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Genre: Drama
Writer: Mark Leyner 
Buyer: Universal/Imagine 
Logline: Set in Scranton PA in 1970, a discouraged young singer and his pal, an alcoholic pianist, who decide to break the record for marathon piano playing, but the ensuing ordeal winds up being more than the singer bargained for.
Side Note: Rewrite deal for scribe. David Simon and Gene Weingarten wrote the original draft, titled "Piano Man." Ron Howard is attached to direct. 

Bringing Down the House
Genre: Drama
Author: Ben Mezrich 
Buyer: MGM 
Producer: Dana Brunetti, Bernie Morris 
Logline: A group of students train to become experts in card counting and subsequently take Vegas casinos for millions in winnings. 
Side Note: Kevin Spacey's Trigger Street Productions will produce this adaptation of Ben Mezrich book "Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six M.I.T. Students Who Took Vegas for Millions". Spacey will play a supporting role. Trigger Street's Dana Brunetti and Bernie Morris will also produce. No writer is attached as yet.

Cindy Ellen: A Wild Western Cinderella 
Genre: Musical
Writer: Ross Vinokur 
Author: Susan Lowell 
Buyer: Walt Disney Pics.
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures
Producer: Andrew Gunn, Anne Marie Sanderlin 
Logline: A young tomboy wants to be a rodeo star.
Side Note: To be adapted from Susan Lowell's book, "Cindy Ellen: A Wild Western Cinderella". Gunn Films will produce for Disney. 

Scary Movie 3: Episode 1--Lord of the Brooms 
Genre: Comedy
Writer: Pat Proft, Brian Lynch, Craig Mazin 
Buyer: Dimension Films 
Logline: Third installment of scary-movie spoof.
Side Note: Production to begin in February. Anna Faris will reprise her role as Cindy Campbell. Pat Proft will write the screenplay along with Brian Lynch and Craig Mazin. David Zucker will direct. The studio hopes to beat out the Wayans Brothers similar project at Revolution. 

Untitled Meyers Project 
Genre: Comedy
Writer: Nancy Meyers 
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Logline: An older man seems to be living the good life with a successful career and a beautiful girlfriend young enough to be his daughter. His life is turned around, however, after he falls for his girlfriend's mother.
Side Note: Diane Keaton joins Jack Nicholson in this film to be directed by Nancy Meyers.

Baltic Storm 
Genre: True Story
Writer: Reuben Leder 
Author: Jutta Rabe 
Buyer: IAC Group 
Producer: Jutta Rabe, Kaj Holmberg 
Logline: True story about a German journalist who uncovers a possible military conspiracy behind the 1994 sinking of the Estonia, in which nearly 900 people drowned. 
Side Note: Donald Sutherland will join Greta Scacchi and Jurgen Prochnow. Reuben Leder is directing. His sister, Mimi Leder will exec produce.

Genre: True Story
Writer: Chuck Leavitt, James Vanderbilt 
Author: Joseph Albright, Marcia Kunstel 
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: Leonardo DiCaprio, Lasse Hallstrom, Leslie Holleran, Julia Chasman, Mary Salter 
Logline: Story is about Ted Hall, a nuclear scientist working for the U.S. government in the 1940s who later turned around and revealed confidential information to Soviet intelligence out of concern for the safety of the world.
Side Note: To star and be developed by Leonardo DiCaprio's company Appian Way. Lasse Halstrom will also develop the project and direct it through his LaHa Films banner with his producing partner Leslie Holleran. Nick Wechsler and George DiCaprio will exec produce. It is based on the novel "Bombshell: The Secret Story of America's Unknown Atomic Spy Conspiracies," by Joseph Albright and Marcia Kunstel. Screenplay's first draft was written by Chuck Leavitt and the rewrite by James Vanderbilt.

A Killer Routine 
Genre: Drama
Writer: Mark Mallouk 
Author: John Keats Rosenthal 
Buyer: Raw Progressive 
Producer: Joseph Nittolo, Brian Oliver 
Logline: Set in south Florida, a team of FBI agents uncover a kidnapping ring while investigating the murder of a male skater.
Side Note: Project was previously set up at Miramax. Mark Mallouk has come aboard to adapt the novel. Jennifer Danna and RAW'sJoseph Nittolo & Brian Oliver will produce. 

Love Hater 
Genre: Drama
Writer: Charles Raiteri, Janice Raiteri 
Buyer: One 21 Productions 
Producer: Kat Hantas, Chesley Seals 
Logline: Story is about an upper-middle-class prodigy and lower-class free spirit, whose families don't want them to be together, are forced to go on the run after an accidental shooting by the free spirit's brother.
Side Note: Rapper Dre, one-half of the multiplatinum-selling recording group OutKast, has signed on to star. Morgan Freeman will direct.

Rainbow Six 
Genre: Action/Thriller
Writer: Frank Cappello, Art Monterastelli 
Author: Tom Clancy 
Buyer: Paramount Classics 
Logline: Story focuses on John Clark, the mercenary who showed up in the Harrison Ford-starrer "Clear and Present Danger" in the form of Willem Dafoe. Clark, (a.k.a. Rainbow Six) who has left the CIA to create an England-based organization code-named "Rainbow." Its mission: deploy an elite squad of American operatives combined with handpicked British, French, and German agents to stop terrorism in its tracks. 
Side Note: Tom Clancy wrote the book. Ben Affleck will play the character of Jack Ryan. Frank Cappelo has come aboard to rewrite. 

21 Jump Street 
Genre: Drama/Action
Writer: Stephen J. Cannell, Patrick Hasburgh 
Buyer: Paramount 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures/seven-figures
Producer: Stephen J. Cannell, Douglas Rosen 
Logline: A group of young police officers are assigned the nightmarish undercover duty of returning to high school to crack crimes and bust drug dealers infiltrating the hallways.
Side Note: Treatment based on the Fox TV series that starred Johnny Depp. Stephen J. Cannell and Douglas Rosen will produce.

The Invisible 
Genre: Supernatural thriller
Writer: Mick Davis 
Buyer: Spyglass Ent. 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures
Producer: Neal Edelstein, Mike Macari 
Logline: Story is about two young teenagers who are invisible to others, in terms of who they really are: one, due to his own untimely death, which makes him literally invisible, and the other who is metaphorically invisible due to the neglect she has experienced since the death of her own mother.
Side Note: Remake of the Swedish film. Neal Edelstein and Mike Macari will produce. No director is attached as yet.

The Manchurian Candidate 
Genre: Political thriller
Writer: Dan Pyne 
Buyer: Paramount Classics 
Producer: Scott Rudin, Nancy Sinatra 
Logline: Returning Korean War soldiers come back brainwashed. One of them comes back having bad nightmares while the other is intent on killing a presidential candidate. The guy having nightmares must stop the would-be assassin.
Side Note: Tina Sinatra will produce with Scott Rudin. Jonathan Demme will direct Denzel Washington in the role that was played by Frank Sinatra.

Past Tense 
Genre: Action/Drama
Writer: Paul da Silva 
Buyer: Emmett/Furler Productions
Producer: Randall Emmett, George Furla 
Logline: Cops from San Francisco and Hong Kong who team up to stop a Chinese gang leader.
Side Note: Chris Bender and J.C. Spink will exec produce. Dal Walton will co-produce.

Genre: Thriller
Writer: David Seltzer 
Author: Patricia Highsmith 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Producer: Arnold Kopelson, Anne Kopelson 
Logline: Bad guy murders the wife of good guy and forces good guy to perform a murder as well.
Side Note: Re-conceptualization of the Patricia Highsmith novel that was made by Hitchcock as "Strangers On A Train." Antoine Fuqua ("Training Day") is negotiating to direct.

Genre: Comedy
Writer: Charlie Haas 
Buyer: Miramax/Radar Pictures 
Logline: A 28-year-old man lives alone with his parents and is rapidly overstaying his welcome.
Side Note: Jimmy Fallon will star in this remake of a French film.

Untitled Frankie Muniz Bachelor-Party Pitch
Genre: Comedy
Writer: Adam Epstein, Andrew Jacobson 
Buyer: MGM 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures/mid-six
Producer: Michael Rottenberg, Jeff Golenberg 
Logline: An inexperienced younger brother must plan his brother's bachelor party when the best man drops out of the wedding.
Side Note: To star Frankie Muniz. His managers at 3 Arts Ent. are producing the project.

Genre: Political thriller
Writer: George Zaloom 
Buyer: Emmett/Furler Films 
Producer: Randall Emmett, George Furla 
Side Note: Mikael Salomon in talks to direct. George Furla and Randy Emmett will produce. 

Camp David 
Genre: Political thriller
Writer: Peter Mackenzie 
Buyer: MGM 
Producer: Eric Gold, Jimmy Miller 
Logline: U.S. president is taken hostage and put on "trial" for signing an anti-terrorist bill that allegedly violates American civil liberties.
Side Note: Mosaic Media Group's Eric Gold and Jimmy Miller will produce. 

Taking Lives 
Genre: Thriller
Writer: Hillary Seitz 
Author: Pyle, Michael 
Buyer: The Canton Co./Warner Bros. 
Producer: Mark Canton, Bernie Goldmann 
Logline: A serial killer adopts the identities of his victims, including an art thief hunted by the authorities.
Side Note: This was originally set up on 10/1/97. D.J. Caruso has come aboard to direct. Angelina Jolie and Ethan Hawke will star. Jon Bokenkamp wrote the original adaptation, with Hillary Seitz writing the latest draft.

Ted 'Double Duty' Radcliffe
Genre: Sports Drama
Author: Kyle McNary 
Buyer: Benderspink/9th Floor Media 
Producer: Chris Bender, J.C. Spink, Bill Papariella 
Logline: Story of the 1935 Bismarck Churchills, one of the first and perhaps least-known interracial baseball teams.
Side Note: To be adapted from McNary's book, "Ted 'Double Duty' Radcliffe: 36 Years of Pitching & Catching in Baseball's Negro Leagues." Benderspink and 9th Floor will produce via their newly created partnership, Brand X Entertainment. J.C. Spink and Chris Bender will produce with 9th Floor topper Bill Papariella. No screenwriter is attached yet. 

Genre: Family
Author: Georges Remi 
Buyer: Universal/DreamWorks SKG 
Producer: Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy 
Logline: A brave young reporter and his dog Snowy inevitably finds themselves at the center of global adventures. 
Side Note: Adaptation of the comic strip created by late cartoonist Georges Remi. Kathleen Kennedy and Steven Spielberg will produce.

Genre: Comedy
Writer: Joel Cohen, Alec Sokolow 
Buyer: Twentieth Century Fox 2000 
Producer: John Davis 
Logline: Live-action/CGI version of the infamous kitty along with his dull-witted canine cohort Odie and their perpetually single owner Jon Arbuckle.
Side Note: To be adapted from the Universal Press syndicated comic strip. Peter Hewitt will direct. Davis Entertainment Company to produce. Brian Manis and Wyck Godfrey will executive produce. The film will be live-action and CGI.

The Good Shepard 
Genre: Drama
Writer: Eric Roth 
Buyer: Universal/Tribeca 
Producer: Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal 
Logline: History of the C.I.A. as seen through the eyes of James Wilson (DiCaprio) an idealistic Yale graduate recruited to become one of the founding officers of the CIA. Wilson is said to be modeled in part on former CIA counterintelligence chief James Jesus Angleton.
Side Note: Leonardo DiCaprio will star. Robert DeNiro will direct and produce. Eric Roth wrote the script. Francis Copolla will exec produce. Tribeca has a first-look deal at Universal.

Hide and Seek 
Genre: Psychological thriller
Writer: Ari Schlossberg
Buyer: Fox 2000 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures
Logline: A father discovers his nine-year-old daughter has come up with an unexpected and terrifying way of dealing with her mother's death.
Side Note: Spec script. Barry Josephson to produce via his Josephson Entertainment banner. 

Genre: Action
Writer: Scott Burns, Stephen Greg 
Buyer: MGM/Splendid Pics. 
Producer: David Glasser, Andreas Klein, Dylan Sellers, Lorenzo di Bonaventura 
Logline: Story is about drug running speedboats.
Side Note: Di Bonaventura Pictures, Dylan Sellers Prods. and Splendid will produce. Exec producers are Vincent Newman, Tucker Tooley and Bob Yari. Newman/Tooley brought the spec to Splendid under their first-look with the company.

Starring Vic 
Genre: Comedy
Writer: Fred Lebow, Dan Sullivan 
Buyer: New Line 
Producer: Arthur Sarkissian, James Crabbe 
Logline: Out-of-work actor helps a young guy capture the girl of his dreams.
Side Note: Spec script. Arthur Sarkissian and James Crabbe to produce. 

Wayans FBI Project 
Genre: Comedy
Writer: Shawn Wayans, Keenan Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Rick Alvarez
Buyer: Revolution Studios 
Purchase Price: $2mil./$15 mil.
Producer: Shawn Wayans, Keenan Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Rick Alvarez 
Logline: Two FBI agents who go undercover in drag to crack a crime in the Hamptons.
Side Note: Pitch by Keenen, Marlon and Shawn Wayans. Keenen will direct. Shawn and Marlon will star in. The Wayans and Rick Alvarez will produce. 

Wayans Sci-fi Spoof Project 
Genre: Comedy
Writer: Shawn Wayans, Keenan Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Rick Alvarez
Buyer: Revolution Studios 
Purchase Price: $2 mil./$15 mil.
Producer: Shawn Wayans, Keenan Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Rick Alvarez 
Logline: Spoof of science fiction films such as "Signs" and "Independence Day.
Side Note: Pitch by Keenen, Marlon and Shawn Wayans. Keenen will direct. Shawn and Marlon will star in. The Wayans and Rick Alvarez will produce. 

Untitled Antoine Fuqua Project 
Genre: Drama
Writer: Kurt Sutter 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Producer: Lorenzo di Bonaventura 
Logline: A police drama similar in style to "Training Day" which Fuqua directed.
Side Note: Assignment for Antoine Fuqua to direct. DiBonaventura Pics will produce. 

Good Night 
Genre: Family
Writer: Jason Segel 
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Producer: Lorenzo di Bonaventura 
Logline: Story deals with the empowerment of children.
Side Note: Not a spec sale but an announcement of this project that producer diBonaventura has set up at Columbia for his company, DiBonaventura Pictures to produce.

Iron Man 
Genre: Biography/Drama
Writer: Neil Tolkin 
Buyer: Universal 
Logline: Biography of Olympian athlete and track star Lou Zamperini, who earned his nickname by withstanding the cruel torture of a Japanese POW guard during two years of internment during WWII.
Side Note: Rewrite of Robert Schenkkan's draft. Brillstein-Grey and Nicolas Cage's Saturn Films will produce. Cage set to star in.

The Last Measure 
Genre: Drama
Writer: Todd Robinson 
Buyer: New Line 
Producer: Sidney Sherman 
Logline: A young Pentagon staff member learns the true meaning of heroism when fighting for a medal of honor for a brave Air Force officer who was killed in Vietnam.
Side Note: Spec from Todd Robinson who wrote "White Squall." Cale Boyter and Matt Moore will oversee its development for New Line. 

Tulip Fever 
Genre: Romantic thriller
Writer: Tom Stoppard 
Author: Deborah Moggach 
Buyer: DreamWorks/Miramax 
Producer: Allison Owen 
Logline: Set in Amsterdam during the 17th century, a beautiful young woman marries a wealthy elderly merchant to escape poverty. When she falls madly in love with a poor artist hired to paint their portrait, the lovers succumb to another kind of madness: To get the money that will allow them to escape together, they invest what little they have on the high-risk tulip market.
Side Note: An adaptation of the novel by Deborah Moggach published in 2000. John Madden will direct. Alison Owen will produce. 

Without Apparent Motive 
Genre: Thriller
Writer: Eric Blakeney
Buyer: Splendid Pics./YSA Prods. 
Producer: Bob Yari, Faye Schwab, Mary Apick, Amedeo Ursini 
Logline: Los Angeles County sheriff's detective who, while investigating the murders of three high-profile businessmen, discovers that a high-society femme fatale could be a serial killer.
Side Note: Billie August will direct. Jullianne Moore will star with Richard Gere pending final negotiations. 

Afghanistan Untitled Project 
Genre: Drama
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Producer: Mace Neufeld 
Logline: A U.S. takeover of an Afghanistan city is accomplished through a cavalry battle. Shortly after Sept. 11, the U.S. sends several twelve man Special Forces Alpha Teams to liaise with the Northern Alliance forces in preparation for their attack on the Taliban. 
Side Note: Story was brought to producer Neufeld by actor James Cromwell. He wrote a treatment with Gershon Weltman who works in the defense industry. Both will exec produce. No screenwriter attached yet.

Career Day 
Genre: Comedy/Family
Writer: Alex Dubin 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures
Producer: Lorenzo di Bonaventura 
Logline: A janitor tries to impress his son on career day at school by telling the class that his day job is only a cover for his real job as international spy. The seemingly harmless deception is convincing; his son buys it, and an evil cartel attempts to force him to join their ranks.
Side Note: Di Bonaventura Pictures to produce. 

Genre: Thriller
Writer: Reed Steiner, Damon Lindelof 
Buyer: MGM/Hyde Park Ent. 
Producer: Ashok Amritraj, Jon Jashni, John Woo, Terence Chang 
Logline: A defrocked law enforcement officer must team with the hit man who ruined his career to save the life of a kidnap victim.
Side Note: Hyde Park will team up with John Woo and Terence Chang's Lion Rock Prods. to develop and produce the project. Reed Steiner manager Jon Klane will serve as executive producer.

Game Of Life 
Genre: Drama
Writer: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Purchase Price: Six-figures
Producer: Jon Shestack 
Side Note: Spec script. 

The Gumshoe Chronicles 
Genre: Family
Writer: Dean DeBlois 
Buyer: Walt Disney Pics. 
Producer: Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders 
Logline: Story is about a Loch Ness-like monster in Key West, and a circle of kids that uses more Boy Scout technology than high-tech gadgets in order to trap it.
Side Note: Overall writing deal fin which Sanders and Debois will write, direct and produce animated and live-action films under their newly formed Stormcoast Pictures banner. They will receive multiple seven-figures on all films that get made.

The Miracle of EDSA 
Genre: Drama
Writer: Craig Corman 
Author: William Newton Edwards 
Buyer: Roger Corman 
Logline: The story is about an American nurse who goes to the Philippines in search of her son, only to get caught in the middle of a guerilla uprising.
Side Note: To be adapted from this book by William Newton Edwards.

Repo Girls 
Genre: Action/Comedy
Author: LaVerne Harvey 
Buyer: Lary Simpson Prods. 
Producer: Lary Simpson 
Logline: Two down-on-their-luck young women quit their mundane jobs in a kitty-litter factory in favor of an inspired life of repossessing cars from crazy swamp rats in central Florida.
Side Note: Option to the unpublished novel by Harvey. Project is currently out to writers. Amy Dean will exec produce.

Silent Night 
Genre: True Story
Writer: Jon Robin Baitz 
Author: Stanley Weintraub 
Buyer: Universal
Producer: Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz 
Logline: Story is about a temporary truce during WWI in the trenches in France when opposing sides played soccer and sang Christmas carols. Enraged officers heard about the truce and demanded the soldiers resume battle.
Side Note: To be adapted from historian Stanley Weintraub's novel. Chris and Paul Weitz will produce.

Circle William 
Genre: Drama/Military
Writer: Peter Illif 
Author: Bill Harlow 
Buyer: Paramount 
Producer: Lori McCreary, Morgan Freeman 
Logline: Story is about is about two brothers who attempt to thwart a chemical weapons attack by Libyan terrorists. 
Side Note: An adaptation of the military novel by Bill Harlow. Harlow is a retired Navy captain who was an assistant White House press secretary for George Bush and is current CIA spokesman. Morgan Freeman will star. No director is attached as yet.

Genre: Drama
Writer: Rebecca Miller 
Buyer: Miramax 
Producer: Jeff Sharp, John Hart 
Logline: A young woman inherits her father's ability for solving difficult mathematical theories, but fears she has inherited his madness as well.
Side Note: Rewrite deal. Adaptation of the Pulitzer and Tony winning play by David Auburn. John Madden will direct. Gwyenth Paltrow will possibly star in.

The Recipe 
Genre: Comedy
Writer: Ruth Graham Black 
Buyer: Fine Line Features 
Producer: Ruth Graham Black, Janette Day 
Logline: An aspiring chef inherits her grandmother's "infamous aphrodisiac recipe" and travels to Italy to track down the origins of the concoction.
Side Note: Spec script. Graham-Black and Janette Day to produce. 


Genre: Drama
Buyer: DreamWorks/Stone Village 
Producer: Walter Parkes, Scott Steindorff 
Logline: Man with stomach cancer leaves his thirty-year job to discover the meaning of life. 
Side Note: Remake of the 1952 Akira Kurosawa-directed drama. DreamWorks' Walter Parkes will produce with Stone Village's Scott Steindorff. 

Genre: Sci-fi/Action
Writer: Dean Georgaris 
Buyer: Paramount 
Producer: John Davis, Michael Hackett, David Solomon 
Logline: A guy who can't remember what he's done for the past two years must seek clues to his whereabouts using common objects such as a ticket stub and bus token to uncover a government secret.
Side Note: Ben Affleck is negotiating to star. John Woo will direct. Based on a Phillip K. Dick short story first published in 1953. 

Alpha Male 
Genre: Comedy/Fantasy
Writer: John J. Strauss, Ed Decter
Buyer: Walt Disney Pics. 
Producer: Jordan Kerner, John J. Strauss 
Logline: A grizzly bear from the nearby woods becomes something of a pet to a few locals.
Side Note: Part of a first-look producing deal that writers John Strauss and Ed Decter have signed with Disney. Ed Decter will direct. Script will be written next January.

Genre: Horror
Writer: Tom Abrams, Dennis Bartok 
Buyer: UA 
Producer: Sandy Stern, Michael Stipe 
Logline: A series of serial killings take place, in which each of the victims is murdered in the exact same way, but with each murder the investigator catches a different killer who has no connection to the other slayings. 
Side Note: Remake of the 1997 Japanese horror film. Michael Stipe and Sandy Stern's Single Cell Productions to produce. Christine Iso and Doug Davison of Vertigo Entertainment will executive produce.

Untitled Roth Pitch 
Genre: Drama
Writer: Eric Roth 
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman 
Logline: A man tries to come to terms with the universe.
Side Note: Eric Roth will write the screenplay. Tom Hanks will star and produce with Gary Goetzman through their Playtone Prods.

A Home At The End Of The World 
Genre: Drama
Writer: Michael Cunningham 
Author: Michael Cunningham 
Buyer: Cinetic 
Producer: Tom Hulce, Christine Vachon, Pam Koffler 
Logline: Two boyhood friends reunite after college and form an unusual relationship with an older woman.
Side Note: Based on the first novel by Cunningham. Colin Farrell will star. Michael Mayer to direct. Tom Hulce and Killer Films partners Christine Vachon and Pam Koffler will produce. Financing for the under-$10 million film is being arranged by attorney John Sloss' Cinetic shingle. 

Richard Petty NASCAR Project 
Genre: True Story
Writer: John Warren 
Buyer: Walt Disney Pics. 
Producer: Dan Halsted 
Logline: Story of Richard Petty, NASCAR'S winningest driver and his tumultuous relationship with his father Lee, an up and coming race car driver until he was injured.
Side Note: Dennis Quaid and Dan Halsted will produce. Quaid will also star in. 

Cinderella Man 
Genre: Drama
Writer: Akiva Goldsman 
Buyer: Miramax/Universal 
Logline: Depression era boxing film about Jim Braddock. He becomes a hero to the common folk as he battles his way to the top.
Side Note: Russell Crowe play play the lead. It was originally announced on August 3, 2000, that Ben Affleck had signed on to play the lead. It was written by Cliff Hollingsworth. Akiva Goldsman has come aboard to rewrite.

Genre: Drama
Writer: Scott Frank 
Buyer: Universal 
Logline: A gay cop in the early 1960s who investigates the death of his lover in Cleveland.
Side Note: Rewrite of an Alan Ball script by Scott Frank. Tom Hanks is scheduled to play the cop; Ron Howard might direct.

The Fall 
Genre: Thriller
Writer: Jason Rothenberg 
Buyer: Beacon Communications 
Logline: Story is about an intense world class mountaineer whose parents are destroyed by a corporate scandal. The man begins wiping out the corporate culprits who have emerged without jail terms. Reluctantly opposing the vigilante is a prosecutor who was unable to prosecute the corrupt corporate heads.
Side Note: Rewrite. Witt-Thomas-Harris to produce.

The Fix 
Genre: Sci-fi/Thriller
Writer: Jason Rothenberg 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Producer: Jerry Weintraub 
Logline: A drug company hatches a "success" drug and secretly tests it on unsuspecting homeless people.
Side Note: Rewrite. Jerry Weintraub to produce.

For Whom The Bell Tolls 
Genre: Drama
Writer: David Benioff 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Purchase Price: Seven-figures (inc. other assignment)
Producer: Nick Wechsler 
Logline: An American joins partisan fighters in the Spanish Civil War. There, he finds a reason to live when he falls in love with a refugee. This life changing event comes just as he is given to a potential suicide mission. 
Side Note: To be adapted from the classic Ernest Hemingway novel. The rights were acquired in deals made with the Hemingway estate as well as Universal. To be produced by Industry Entertainment and Nick Wechsler. David Benioff and Gumon Casady will executive produce.

Me and My Monster 
Genre: Family
Writer: Matthew Huffman, Dan Milano 
Buyer: Columbia Pics.
Producer: Laura Ziskin, Stan Winston 
Logline: A young boy has a friendship with an extraordinary creature that changes the course of his life as he becomes an adult.
Side Note: Laura Ziskin Productions will produce. Stan Winston will also produce and create creatures.

The Secret Ingredient 
Genre: Romantic comedy
Writer: Jane Heller 
Author: Jane Heller 
Buyer: Artists Production Group
Producer: Mark Canton, Jamie McGurk, Dey Young 
Logline: An unhappy wife tries to change her husband with the help of a magic potion. The quick fix proves disastrous when her overworked husband with a paunchy stomach and balding head becomes a hunk who is irresistible to women.
Side Note: Jamie McGurk and Dey Young's Off Balance Prods. will produce. Author Heller will adapt her own novel. Steve Barnett will exec produce. Book was published by St. Matins.

Untitled Rothenberg-Robinson Pitch
Genre: Thriller
Writer: Jason Rothenberg, Bill Robinson 
Buyer: New Line 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures/seven-figures
Producer: Cathy Konrad 
Logline: Premise is being kept under wraps.
Side Note: Pitch. Cathy Konrad will produce.

Warriors of God 
Genre: Historical drama
Writer: Christopher Crowe
Buyer: MGM 
Producer: Mike Medavoy 
Logline: Chronicles the fiercely contested battles over the Holy Land in the last years of the 12th century.
Side Note: To be adapted form the novel "Warriors of God: Richard the Lionheart and Saladin in the Third Crusade" by former journalist James Reston, Jr. Phoenix Pictures' Mike Medavoy will produce. 

2182 kHz 
Genre: Action
Writer: Sean Lawrence Otto 
Author: David Masiel 
Buyer: ImageMaker Films 
Producer: Steven Pearl 
Logline: Set in the world of tugboats and oil rigs in northern Alaska, a man, haunted by his past, spends 16-hour days hauling heavy cargo in the Arctic. Desperate for human interaction, he routinely tunes his radio to 2182 kHz (the international distress frequency). Finally hearing a fading distress call, he assembles a motley team to save a stranded scientist. 
Side Note: Book option by producer Steven Pearl and screenwriter Sean Otto through Pearl's ImageMaker Films. 

The Fool 
Genre: Comedy
Writer: Barry Fanaro 
Author: Susan Trott 
Buyer: Dreamworks 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures/low-seven
Producer: Dan Goldberg, Joe Medjuck, Jackie Josephson 
Logline: Story about the richest man in California and his seven wives and twelve daughters.
Side Note: Based on an unpublished novel of the same name by Susan Trott. Fanaro optioned the novel out of his own pocket and wrote the screenplay on spec. Ivan Reitman will direct. Barry Fanaro and Montecito Pictures Ivan Reitman & Tom Pollack will executive produce. Montecito's Dan Goldberg, Joe Medjuck, and Jackie Josephson will produce. 

Halle Berry Project aka Jinx project
Genre: Action
Writer: Neal Purvis, Robert Wade 
Buyer: MGM 
Logline: A CIA agent employs ruthlessness and gadgets to stop villains aiming to conquer the world.
Side Note: To be based on the character from the James Bond film "Die Another Day." Purvis and Wade are working on a treatment. Halle Berry to star in. Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli to produce.

Genre: Thriller
Writer: Robert Crais 
Author: Robert Crais 
Buyer: Revolution Studios 
Producer: Bruce Willis, Arnold Rifkin 
Logline: A former hostage negotiator, who is troubled from a hostage crisis that went awry, is called in to a new situation and intends to redeem himself, even though the hostage is an accountant for the Mafia.
Side Note: Cheyenne Prods. will produce for MGM. Revolution Studios has picked up project in turnaround from MGM. Bruce Willis will star. His company Cheyenne Ent. will produce for Revolution. Project which is based on the book of the same name was originally set up at MGM on 4/30/01 for six-figures/$1.5 mil.

Curious George 
Genre: Family/Comedy
Writer: Dan Gerson, Robert Baird 
Author: Margret Rey, H.A. Rey 
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: Brian Grazer, David Kirschner, John Shapiro 
Logline: Follows the adventures of a mischievous monkey and his owner, known as the Man in the Yellow Hat.
Side Note: Rewrite of a script by Michael McCullers which was set up in June 2002. Imagine Entertainment's Brian Grazer will produce. David Silverman set to direct. Based on the book series, created 60 years ago, by H.A. and Margaret Rey. To be a CGI film.

Genre: Drama
Writer: Scott Forsythe, Joe Lisuzzo 
Buyer: Lakeshore Ent./Cheyenne Ent. 
Producer: Arnold Rifkin, Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi, Glenn Caron 
Logline: A thief teams up with a renowned lawyer to run a drug scam out of a New York hotel -- key to the operation is their use of an officer from the narcotics division to provide protection.
Side Note: Rewrite of a script by Joe Lisuzzo and Scott Forsythe. John Polson will direct. Script originated at MGM. MGM put the film in turnaround. Cheyenne's Arnold Rifkin set to produce along with Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi and Caron.

Genre: Comedy
Writer: Ethan Coen, Joel Coen, Burr Steers 
Buyer: Universal 
Purchase Price: Low-seven-figures
Producer: Mike Lobell, Andrew Patterson 
Logline: A British thief conspires with a beautiful woman to rob a rich man's expensive statue. The heist is complicated by a series of double crosses. 
Side Note: Rewrite of script by Joel and Ethan Coen. Remake of the 1966 film. Steers will direct as well. Mike Lobell will produce.

The Gardener Of Eden 
Genre: Dark Comedy
Writer: Adam Davis 
Buyer: Appian Way Productions 
Producer: Leonardo DiCaprio 
Logline: A college dropout returns to his hometown and receives unexpected honors when he accidentally saves a local's life. This motivates him to set up more would-be disasters so he can again benefit from saving the day. 
Side Note: Leonardo DiCaprio's production company Appian Way Prods. based at Initial Ent. Group has optioned screenplay which was originally set up at Good Machine on 4/26/01. Screenwriter Davis will direct. Leonardo DiCaprio to produce.

In The Navy 
Genre: Comedy
Writer: Jamie Adner, John Hezlep 
Buyer: Summit Ent. 
Side Note: Adner and Hezlep are currently rewriting the script. 

The Incredible Shrinking Man 
Genre: Sci-fi
Writer: Tom Lennon, Robert Ben Garant 
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: Brian Grazer 
Logline: A man begins to shrink after he is exposed to a strange mist. His life becomes a battle for survival, with only his wits to overcome the liability of his size.
Side Note: Rewrite from a script by Mark Burton and Billy Frolick. Based on the original 1957 Universal "Shrinking" film, which was based on Richard Matheson's novel. Imagine Entertainment's Brian Grazer will produce. Keenen Ivory Wayans is attached to direct. Eddie Murphy to star. Cary Kirkpatrick and Eddie Murphy will executive produce.

Genre: Thriller
Writer: Sam Montgomery 
Buyer: Summit Ent. 
Logline: Coroner uncovers a mystery while working on a John Doe cadaver.

Genre: Drama
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Producer: Ricky Strauss, Jill Gilbert 
Logline: City family swaps their house in order to vacation at the beach. Trouble arises after the guy they swaped with seizes control of their house and threatens their daughter who stayed in the house.
Side Note: Remake of two part British miniseries. Original producer Jill Green and Ricochet Entertainment's Ricky Strauss to produce. No screenwriter attached yet.

Genre: Thriller
Writer: Barbara Curry
Buyer: Senator
Log Line: After a family moves to a new neighborhood, the next door neighbor's son wreaks havoc on them and stalks the mother but no one believes her until it is too late. 
Side Note: Gavin Palone's Pariah to produce.

Boone's Lick 
Genre: Adventure
Writer: Larry McMurtry, Diana Ossana 
Author: Larry McMurtry 
Buyer: Universal 
Logline: In the 19th century, a woman packs up her brood of kids and brother-in-law and takes them from Boone's Lick, Mo., to Fort Phil Kearny, Wyo., to search for her wayward husband. It is her intention to let the husband lnow that she will be leaving him for the brother-in-law. 
Side Note: To be adapted from Larry McMurtry's 19th century American West novel. Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman's Playtone Company to produce.

A Confederacy Of Dunces 
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Writer: Scott Kramer, Steven Soderbergh 
Author: John Kennedy Toole 
Buyer: Miramax 
Producer: Scott Kramer, Drew Barrymore, Nancy Juvonen 
Logline: Set in the French Quarter of New Orleans, story is about Ignatius Reilly, a marvelous misfit at odds with the world, forced to endure the indignity of working one bad job after another.
Side Note: Miramax bought project from Paramount. Project will begin shooting next spring in New Orleans. David Gordon Green ("George Washington") has been tapped to direct. Co-screenwriter Kramer will produce along with Flower Films partners Drew Barrymore and Nancy Juvonen. Soderbergh and Scott Rudin will exec produce. Book won the Pulitzer Prize. 

Dirty Bombs 
Genre: Drama
Writer: Shane Smith, Eddie Moretti 
Buyer: New Line/Warner Bros. 
Logline: A man heads to Eastern Europe hoping to find and photograph a black market nuke.
Additional Information: Written by Shane Smith and Eddie Moretti who own the Brooklyn-based underground music magazine Vice.

Hugh Hefner Biopic 
Genre: Biography
Writer: Scott Silver
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: Brian Grazer 
Logline: Bio of the Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner.
Side Note: Imagine Entertainment's Brian Grazer will produce.

Scott Silver Blind Script Deal 
Writer: Scott Silver
Buyer: Universal
Side Note: Silver wrote the Eminem starrer 8 Mile" for Universal. Project for this blind writing assignment is yet to be identified. Silver was also tapped to write a bio of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

The Great Turrell 
Genre: Romantic/Drama
Writer: Michael Mailer 
Buyer: Spice Factory 
Logline: A charming young man goes in search of his lost love.
Side Note: Based on the 19th century French novel "Le Grand Meaulnes" by Henri Alain-Fournier. Spice Factory and Mailer's Bigel Mailer Films will co-produce.

Jurrasic Park 4 
Genre: Sci-fi/Action
Writer: William Monahan 
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: Steven Spielberg, Kathleen Kennedy 
Logline: Fourth installment of the franchise which is about dinosaurs created from ancient DNA that return to wreak havoc on humans.
Side Note: Kathleen Kennedy will produce. 

The Last Kiss 
Genre: Drama
Writer: Gabriele Muccino (Italian version)
Buyer: Lakeshore Ent. 
Logline: Story is about a group of emotionally volatile 30-year-olds struggling to adapt to adulthood, responsibility and commitment, and on their fiftysomething parents, reluctantly accepting middle age.
Side Note: Lakeshore hopes to shoot no later than next September. Flick was a box office success in Italy. It was written and directed by Gabriele Muccino and produced by Domenico Procacci through his Rome-based Fandango outfit. No writer or director is attached as yet. 

Genre: Thriller
Writer: Michael Brandt, Derek Haas 
Buyer: Lions Gate Films 
Producer: Brett Ratner, Jay Stern, Richard Spiro 
Logline: Set in Las Vegas, a female boxer and her down-on-his-luck ex-husband have to track down an obscure photograph before the subject of the photo catches up with him.
Side Note: Brett Ratner and Jay Stern's Rat Entertainment attached to produce. No director is attached as yet.

Untitled Betty Ann Waters Project 
Genre: Drama
Writer: Pamela Gray 
Buyer: Working Title Films 
Producer: Tim Bevin, Eric Fellner, Andy Karsh 
Logline: True story of an unemployed, single mother of two children who eventually returned to school to earn her law degree in order to defend her brother on a murder charge. It took over 12 years to get the degree, but it was worth it since the brother was acquitted of murder and robbery charges on March, 2001 and walked out of jail a free man.
Side Note: Based on a true story. Tony Goldwyn will direct. Andy Karsch and Working Title's Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner will produce. Liza Chasin will Executive Produce.

Untitled Bobby Jones Project 
Genre: Drama
Buyer: BJ Film 
Producer: Kim Dawson 
Logline: Bio of Bobby Jones who dominated golf from 1923-29, winning nine major championships. In 1930, "the Georgia gentleman" captured the coveted Grand Slam, retiring the same year at just 28 years old. Jones went on to graduate from Georgia Tech and Harvard and subsequently became a lawyer in Atlanta.
Side Note: Rick Eldridge will exec produce. $15 million budget. Rumored to have a March start date.

We're Having A Baby 
Genre: Comedy
Writer: Will McRobb, Chris Viscardi 
Buyer: Paramount 
Price: Mid-to-high six figures
Producer: Jordan Kerner 
Logline: Story centers on the chaotic two weeks prior to the birth of a young couple's first child, with members of both families offering to "help" the couple's transition to parenthood.
Side Note: Based on an idea by producer Jordan Kerner. Kerner Ent. will produce for Paramount. Kerner Entertainment Co's Paul Neesan will Executive Produce.

Ball and Chain 
Genre: Romantic comedy
Writer: Scott Lobdell 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Producer: David Heyman 
Logline: A divorced couple who become endowed with superpowers that function only when the bickering twosome are together.
Side Note: Lobdell will adapt from his own comic book series. David Heyman's Heyday Films will develop and produce.

Genre: Action
Writer: Jeff Sherwood 
Author: Philip Shelby 
Buyer: Theory Films 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures/mid-six (inc. other assignment)
Producer: Adam Stone 
Logline: An American in Paris who discovers that the assassin who murdered her parents 15 years ago is on the move to the United States. She teams up with a covert assassin, known as a gatekeeper, to track him down and stop him from killing again.
Side Note: To be based on Philip Shelby's 1998 novel "Gatekeeper." Theory's Adam Stone to produce. Theory's Ryan Schinman will executive produce. 

I'll Be You 
Genre: Romantic comedy
Writer: Nina Coleman 
Buyer: Myriad Pictures 
Producer: Kirk D'Amico, Lucas Foster, Karen Roberts, Jennifer Gibgot 
Logline: Female exec swaps places with her assistant in order to find true love.
Side Note: Tapestry Films' Jennifer Gibgot and Myriad's Kirk D'Amico, Lucas Foster and Karen Roberts will produce.

Memory of Demons 
Genre: Thriller
Writer: Fernley Phillips 
Author: David Ambrose 
Buyer: New Line 
Purchase Price: Mid against high-six figures
Producer: Beau Flynn 
Logline: A father's demons come back to haunt him when his young daughter appears possessed by a murdered girl. 
Side Note: To be adapted from David Ambrose's latest book. Peter Care to direct. Firm Film's Beau Flynn will produce. Tripp Vinson will Executive Produce.

Genre: Suspense
Writer: Philip Shelby 
Buyer: Theory Films 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures/mid-six (along with rights to "Gatekeeper") 
Producer: Adam Stone 
Logline: Elaborate heist project centering on a federal surplus of money stolen from a high-tech government facility.
Side Note: Theory's Adam Stone to produce. Theory's Ryan Schinman will executive produce.

Social Crimes 
Genre: Thriller
Author: Jane Stanton Hitchcock 
Buyer: Phoenix Pics. 
Logline: After she loses her position to her husband's mistress, a NY socialite enters a cat-and-mouse game with the younger woman to get revenge. 
Side Note: To be adapted from Jane Stanton Hitchcock's novel. Joel Schumacher to develop.

A Summer Place 
Genre: Romantic Drama
Writer: Nicholas Di Bella 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Producer: Paul Brooks, Fonda Snyder 
Logline: Two teenagers fall in love at a summer resort at the same time that her married father and his married mother also rekindle an affair from years ago.
Side Note: Remake of the 1958 film which starred Troy Donahue and Sandra Dee. Singer Mandy Moore will star in the remake. Edmonds Entertainment's Tracey Edmonds, Gold Circle Films' Paul Brooks and Storyopolis Productions' Fonda Snyder will produce. Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds will exec produce. Producers hope to be in production late this year or early next spring.

The Lost City
Genre: Drama
Writer: G. Cabrera Infante 
Buyer: Platinum Equity 
Producer: Andy Garcia, Frank Mancuso Jr. 
Logline: Set in Havana, Cuba, during the 50's, a club owner is caught in the turbulent transition from the oppressive regime of Batista to the Marxist government of Fidel Castro. Castro's regime ultimately leads the club owner to flee to New York. 
Side Note: Andy Garcia will make his directing debut. He will star with Robert Duvall, Dustin Hoffman, Benicio Del Toro, Javier Bardem, Benjamin Bratt and Tomas Milian. Script will encompass elements from several novels by author G. Cabrera Infante, a Cuban exile. Garcia and Frank Mancuso Jr. will produce the $20 million film. 

November 5th 
Genre: Historical drama
Writer: Frank Cottrell Boyce 
Buyer: Artists Independent Network 
Producer: Charles Finch, Luc Roeg 
Logline: Historical movie about the Gunpowder Plot to blow up the English Houses of Parliament in 1605. 
Side Note: Director Anand Tucker and writer Frank Cottrell Boyce have signed up to develop this project for U.K.-based Artists Independent Network.

Pac Man 
Genre: Action/Fantasy
Buyer: Crystal Sky
Log Line: Centers on the popular '80s video game. 
Side Note: Crystal Sky bought film rights to the popular 80's video game from game developer Namco and Japanese distributor Gaga. No writer or directed is attached.

Running with Scissors 
Genre: Drama
Writer: Ryan Murphy 
Author: Augusten Burroughs 
Producer: Matt Kennedy 
Logline: Story is about a bipolar poet with delusions of grandeur who falls into the care of an unorthodox male psychiatrist in the mid-1970s.
Side Note: Ryan Murphy will adapt the novel of the same and direct. Jullianne Moore will star. Budget will be $15 mil. - $20 mil. 

Genre: Action/Thriller
Writer: Jon Hoeber, Eric Hoeber 
Author: Greg Rucka 
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: Gail Katz, Wolfgang Petersen 
Logline: A female U.S. marshal living in a self-imposed exile in Antarctica has her quiet life radically changed when she must investigate the first murder on that continent before the sun is about to set for six months.
Side Note: To be adapted from a series of graphic novels by Greg Rucka. Picked up from turnaround by Columbia Pictures. Reese Witherspoon will star in. Radiant Productions' Wolfgang Petersen and producer Gail Katz will develop. Witherspoon's Type A Films will also produce. Susan Stein will co-produce. No writer or director is attached as yet. The Columbia draft of the screenplay was scripted by Jon and Erich Hoeber. 

The Forgotten 
Genre: Supernatural thriller
Writer: Daniel Seligmann 
Buyer: Winchester Films 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures
Logline: In the vein of "Memento" and "Sixth Sense."
Side Note: This pitch will be adapted by first-timer Daniel Seligmann. The Donners Co. will produce through its first look deal at Winchester. Winchester's Hadeel Reda and Gary Smith are executive producing. Project was developed at the Donners Co. by Jeremy Kleiner and the writer.

Marrying The Mafia 
Genre: Drama
Writer: Marc Klein 
Buyer: Warner Bros
Logline: A lawyer wakes up to discover that his one night stand is the daughter of a mob kingpin. The lawyer's given the choice of marriage or extinction.
Side Note: Remake of the Korean film which was that country's top grossing film of the year. Film rights were handled by Roy Lee and Doug Davison from Vertigo Ent. Marc Klein will adapt. Tae Won Chung is attached as co-producer.

The Reaping 
Genre: Horror
Writer: Daniel Seligmann 
Buyer: Dark Castle Entertainment 
Producer: Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis 
Logline: Myth debunker tries to prove that a small boy is not the supernatural force behind the devastation of a small, religious Texas town.
Side Note: Set up as a spec on 6/07/02 from writer Brian Russo. Daniel Seligmann has come aboard to rewrite.

Genre: Action
Writer: Tristan Patterson 
Buyer: Touchstone 
Producer: Jon Shestack 
Logline: Centers on two mismatched cops, one from Long Beach and one from Compton.
Side Note: UPDATE: Project was originally set up as a pitch. Phil Jounou is negotiating to direct and Ashton Kutcher will star. 

Genre: Comedy/Family
Writer: Geoff Rodkey 
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Producer: Doug Wick, Lucy Fisher 
Logline: An average, dysfunctional American family sets off on the most dangerous, high-stakes and traumatizing adventure of their lives: two weeks together in an RV.
Side Note: Pitch. Red Wagon's Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher to produce.

Genre: Action/Adventure
Buyer: Mindfire Ent. 
Producer: Mark Altman, Mark Gottwald 
Logline: Armed with a cursed sword which has a thirst for blood, the last member of the Oboro clan must battle the dead members of his former clan, who have been raised by an evil force, and try to bring peace to Tokyo.
Side Note: Purchase of this 15 year-old video game was made from Sega. It is expected to have a $40 mil. budget and a 2004 release. Mindfire also bought TV rights as well. Financing is being sought through foreign buyers. Mark Altman and Mark Gottwald to produce. 

Sports Widow 
Genre: Comedy
Writer: Liz Kruger, Craig Shapiro 
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: Jennifer Simpson, Reese Witherspoon 
Side Note: This is the first project to come out of the new two-year, first-look deal that Reese Witherspoon's company, Type A made with Universal. Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Simpson to produce. Witherspoon to also star in.

The Squid and the Whale 
Genre: Drama
Writer: Noah Baumbach 
Buyer: HanWay (U.K.) 
Producer: Wes Anderson, Peter Newman 
Logline: Story is about an eccentric Brooklyn family whose patriarch (Bill Murray) claims once to have been a famous novelist but is now reduced to teaching. When his wife (Laura Linney) discovers a literary talent of her own, it breaks up the family, leaving the two teenage sons divided between their parents. The wife starts an affair with her younger son's tennis coach, while the husband starts sleeping with a student whom his elder son is courting.
Side Note: Bill Murray, Laura Linney and John Turturro are in advanced talks to co-star in this $8.5 million production. Financed by HanWay, the London-based sales arm of Recorded Picture Co. Noah Baumbach wrote the script and will direct.

Why Men Shouldn't Marry 
Genre: Comedy
Writer: Steve Bing 
Buyer: Shangri-La Ent. 
Producer: Steve Bing, Arthur Silver 
Logline: A guy (Sean Penn) becomes an anti-marriage guru after a painful divorce. He finds himself in conflict with Max (played by Woody Allen), a guy who has been divorced several times but who remains wedded to the belief that a marriage can be successful.
Side Note: Sean Penn and Woody Allen will star in. Steve Bing will make his directorial debut. Bing and Arthur Silver will produce. Brad Grey and Zane Weiner will Executive Produce. Bing's Shangri-La will finance the project. Warner Brothers will distribute worldwide.

Don't Ask 
Genre: Drama
Writer: Karen Lutz, Kirsten Smith 
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Producer: Doug Wick, Lucy Fisher 
Logline: A young man discovers he is gay and comes out of the closet while in the military.
Side Note: Inspired by the true life events of Hollywood talent manager Tom Parziale. Red Wagon's Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher will produce. Robert Luketic will direct. Parziale, Smith and Lutz will co-executive produce.

Journeys With George 
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Buyer: Out of the Blue Ent. 
Producer: Sid Ganis 
Logline: Fictional story based on the documentary that was optioned. It will be about a young journalist who is assigned to travel with the campaign of a presidential candidate who represents everything to which she is politically opposed.
Side Note: Option of the film rights to "Journeys With George," Alexandra Pelosi's documentary that traces the presidential campaign of George W. Bush. The documentary will premiere on HBO this month. This will be a fictionalized account of the story. Sid Ganis will produce. No writer or director is attached as yet.

Mighty Mouse 
Genre: Action/Adventure
Producer: John Woo, Terence Chang, Albie Hecht, Julia Pistor 
Buyer: Paramount Pictures
Logline: Centers on the little, but mighty superhero mouse who defends mice from feline villains.
Side Note: An all-CGI version for Nickelodeon Films to produce. John Woo and Terence Chang will produce along with Nick Film's Albie Hecht and Julia Pistor. Barry Jackson will provide concept design work. Nick Films will provide the animation work in-house. No director or writers are yet attached.

My Wife Is A Gangster 
Genre: Drama
Writer: Marc Klein 
Buyer: Miramax 
Producer: Roy Lee, Doug Davison 
Logline: Female mob boss gets married just to please her dying sister. The gangster recruits her henchmen to find a suitable guy and they come back with a poor, unsuspecting dupe who has no idea what he's getting into.
Side Note: American remake of a 2001 South Korean movie. This remake was set up at Miramax on 10/17/01. Marc Klein has been hired to adapt the Korean film.

The Nutty Nut 
Genre: Comedy
Writer: Bobby Florsheim, Josh Stolberg 
Buyer: Jerry Bruckheimer Films 
Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer 
Logline: Story is about twin brothers, one of which is insane and has multiple personalities.
Side Note: Remake of this straight-to-video feature in which Sam and Ivan Raimi & Bruce Campbell co-wrote. Bruckheimer acquired the remake rights from the film's German financier, Cappella, a year and a half ago. 

Genre: Comedy
Buyer: Arclight Films 
Producer: Dan Gross, Paul Bronfman, Steve Levitan, Enrique Cerezo, Joel Roodman 
Logline: Centers on a group of high school kids through a period in their puberty.
Side Note: Remake of 20th Century Fox's 1981 film. No screenwriter(s) attached yet. Archlight's Howard Stern will Executive Produce. Archlight's Dan Gross, Paul Bronfman, Steve Levitan, Enrique Cerezo and Joel Roodman will produce. The film will be privately financed. It will be released as a "Howard Stern Presents" films. Arclight plans to focus on teen comedies and thrillers with modest budgets, with plans to produce four titles annually.

Rock n' Roll High School 
Genre: Comedy
Buyer: Arclight Films 
Producer: Dan Gross 
Logline: Centers on rock loving' high schoolers and their teachers who hate rock n' roll. 
Side Note: Remake of Concorde Pictures' 1979 film. No screenwriter(s) attached yet. Archlight's Howard Stern will executive produce. Roger Corman, the producer on the original, will executive produce as well. Archlight's Dan Gross will produce. The film will be privately financed. It will be released as a "Howard Stern Presents" films. Arclight plans to focus on teen comedies and thrillers with modest budgets, with plans to produce four titles annually.

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