larry Cohen. Electric Entertainment's Dean Devlin will produce along with Toby Emmerich and Lauren Lloyd. Originally purchased by Centropolis Entertainment in December 1999.

The Company 
Genre: Thriller 
Author: Robert Littell 
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Purchase Price: Seven-figures 
Logline: Centers on the United States intelligence community from the beginning of the Cold War to the fall of the Soviet Union. 
Side Note: To be adapted from Littell's best-selling novel, "The Company: A Novel of the CIA." Columbia made a preemptive offer beating out other studios. 

Genre: Drama 
Writer: David Cronenberg 
Buyer: Serendipity Point Films
Producer: Robert Lantos 
Logline: Performance artist with a high pain threshold is approached to capture a subversive group. He must decide if what he uncovers should be protected or handed over. 
Side Note: Production will begin early next year. David Cronenberg will also direct. Film will be financed through presales and Canadian funds. 

The Prophet 
Genre: Sci-fi 
Writer: Ben Loory, Jason Marx 
Author: Xavier Dorson, Matthieu Lauffran 
Buyer: Atlantic Streamline 
Logline: Story is about a professor who returns home from a scientific expedition in the Himalayas after discovering a parallel world that is dominated by evil. He must seal the opening before the two worlds collide and evil takes over. 
Side Note: To be adapted from the French-language sci-fi graphic novel created by Xavier Dorson and Mathieu Lauffran.

The Quality Of Life Report 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Meghan Daum 
Author: Meghan Daum 
Buyer: Radar Pictures 
Producer: Erica Huggins, Scott Kroopf, Joe Rosenberg 
Logline: A lifestyle correspondent on a New York TV show is assigned to report on the higher quality of life in the Midwest. While there, she realizes that her constant journalistic analysis, not her locale, prevents her from living life to the fullest. 
Side Note: Meghan Daum will adapt her own book, which is the first one she's had published. Ted Field will exec produce. 

An Old Mistress 
Genre: Romantic drama 
Writer: Alexandra Crapazano 
Author: Barbey d'Aurevilly 
Buyer: Fine Line 
Producer: Jacques Eric Strauss 
Logline: A passionate love triangle, set in the 18th century, about a penniless but charming rogue who seduces a young heiress. But his past, in the shape of a former mistress whose husband once defeated him in a duel, comes back to haunt him. 
Side Note: Jacques-Eric Strauss will develop and produce the film based on the classic Gallic novel "Une Vieille Maitresse," or "An Old Mistress," by Barbey d'Aurevilly. Budget is likely to be in the $15 million - $18 million range, depending on cast. They are fast-tracking the project for early next year. They hope to attract Madonna for the lead role. To start production Summer 2003.

The Greatest American Hero 
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy 
Writer: Paul Hernandez 
Buyer: Walt Disney Pics. 
Producer: Stephen J. Cannell 
Logline: A nerdy teacher becomes an unwilling super hero especially after he loses the instruction manual for a special suit, with powers beyond his control, given to him by aliens. 
Side Note: Feature version of the TV show from the early 80's. 

Lake Powell 
Genre: Supernatural 
Writer: Michael Kase 
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures 
Producer: Lauren Lloyd 
Logline: A family accidentally desecrates a Native American burial ground while vacationing at an Arizona lake, thus letting loose a terrible supernatural force that threatens their lives. 
Side Note: Lloyd Ent. Co. will produce for Columbia. 

Nine Miles Down 
Genre: Supernatural 
Buyer: Helkon International Pictures
Producer: Richard Claus 
Logline: Security expert is sent to a remote scientific camp to investigate strange things that are happening. 
Side Note: Anthony Waller will direct. Val Kilmer is in talks to star in this $22 mil picture that will shoot in South Africa this fall. Amsterdam-based Cometstone Pictures and Dutch film financier Structurion will produce. 

RP2: Les Anges de L'Apocalypse 
Genre: Thriller/Mystery 
Writer: Luc Besson 
Buyer: Legende Enterprises 
Producer: Alain Goldman 
Logline: Two cops who appear to be working on two different cases, eventually discover it to be the same case. 
Side Note: French production. Olivier Dahan will direct this sequel to "The Crimson Rivers." Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel might reprise the roles of the two cops. Shooting begins next January in Framce and Bavaria. 

Bright Young Things 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Stephen Fry 
Buyer: FilmFour 
Producer: Gina Carter, Miranda Davis 
Side Note: Adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's classic 1930s novel "Vile Bodies." Judi Dench and Peter O'Toole will star. Stephen Fry will write and direct. U.K.-based Revolution Films and Doubting Hall Ltd. are developing the project. 

Genre: Thriller
Writer: Tyrese Gibson 
Buyer: Universal Pictures
Log Line: n/a 
Side Note: Tyrese to star in and executive produce.

Head Of State 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Chris Rock, Ali LeRoi 
Buyer: DreamWorks 
Producer: Ali LeRoi 
Logline: Chris Rock will play an unlikley alderman chosen as a presidential candidate for one of the major political parties. His less-than-sophisticated brother will be his running mate. 
Side Note: Bernie Mac is in final negotiations to star with Chris Rock. 3 Arts is producing along with Ali LeRoi. Chris Rock will make his directorial debut on the project. 

American Princess 
Genre: Drama
Writer: Elizabeth Allen, Nick Pustay
Buyer: New Line Cinema
Log Line: Set in the 18th century, an English peasant girl dreams of being a princess, but after being caught playing "dress up" as Queen Charlotte, she is exiled to an American colony. While there, she becomes involved in the Revolution and falls in love with a dashing young political leader. 
Side Note: Rewrite of script by Dennis Bartok and Tom Abrams. Elizabeth Allen will also direct the film. Team Todd Productions to produce. Script originally setup in September 2000. Julia Stiles to possibly star in.

Perfect Strangers
Genre: Psychological thriller 
Writer: Gaylene Preston 
Buyer: Film Production Fund, New Zealand Film Commissio, Film Financial Services of Los Angeles
Logline: Described as a blackly funny, deadly serious psycho-sexual thriller offering a new spin on falling in love. 
Side Note: Sam Neill will star for director Gaylene Preston. Rachel Blake and Anthony LaPaglia will co-star. Shooting will begin at the end of the month in New Zealand. 

Shattered Glass 
Genre: True Story 
Writer: Billy Ray 
Buyer: Lions Gate Films 
Producer: Craig Baumgarten, Gay Hirsch, Tove Christenson 
Logline: True story of Stephen Glass who was a journalist for various magazines from 1995-1998. Considered a rising star, it was later revealed that he fabricated 27 of his 41 articles. 
Side Note: Hayden Christenson is in final negotiations to star for director Billy Ray. C/W Prods. and Baumgarten Merims Prods. will be producing in association with Forest Park Pictures for Lions Gate Films. Story first appeared in the September 1988 issue of Vanity Fair. 

Shaun Of The Dead 
Genre: Comedy/Horror 
Writer: Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright 
Buyer: FilmFour 
Producer: Nira Park 
Logline: A 29-year-old wannabe DJ who is jolted out of his professional and romantic inertia by a zombie invasion of London. 
Side Note: Co-writer Simon Pegg will play the lead role. 

The Sixteen Pleasures 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: John Collee 
Author: Robert Hellenger 
Buyer: MDP Worldwide and Michael Jackson's Neverland Pictures
Logline: A book conservator travels to Florence to help rescue art treasures that have been damaged by floods. She falls in love with an older, married man and comes into possession of an extremely rare volume from the 16th century. In the process, she frees herself from the bindings of her old life. 
Side Note: Based on Robert Hellenga 's novel of the same name. Nicole Kidman attached to star. Handprint Entertainment, a management & production company, will produce.

The Big Empty 
Genre: Fantasy 
Writer: Steve Anderson 
Buyer: Aura Ent./ Echo Lake Prods. 
Producer: Doug Mankoff, Andrew Spaulding, Steve Kaplan, Gregg Daniel 
Logline: A budding actor is faced with a stalled career and a mountain of debt. After receiving a strange financial offer, he embarks on a journey in a California desert town that transports him to another world. 
Side Note: Aura Ent. and Echo Lake Prods. will co-finance. Jon Favreau and Rachel Leigh Cook will star. Steve Anderson will write and direct. 

His Dark Materials 
Genre: Children 
Writer: Tom Stoppard 
Author: Philip Pullman 
Buyer: New Line 
Logline Two kids in parallel universes challenge shape-shifting creatures, witches, polar bears and all sorts of other creatures as they try to save other endangered children. 
Side Note: Stoppard will pen the adaptation of this award- book series by Philip Pullman. Studio hopes to turn this into a multimovie franchise.

Genre: Animation 
Writer: George Webster 
Buyer: Odyssey Entertainment 
Producer: Barnaby Thompson, John Williams 
Logline: : A heroic wood pigeon aspires to become a messenger in the Royal Air Force during WWII. 
Side Note: CGI animated film will be budgeted at $40 mil. John Williams also produced "Shrek." Rob Letterman will direct. Barnaby Thompson of Fragile Films will produce. 

Charlie Chan 
Genre: Mystery 
Author: Earl Derr Biggers 
Buyer: Twentieth Century Fox 
Producer: Terence Chang, John Woo 
Logline: Modern-day version of the classic detective franchise that centers on the Chinese-American detective. 
Side Note Lucy Liu is in talks to star and Executive Produce. John Woo and Terence Chang's Lion Rock Productions will produce. Fox distributed the original "Chan" films, which were based on a series of novels by Earl Derr Biggers.

The Rape Of Nanking 
Genre: Historical drama 
Author: Iris Chang 
Buyer: Ruddy Morgan Organization 
Producer: Andre Morgan 
Logline: Set in the first three months after the Japanese occupation of China around the time of WW II. Story concentrates on a small group of Europeans and Americans who faced down the Japanese and staked out an international safety zone around the city. Book tells of the atrocities performed by the Japanese Imperial Army in Nanking in 1937, where, according to the author, roughly 300,000 civilians were massacred. 
Side Note To be adapted from Iris Chang's best-selling story. Andre Morgan will produce. To be shot on location in Nanking.

Toad Trip 
Genre: Family 
Writer: Paul Tomasay, Eric Johnson 
Buyer: DreamWorks 
Purchase Price: $750k / seven-figures 
Producer: John Williams 
Logline: Human turns into toad. Rumored to be along the lines of "Stuart Little".
Side Note: John H. Williams to produce. Film will combine live action and CGI effects.

One Of Us
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Gerald Di Pego 
Buyer: Paramount 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures / seven 
Producer: Alan Riche, Tony Ludwig 
Logline: Matthew Perry will star as a man who returns home to run the family business after his dad dies. A pair of aliens move to town with an eye toward taking one person for an experiment, and Perry falls in love with the female alien, who's cloaked in fetching human form. 
Side Note: Matthew Perry will also exec produce. 

Skip Day 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Phil Bowman 
Buyer: Paramount/MTV Films 
Producer: Neal Moritz, Brad Luff 
Logline: Set in Atlanta, two high school teenage boys are transferred from an inner-city school to an uptight suburban prep school where they decide to turn things upside down in their quest to initiate a skip day among the senior students.
Side Note: Paramount will team with MTV Films, Original Film and rapper Ludacris to develop this comedy which Ludacris pitched. The rap star will also star and exec produce. 

The Stepford Wives 
Genre: Comedy
Writer: Paul Rudnick 
Buyer: Paramount Pictures
Producer: Scott Rudin 
Logline: Wives in a small town seem too happy as they do laundry, cook, clean and anything else to please their husbands. That's because the husbands have replaced their wives with robots and our heroine's husband has plans to replace her as well. 
Side Note: Remake of 1975's " The Stepford Wives." Frank Oz to direct. The original script was adapted by William Goldman from the Ira Levin novel of the same name. Scott Rudin will produce.

Twilight Of The Gods 
Genre: Musical/Drama 
Writer: Teresa Kounin, Ron Terry 
Buyer: Esparza - Katz 
Producer: Ron Terry, Robert Katz 
Logline: Link between opera legend Richard Wagner's music and Adolph Hitler. Hitler would quote Wagner in his writings, in talking about exterminating the Jews and getting rid of the French. 
Side Note: Uli Edel will direct. Co-writer Ron Terry will produce and compose the soundtrack. 

Because Of Winn-Dixie 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Joan Singleton 
Author: Kate DiCamillo 
Buyer: Joan Singleton 
Producer: Joan Singleton 
Logline: A 10-year-old girl moves to a small Florida town with her preacher father. Lonely, the girl grows close to a big, ugly, suffering dog, Winn-Dixie, whom she names after the supermarket where she finds him. 
Side Note: Ralph Singleton will exec produce. Book was published in 2000 and won the Newbery Award for best children's book. Joan Singleton is the former owner of Lone Eagle Publishing. 

Genre: Sci-fi 
Writer: Jonathan Hales 
Buyer: Walt Disney Pics 
Producer: Beau Flynn, Tripp Vinson 
Logline: Set in the future on an alien planet, is described as an epic science fiction story in which two brothers battle each other for control of a kingdom. 
Side Note: Jonathan Hales is the co-writer of "Star Wars: Attack of the Clones". 

The Last First Kiss 
Genre: Romantic comedy 
Writer: Kevin Bisch 
Buyer: Overbrook Ent./Columbia Pics. 
Logline: Story is about a NY guy who secretly moonlights as a dating doctor for lovesick men. When it comes to his own love life, though, he comes up short. After he meets and falls for a New York tabloid journalist, his jaded romantic outlook is challenged, while his secret identity is threatened to be uncovered. 
Side Note: This was a preemptive purchase. Will Smith to star with his company, Overbrook Ent. to produce for Columbia. Sharon Maguire ("Bridget Jones's Diary") might direct. Jennifer Lopez may co-star. 

Genre: Horror/Action 
Writer: Peter Schink 
Buyer: Millennium Films 
Producer: Avi Lerner, Brad Jenkel, Jim Steele, David Lancaster 
Logline: A desolate truck stop serves as the last bastion of humanity after hell spills over onto Earth. 
Side Note: Gregory Dark will direct this $15 million budgeted film. Avi Lerner, Brad Jenkel, Jim Steele and David Lancaster will produce.

Murphy's Law 
Genre: Comedy 
Buyer: Catch 23 Productions 
Producer: Salma Hayek, Jeremy Barber, Robert Sturm 
Logline: Salma Hayek will play Murphy, who personifies the theory that if something can go wrong, it will, and at the worst possible moment. She falls in love with a successful magician, whose life she has destroyed just by doing her job. 
Side Note Salma Hayek to produce via her Ventanarosa Productions. Story is based on an idea by Hayek's brother, Sami. Robert Sturm and Jeremy Barber will also produce. Jose Tamez of Ventanarosa will co-produce. 

The Outfit 
Genre: Drama 
Author: Gus Russo 
Buyer: Romano Shane Prods. 
Producer: Tony Romano, Michel Shane 
Logline: Detailed history of the Chicago crime syndicate.
Side Note: To be adapted from Gus Russo's "The Outfit: The Role of Chicago's Underworld in the Shaping of Modern America." Anthony Romano and Michel Shane will produce.

Snow and the Seven 
Genre: Action/Adventure 
Writer: Josh Harmon, Scott , Elder 
Buyer: Walt Disney Pics. 
Producer: Andrew Gunn 
Logline: "Snow White"-inspired story in which a young aristocratic Englishwoman flees her home in Hong Kong after her stepmother threatens her life. The girl takes refuge at a Shaolin temple, where seven Shaolin monks keep her safe from the supernatural forces that seek her. 
Side Note: Gunn Films will produce for Disney. 

The War of the Worlds 
Genre: Sci-fi/Action 
Author: H.G. Wells 
Buyer: Paramount/ CW Prods. 
Producer: Tom Cruise, Paula Wagner 
Logline: Mars attacks earth. 
Additional Information: Based on the book by H.G. Wells which was published in 1888. No screenwriter is mentioned. The studio is hoping Tom Cruise will star. Production to begin 2003. 

Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Chris Kletzien 
Buyer: RKO Pics. 
Producer: Ted Hartley, Aaron Ray 
Logline: An art curator remembers surviving a train wreck that never happened, and he also finds himself becoming the victim of an artist. 
Side Note: Remake of the 1946 RKO Picture which starred Pat O'Brien and Claire Trevor. 

George P. Pelecanos Book Series 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Curtis Hanson 
Author: George Pelecanos 
Buyer: Duece Three 
Producer: Curtis Hanson, Carol Fenelon 
Logline: Stories revolve around the D.C.-based private detective Derek Strange, a 50ish African American whose cases usually involve the disenfranchised who reside in the beltway and are set upon by drug dealers and other criminal types. 
Side Note: Director Curtis Hanson and partner Carol Fenelon have optioned and will produce this series of four books by Pelecanos. Pelecanos has already written two books in the series for LittleBrown, "Right As Rain" and "Hell To Pay," and he'll do two more that are part of an option deal worked out between the author's WMA reps and Hanson's UTA reps. They'll develop the properties before taking them to a studio.

Memoirs Of A Caddy 
Genre: Drama
Writer: Michael Schiffer 
Author: David Noonan 
Buyer: 49th Parallel Productions
Producer: Jennifer Dewis, Lindsay Mark, David Feigenblum 
Logline: Story about two brothers who survive first love, forbidden love and shadows of war in the tumultuous summer of 1968. 
Side Note: Based on the novel of the same name by Newsweek senior editor David Noonan. Schiffer will also direct. David Faigenblum, Peter Karp, Jennifer Dewis and Lindsay Mark will produce.

Miami Vice 
Genre: Drama/Action 
Writer: Michael Mann 
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: Sandy Climan, Michael Mann 
Logline: Contemporary crime story set in Miami. Will be very different than the TV show. 
Side Note: Michael Man who exec produced the TV series will write the screenplay, produce and possibly direct. Anthony Yerkovich will Executive Produce.

Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Writer: Stephen Volk 
Buyer: Four Horseman Films 
Logline: A mother suspects that the people who have lured away her teenage daughter are not what they seem. 
Side Note: Madeleine Stowe and Mischa Barton to star in. Marcus Adams to direct. Alistair MacLean-Clark and Basil Stephens of Random Harvest will co-produce. Co produced by Delux Films.

Picasso At The Lapin Agile 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Steve Martin 
Buyer: Abandon Pics. 
Producer: Steven Eich, Paula Mazur, Joan Stein 
Logline: Set in a bar in 1904 Paris, twentysomethings Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein, both on the verge of greatness, argue about life, art, science and lust. Rupturing the space/time continuum, young Elvis joins them and the three experience the magic of forever altering the future. 
Side Note: Written by actor Steve Martin, who does not expect to star. Fred Shepisi will direct "Picasso" next spring. Play debuted in Chicago before moving to New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Abandon Pics. Is a division of Abandon Ent. which is NY-based. Ryan Phillippe, Kevin Kline, Steve Martin and Juliette Binoche will star. Project was set up originally on 11/03/2000. 

Genre: Fantasy/Drama
Writer: Fernley Phillips 
Buyer: Radar Pictures 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures / mid-six 
Producer: Brooklyn Weaver 
Logline: A woman in a near-fatal accident finds herself repeating the events of the previous 24 hours in a Kubrickesque mix of "Groundhog Day" and "The Others." 
Side Note: Remake of the Japanese film of the same name by director Hideyuki Hirayama. Deal includes the remake rights for the film which the pitch was based upon. Manager Brooklyn Weaver will produce through his Energy Ent. banner. Roy Lee at Dimension-based Vertigo Ent. brought the idea to Brooklyn Weaver who had his writer come up with the pitch. Lee and his Vertigo partner, Doug Davison will exec produce. 

Brandt / Haas Blind Script Deal 
Writer: Michael Brandt, Derek Haas 
Buyer: Universal 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures / high-six 
Logline: N/A 
Side Note: Universal liked their "Fast and the Furious 2" script so much, they gave them a blind script deal. 

The Three Pigs 
Genre: Children 
Author: David Wiesner 
Buyer: Disney Feature Animation 
Logline: Retelling of the classic story that features the Pigs who take their book apart to confuse and keep the wolf away, build a paper airplane and fly off on a fairy tale adventure of their own. On their journey, they meet up with the cat and the fiddle and a dragon, cutting across many different levels of culture. 
Side Note: To be adapted from Wiesner's best-selling kids' book.

Genre: Action 
Writer: Rich Wilkes 
Buyer: Revolution Studios 
Producer: Neal Moritz 
Logline: Sequel to "XXX" which will debut August 2. That story is about an extreme sports enthusiast who is hired by the government to bring down a high-powered group of Russian mob guys who want to wreak havoc on the world. 
Side Note: "XXX" Director Rob Cohen and screenwriter Rich Wilkes will return. Van Diesel will return in the lead. 

Genre: Biography 
Writer: Janus Cercone
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall 
Logline: Life story of legendary gypsy guitarist Django Rheinhardt whose music was popular during the 1930's. 
Side Note: Frank Marshall will direct in the spring of 2003. Kennedy/Marshall and the Manheim Co. will produce for Universal. 

Hammer Down 
Genre: Action 
Writer: Tag Mendillo, Ric Waugh 
Buyer: DreamWorks 
Producer: Barry Josephson, Michael Rotenberg 
Logline: A disgraced NASCAR driver becomes a wheel man in a heist in the belief it will get him back on the track. 
Side Note: : Marlowe will rewrite the Rick Waugh and Tag Mendillo script. Barry Josephson and Michael Rotenberg are producing.

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead 
Genre: Film Noir-Thriller
Writer: Trevor Preston 
Buyer: Paramount Classics 
Producer: Michael Kaplan 
Logline: Story is about a former gang boss who is drawn back into the game to avenge his brother's sordid and tragic death. 
Side Note: Mike Hodges to direct. Clive Owen, Charlotte Rampling, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Malcolm McDowell to star in. Production will begin in September. 

Paul Bunyon
Genre: Live Action/CGI
Writer: Michael Nickles, Julia Wall 
Buyer: Exodus Film Group 
Logline: Story about Paul Bunyon and his big blue ox Babe, set in contemporary times. 
Side Note: Exodus Film Group and its digital visual effects studio, ElectroAge, will produce. Tarquin Gotch will executive produce. Michael Nickles will direct. Pic is budgeted at $10 million.

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Writer: Gina Wendkos and Jerry Stahl
Buyer: De Line Pictures
Logline: "Tootsie"-esque story that involves mistaken identity. 
Side Note: Spec. Donald De Line will produce.

The Day After Tomorrow 
Genre: Disaster
Writer: Jeffrey Nachmanoff, Roland Emmerich
Buyer: Twentieth Century Fox
Log Line: Centers on the disastrous effects of global warming. 
Side Note: Roland Emmerich will direct the film, based on his own idea. Mark Gordon will produce. The script was part of a huge bidding war between the studios, with Fox winning out by guaranteeing an immediate pre-production start with the film ready to shoot this fall. Budget is set at around $100 million. Emmerich's payday will reach $10 million against 10% of gross.

Space Monkey 
Genre: Animation
Writer: Ash Brannon 
Buyer: DreamWorks Pictures 
Log Line: Set in the 50's, centers on a team of monkeys involved in the NASA space program. 
Side Note: Brannon may also direct.

The Day After Tomorrow 
Genre: Disaster 
Writer: Jeffrey Nachmanoff, Roland Emmerich 
Buyer: Twentieth Century Fox 
Log Line: Centers on the disastrous effects of global warming. 
Side Note: Roland Emmerich will direct the film, based on his own idea. Mark Gordon will produce. The script was part of a huge bidding war between the studios, with Fox winning out by guaranteeing an immediate pre-production start with the film ready to shoot this fall. Budget is set at around $100 million. Emmerich's payday will reach $10 million against 10% of gross.

Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Srdjan Dragojevic 
Buyer: Andrew Lauren Prods. 
Producer: Andrew Lauren, Judd Landon 
Logline: Three holocaust survivors work together to steal a 64-cubic-foot block of gold, made from the melted fillings of murdered Jews. 
Side Note: Srdjan Dragojevic ("Pretty Village, Pretty Flames") attached to direct from his own adaptation. Budget will be about $10 million.

Alex and Emma 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Jeremy Leven 
Buyer: Franchise Pictures 
Producer: Rob Reiner, Alan Greisman, Todd Black 
Logline: A novelist with writers block takes out a loan from his publisher. If he doesn't pay in time, he owes the publisher everything he writes for the rest of his life. The writer is assisted by a stenographer-muse. 
Side Note: Luke Wilson has signed to star with Kate Hudson. Rob Reiner to direct. Based on Dostoevsky's short story "The Gambler."

Genre: Drama
Writer: Craig Pearce 
Buyer: Universal Pictures 
Log Line: A gorgeous Gypsy tempts a soldier. 
Side Note: Update of Prosper Merimee's classic 19th century short story. Jennifer Lopez will star and produce. The script has been in development at Absolute Entertainment. Julio Caro and Handprint Entertainment's Benny Medina will also produce. Absolute's Marcus Morton and Handprint partner David Guillod will Executive Produce.

Mini's First Time 
Genre: Dark Comedy 
Writer: Nick Guthe 
Buyer: RKO Pictures 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures 
Producer: Ted Hartley, Nick Guthe 
Logline: A promiscuous Beverly Hills girl falls in love with her stepfather and plots with him to kill her alcoholic mother. 
Side Note: Directing debut for screenwriter Nick Guthe. Project is on the fast track. Roger Kumble and Lawrence Mattis will executive produce.

Genre: Horror/Action 
Writer: Todd Jason, James DeMonaco, James Roday 
Buyer: Gold Circle Films 
Producer: Levine, Jeff Brooks, Paul Roday, James DeMonaco, James Jason, Todd 
Date Logged: 05-03-2002 
Logline: Tale of two sects of battling werewolves; one embraces their nature, while the other fights the beast within. 
Additional Information: To be directed by Jim Isaac. Screenwriting trio will also produce. Pic will get underway in July. Adam Beach and Wes Studi set to star.

Trial By Jury 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Ron Nyswaner 
Author: D. Graham Burnett 
Buyer: Intermedia/Pacifica 
Producer: Sam Raimi 
Logline: Author's experience as a jury foreman in a gruesome New York murder case. 
Side Note: Writer will adapt from author-historian D. Graham Burnett's nonfiction book, of the same name, based on his experiences. Sam Raimi is attached to direct and produce.

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead 
Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Trevor Preston 
Buyer: Paramount Classics 
Log Line: A former gang boss is drawn back into the game to avenge his brother's tragic death.
Side Note: Mike Hodges will direct. Clive Owen to star in. Production begins in September. The film is slated for a late 2003 release. Mike Kaplan will produce the film. Revere Pictures' Michael Corrente and Roger Marino executive produce.

Diesel Debutantes 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Gregg Rosen, Brian Sawyer 
Buyer: New Line Cinema 
Logline: A twentysomething debutante inherits a losing race car team only to become the lead driver and bring luck to her team. 
Side Note: Spec to be produced by Urban Entertainment.

Genre: Supernatural thriller 
Writer: Alexander Torres 
Buyer: Myriad Pictures 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures / mid-six 
Logline: Being kept under wraps, but described as being along the line of "Flatliners."
Side Note: Spec. Myriad Pictures to produce.

Truth Or Die 
Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Craig Borten, Melissa Wallack 
Author: David Ackerman, Guy Toubes 
Buyer: Firm Films 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures 
Producer: Flynn, Beau 
Logline: Set in the 60's, newly graduated medical researcher goes to to work for the government thinking he's been hired to find cures for terminal diseases. Unfortunately he's there to design biological weapons. 
Side Note: To be adapted from the novel by Guy Toubes and David Ackerman. Tripp Vinson will executive produce. Beau Flynn will produce the film for the Firm.

Brown-Eyed Girl 
Genre: Action 
Writer: Gary Williams 
Buyer: MGM 
Producer: Julio Caro, Marcus Morton 
Logline: A bitter woman poses as a prostitute to avenge the mob-backed deaths of her drug dealer brother and her undercover cop boyfriend. 
Side Note: Halle Berry will star in the remake of remake of "Foxy Brown" which starred Pam Grier. This project has been around for several years at Trilogy Ent. Group. Absolute Ent. will produce for MGM. Berry and her producing partner, Vincent Cirrincione, will be executive producers. 

Compleat Female Stage Beauty 
Genre: Drama/Comedy 
Writer: Jeffrey Hatcher 
Buyer: Artisan Ent./Tribeca Prods. 
Logline: Set in England during the 1600's, a great leading stage actor, who is playing women's roles, finds himself downsized when the king declares it illegal for men to act in women's parts. 
Side Note: Play was written by Jeffrey Hatcher, who will also write the screenplay. Richard Eyre will direct. 

It Feels Like The First Time 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Steven Altier, Daniel Altier 
Buyer: Spyglass Ent. 
Producer: Gary Barber, Roger Birnbaum 
Logline: Relationship-phobic woman returns to her high school past to prevent her younger self from losing her virginity to the guy who dumped her on prom night. 
Side Note: Maverick Films will produce for Spyglass. Jonathan Glickman will exec produce. 

Steal A Pencil 
Genre: True Story 
Writer: Michele Ohayan 
Buyer: Starz Pictures 
Producer: Hawk Koch Jr. 
Logline: Story of Jack and Ina Polak, two lovers whose courtship took place while they were separated in a concentration camp. Their encounters consisted of rare sightings and mostly through letters that were written on scraps of paper and smuggled back and forth by others in two different camps. 
Side Note: Based on real life incidents. Starz Pictures has given this project a greenlight. Michele Ohayan will direct. 

They Cage The Animals At Night 
Genre: True Story 
Writer: Bryan Michael Stoller 
Author: Jennings Michael Burch 
Buyer: Icon Prods. 
Logline: A child is left alone at an orphanage and is bounced around from one foster home to another. Side Note: Pop star Michael Jackson will co-direct with Bryan Michael Stoller. Icon purchased the book from its discretionary fund. 

Colors Straight Up 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Bob Dolman 
Buyer: MGM 
Producer: Morgan Freeman, Hawk Koch, Lori McCreary 
Logline: South Central kids who give up gangbanging to join a performing arts program. 
Side Note: Based on a documentary of the same name. Project was put into turnaround at MGM but after Morgan Freeman showed interest, it was revived. 

The Double Man 
Genre: Action/Adventure 
Writer: Alan McElroy 
Buyer: MGM and Cheyenne Enterprises 
Logline: Superhero action adventure. 
Side Note: This is part of a new deal MGM signed with Bruce Willis' Cheyenne Ent. and Stan Lee's new company, POW! Ent. Antoine Fuqua ("Training Day") will direct. 

The Femizons 
Genre: Action/Adventure 
Writer: Chuck Konzelman, Cary Solomon 
Buyer: MGM/Cheyenne Ent. 
Producer: Arnold Rifkin, Bruce Willis, Stan Lee 
Logline: In the future, a group of women with superpowers work to create a society ruled and completely controlled by women. 
Side Note: Based on the Marvel comics and characters. This is part of a new deal MGM signed with Bruce Willis' Cheyenne Ent. and Stan Lee's new company, POW! Ent. 

The Ladykillers 
Genre: Dark Comedy 
Writer: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen 
Buyer: Touchstone 
Producer: Tom Jacobson, Barry Sonnenfeld 
Logline: Story takes place in the South and is about an eccentric matron who unwittingly rents out rooms in her house to a gang of professional thieves. They plan to use the innocent address as a hideout while they plot a big-ticket heist. But they ultimately discover they're no match for the shrewd woman. 
Side Note: Based loosely on the 1955 film which starred Alec Guiness and Peter Sellers. The Coen brothers are negotiating to direct this remake. Tom Jacobson and Barry Sonnenfeld to produce. 

Genre: Action/Adventure 
Buyer: MGM/Cheyenne Ent.
Producer: Arnold Rifkin, Bruce Willis, Stan Lee 
Logline: Superhero action adventure. 
Side Note: This is part of a new deal MGM signed with Bruce Willis' Cheyenne Ent. and Stan Lee's new company, POW! Ent. No screenwriter attached yet.

The Price 
Genre: Supernatural thriller 
Writer: Kimball Greenough, Alex Sokoloff 
Buyer: Sony-Columbia Pics. 
Producer: Laura Ziskin 
Logline: Story line kept under wraps. Story is to be set in a hospital. 

Genre: Thriller 
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: Laura Bickford, Robert DeNiro, Jane Rosenthal 
Logline: Young grifter takes part in the kidnapping of a businessman's wife. Things go awry after the wife dies while the grifter is out making his ransom demands. 
Side Note: Remake of the 1999 Hideo Nakata-directed Japanese film "Kaosu." Tribeca and Laura Bickford Productions to produce. No writer or director is attached as yet. Robert De Niro will produce, and possible play a supporting role. Vertigo Entertainment's Roy Lee and Doug Davison will Executive Produce. Benicio Del Toro might star with Robert DeNiro playing the supporting role of the wealthy businessman. 
Universal has closed deals with "Sexy Beast" director Jonathan Glazer and screenwriter Andrew Bovell.

Criminal Procedure 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Steve Faber, Bob Fisher 
Buyer: Dreamworks/Montecito Picture Company 
Producer: Jon Fitzgerald 
Logline: Story about a hip criminal. Plot is under wraps. 
Side Note: Tom Pollock and Ivan Reitman (Montecito owners) will exec produce. David Frigerio script is being rewritten by Steve Faber and Bob Fisher. Deal was originally set up on 08/09/01. 

Faber & Fisher Untitled Project 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Steve Faber, Bob Fisher 
Buyer: Montecito Picture Company 
Logline: Assignment based on writing duo's idea which is being kept under wraps. 
Side Note: Jacqueline Josephson, Montecito's head of development is overseeing the project. 

Herobear and the Kid 
Genre: Animation 
Writer: Mike Kunkel, Jeph Loeb 
Author: Mike Kunkel 
Buyer: Universal 
Logline: Little boy inherits a stuffed Polar Teddy Bear from his late grandfather. The bear comes to life, becomes a superhero and goes on adventures with the boy. 
Side Note: Based on the Astonish comic book which was created by Mike Kunkel, who will also direct. To be produced by Chuck Gordon's Daybreak Prods. and Adrian Askarieh's Prime Universe Prods. Co-writer Loeb will exec produce. 

A Horse's Tale 
Genre: Animation 
Writer: Brent Goldberg, David Wagner 
Buyer: Miramax 
Producer: Peter Abrams, Robert Levy, Andrew Panay 
Logline: Story told from a circus horse's point of view. 
Side Note: Peter Abrams, Robert Levy and Andrew Panay of Tapestry Films will produce for Miramax. 

Trails of the Warlock 
Genre: Comedy/Drama 
Writer: Christopher Dean Johnston 
Buyer: Tricoast Ent./Leadville Pictures 
Producer: Jeff Fahey 
Logline: Story focuses on an incompetent man who attempts to earn his legacy as a serial killer. 
Side Note: Actor Jeff Fahey, who optioned the script might take a role. Fahey's Leadville Pics. will produce for TriCoast Ent. 

TV: A Novel 
Genre: Drama/Comedy 
Author: Brian Brown 
Buyer: Solaris 
Producer: Gregory O'Connor, Gavin O'Connor, 
Logline: Centers on the beginning of television through the life of Caesar Fortunato, a directorial maven in television sports and inventor of the instant replay. But his degenerate lifestyle finally catches up with him when his network is bought out by a media conglom and his new boss refuses to tolerate his antics. 
Side Note: Author is a former NY Times sports writer. No screenwriter is mentioned. 

Untitled Bernstein Project 
Genre: Musical 
Writer: Daniel Bernstein 
Buyer: Twentieth Century Fox/Regency Ent. 
Purchase Price: Mid six-figures/high-six 
Producer: Jonathan Treisman 
Logline: Pitch is a "West Side Story" tale set in the canine world of purebreds vs. mongrels. 
Side Note: Pitch was based on a treatment "When Bogey Met Garbo" by Joseph Lawson. Bernstein will write the lyrics for this dog musical.