September 2002 SCRIPT SALES

(Pages are updated throughout the month, with the most recent at the top of the list)

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A Quarterback's Tale 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Garrett Schiff, Jim Burnstein 
Buyer: MGM 
Purchase Price: $500k/$800k 
Producer: Marc Platt 
Logline: A young sports fan who lands a PR job with the NFL and discovers that his hero, a quarterback, has major flaws on and off the field. 
Side Note: Spec script. Part of a bidding war. Marc Platt to produce. Doug Johnson and Michael Goldman will Executive Produce.

Read My Lips 
Genre: Film Noir/Romance
Buyer: Paramount 
Producer: Barry Levinson, Paula Weinstein 
Logline: Relationship between a 35-year-old half-deaf secretary and a 25-year-old thief on parole. 
Side Note: Studio has bought the English-language remake rights to the French film. Barry Levinson and Paula Weinstein to produce via their Baltimore/Spring Creek shingle. Jean-Louis Livi and Philippe Carcassonne will Executive Produce. No screenwriter(s) attached yet.

Beautiful Killer 
Genre: Action/Drama 
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: Marc Abraham, Eric Newman 
Logline: Story is about a girl who loses her family to mysterious killers, flees and ultimately chooses to exact revenge. 
Side Note: Comic book from Black Bull Comics which was illustrated and colored by Phil Noto. Strike Entertainment's Marc Abraham and Eric Newman will produce. Jessica Alba to star in. Alba and Chris Henze will Executive Produce. No screenwriter attached yet.

Easy Rider AD 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Sean Jacques 
Buyer: Glenn Tobias 
Producer: Lauren Lloyd 
Logline: Set years later, Wyatt "Captain America" Earp is alive but in prison, falsely accused of the murder of George Hanson. A "new character" tries to prove Wyatt's innocence. 
Side Note: Sequel to the 1969 film Easy Rider. Lauren Lloyd will produce. Glenn Tobias will fund the film's development and produce. Shooting will begin next spring. 

Nowhere To Hide 
Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Patrick Lee 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures/high six 
Producer: William Petrowitch 
Logline: The story is about a professional thief who, while masquerading as a cop, is forced to investigate one of his own robberies. While he is there, he discovers that a double murder has been committed, and he tries to find the murderers without implicating himself. 
Side Note: Kevin Bray is negotiating to direct. This was originally set up as a spec on 2/01/99. Screenwriter Patrick Lee was paid mid-six figures / high-six. 

Back Up 
Genre: Sci-fi/Thriller 
Writer: Tom Vaughn 
Buyer: Castle Rock 
Producer: Tom Jacobson, Jim Wedaa, Norm Golightly 
Logline: A cop is brought back to live to investigate his own murder. Story is set in the near future when technology allows for the resuscitation of humans and the "backing up" of their memories onto a computer. 
Side Note: Nicolas Cage to star. Script is based on an idea by producer Jim Wedaa and screenwriter Tom Vaughn. It is being produced by the Jacobson Co.'s Tom Jacobson and Jim Wedaa in conjunction with Saturn Films' Cage and Norm Golightly. 

The Bad Guy 
Genre: Action 
Writer: Jason Harris, Zack Morrisette 
Buyer: Paramount 
Producer: Barry Josephson 
Logline: A lone alienated mortal takes on genetically engineered superheroes who, as crime disappears, have become arrogant and bored. 
Side Note: To be adapted from the cult comic book. Harris and Morrissette, the authors, will write the first draft. Barry Josephson will develop and produce. David Hayter will Executive Produce.

Birth Of Fire 
Genre: Sci-fi/Action 
Author: Jerry Pournelle 
Buyer: Lightstorm Ent. 
Logline: Story of a guy wrongly convicted of murder. He faces a choice: life in prison, or near-slavery on Mars. Under the appalling conditions imposed by those who run the mines from Earth, our hero and his fellow workers start a revolution to wrest their freedom from the penal colony. 

Three Gun Blues 
Genre: Action/Comedy 
Writer: Josh Olson 
Buyer: Paramount 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures 
Producer: Gale Anne Hurd 
Logline: A trio of seasoned, street-smart cops are joined by a rookie officer. 
Side Note: Spec script. Preemptive purchase. Gale Anne Hurd's Valhalla Motion Pictures to produce. Described as a modern-day tribute to Richard Lester's 1973-74 films "The Three Musketeers" and "The Four Musketeers."

Genre: Psychological thriller 
Writer: Jonathan Glazer, Jean Claude Carriere 
Buyer: Regency
Logline: Set in NY, a ten-year-old boy enters a 35 year old woman's life by telling her that he is the reincarnation of her dead husband, who died ten years earlier. 
Side Note: Regency Ent. Has given this project the greenlight. Nicole Kidman to star. Script was developed through Glazer's London-based Academy Prods. Milo Addica ("Monster's Ball) did rewrites. Jonathan Glazer will direct. 

The Conspirator 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Gary Horn 
Buyer: Twentieth Century Fox 2000 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures 
Producer: Gil Netter, David Zucker 
Logline: Shrink discovers that his patients are not who they appear to be and he must then flee from the bad guys while he figures out what is going on. 
Side Note: Spec script. Preemptive buy. Gil Netter and David Zucker to produce.

Genre: Action/Sci-fi 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Producer: John Wells, Lorenzo di Bonaventura 
Logline: Set in the future at a paramilitary base on Mars, where a scientific experiment goes awry and accidentally opens a portal to hell. The vastly outnumbered hero fights off the forces of hell as they come from the portal onto the deserted base. 
Side Note: Based on id Software Inc.'s video game property "Doom." As part of the deal, the project must go in front of the cameras in 15 months, or the rights revert back to the software company. John Wells Productions will produce along with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. No screenwriter is attached as yet.

The Maxx Comedy, the Funniest Kid In America 
Genre: Comedy 
Author: Gordon Korman 
Buyer: Oliver Prods., Lin 
Producer: Lin Oliver 
Logline: Story is about a boy who wants to be a standup comic. 
Side Note: Due out from Hyperion next year. Producer Lin Oliver also plans on developing project as a TV series.. 

Nose Pickers From Outer Space 
Genre: Children 
Writer: Ambrose Fey 
Author: Gordon Korman 
Buyer: A Happy Place 
Logline: Book is part of a series of books about an alien who attempts to save earth from destruction by impersonating a dweeby fourth-grade exchange student. 
Side Note: Option by A Happy Place which is the production company owned by 'N Sync's Lance Bass. Randall Kleiser will direct. 

Untitled Acapulco Project 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: David Raynr 
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: Michael Hubbard, Beth Hubbard, Michael Green, Tom Shadyac, Michael Bostick, Jim Brubaker 
Logline: Based on an incident Martin Lawrence had while visiting Mexico with friends. While doing a standup comedy routine at a jazz comedy festival in Acapulco, Lawrence said something about Mexicans which pissed off one of the patrons. This lead to Lawrence and his friends to go on the run from the Mexican authorities jumping from one hotel to the next. 
Side Note: Martin Lawrence will star. Screenwriter is managed by the Firm. Tom Shadyac may direct. 

Untitled Method Man, Redman Project 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Brian Posehn 
Buyer: Paramount/MTV Films 
Logline: Hip hop team's misadventures after they join the military and embark on a covert campaign overseas. 
Side Note: Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons will produce with Def Jam's Lyor Cohen, Kevin Liles and Julie Greenwald. Also producing are Shauna Garr and James Ellis, who run the rap duo's production company, Native Pictures, and MTV Films' David Gale and Michael Cole. 

The Greatest Show In The Universe 
Genre: Action/Adventure 
Producer: Sean Daniel, Jim Jacks
Buyer: Paramount 
Logline: Sci-fi actioner set in space. 
Side Note: Paramount and Alphaville are moving ahead with this project based on an idea by Tab Murphy. 

King Creole 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Grant Morris 
Buyer: Paramount 
Producer: Sean Daniel, Jim Jacks 
Logline: Original flick was about a young delinquent who flunks out of high school only to get a job as a dishwasher in a New Orleans nightclub. One night, he gets the chance to perform and quickly finds success. When a local crime boss wants to hire him to perform at his nightclub, King Creole, the young man suddenly finds himself drawn into a crime underworld. 
Side Note: Remake of the Elvis Presley film from 1958. It will be set in New Orleans with the lead character striving to be a rock star. Screenwriter is managed by David List of Road Dog Industries. 

Lucky Stars 
Genre: Comedy/Drama 
Author: Jane Heller 
Buyer: Lakeshore Ent. 
Producer: Gary Lucchesi, Dey Young, Jamie McGurk 
Logline: A struggling actress' meddling mom decides to move out from Cleveland to be closer to her daughter, only to become the big star herself. 
Side Note: To be adapted from Heller's novel. Off Balance Productions' Jamie McGurk and Dey Young to produce. Lakeshore's Gary Lucchesi will produce as well. No screenwriter is mentioned. 

Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Jeff Davis 
Buyer: Dimension Films 
Logline: A young woman plays a game of cat and mouse with the man who brutally murdered her first love. 
Side Note: Kevin Williams' Outerbank Prods. will produce for Dimension. 

School Of Rock 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Mike White 
Buyer: Paramount 
Producer: Scott Rudin 
Logline: A musician who moonlights as a substitute teacher, shakes up the halls of an uptight private school with his rock 'n' roll ways. 
Side Note: Richard Linklater will direct. Scott Rudin will produce. Jack Black will star. Production begins in the fall.


Genre: Children 
Writer: Michael Chabon 
Author: Michael Chabon 
Buyer: Miramax 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures/seven 
Producer: Robert De Niro, Jane Rosenthal 
Logline: Fantasy novel about baseball and the battle between good and evil in a world that includes fairies and werefoxes. 
Side Note: Written by Michael Chabon ("Wonderboys') who will adapt for the screen. Book was set up on 1/22/01 on the basis of a three page synopsis and two sample chapters. 

The Rig 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Peter Lenkov 
Buyer: RKO Pics. 
Producer: Ted Hartley, Gregory Hoblit 
Logline: A renegade structural engineer agrees to examine the problems encountered on the largest oil rig in the world, only to be confronted with tremendous physical and emotional challenges via a presence that no one could have anticipated 
Side Note: Assignment for Gregory Hoblit to produce and direct. Project was developed at RKO. 

Becoming A Man: Half A Life Story 
Genre: True Story 
Writer: Patrick Wilde 
Author: Paul Monette 
Buyer: Hyperion Studios 
Producer: Christian Mills, Russell Marleau 
Logline: Memoir about growing up and coming out during the turbulent 1960s. 
Side Note: Producers have a three-year, first-look deal with the studio. Hyperion specializes in youth-oriented film and TV projects. 

Memory of Passion 
Genre: Teen Drama 
Writer: Simon Staho, Peter Asmussen 
Author: Gil Brewer 
Buyer: Hyperion Studios 
Producer: Christian Mills, Russell Marleau 
Side Note: To be based on pulp ficiton novel by Gil Brewer. Producers have a three-year, first-look deal with the studio. Hyperion specializes in youth-oriented film and TV projects. 

Three Way Split 
Genre: Teen Drama 
Writer: Andrew LaCrosse 
Buyer: Hyperion Studios 
Producer: Christian Mills, Russell Marleau 
Side Note: Producers have a three-year, first-look deal with the studio. Hyperion specializes in youth-oriented film and TV projects. 

Gladiator 2 
Genre: Action/Adventure 
Writer: John Logan 
Buyer: DreamWorks 
Producer: David Franzoni, Doug Wick, Walter Parkes 
Logline: Story will begin 15 years after the end of the first installment. 
Side Note: David Franzoni, Red Wagon's Doug Wick, and DreamWorks' Walter Parkes to produce.

Genre: Comedy 
Buyer: Columbia Pics.
Producer: Doug Wick, Lucy Fisher 
Logline: Feature version of the 64-72 TV series about a witch married to a mortal and her desire to keep her powers in check for the sake of her marriage. 
Side Note: Penny Marshall had been developing this project and will serve in some type of producing capacity. Nicole Kidman has expressed interest in the role of Samantha. A screenwriter will be hired shortly to pen a new draft.

Jesus Christ Project 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Ben Fitzgerald, Mel Gibson 
Buyer: Icon Prods. 
Producer: Mel Gibson, Bruce Davey, Steve McVeety 
Logline: Chronicle of the final 12 hours in the life of Jesus Christ. 
Side Note: Mel Gibson's company will finance. Gibson will direct. Film will be shot in Latin and Aramaic. 

Thirty Minutes Or Less 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Eric Heffron 
Buyer: Ember Entertainment 
Producer: Lindsay Dunlap 
Logline: Rip Elmore, a twentysomething failed dot-commer is forced to deliver pizza for a living at a franchise with the highest driver-fatality rate in the country. 
Side Note: Screenwriter is schedule to make his directing debut.

The Amazing Spider-Man aka Spider-Man 2
Genre: Action/Adventure 
Writer: Michael Chabon 
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures/mid-seven 
Producer: Laura Ziskin, Avi Arad, Ian Bryce 
Logline: Sequel to the hit film. 
Side Note: Rewrite assignment for Michael Chabon. David Koeppe and Miles Millar and Alfred Gough wrote previous drafts. Tobey Maguire, Kirstin Dunst will return in their roles. Sam Raimi will return as director. 

Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas for Millions 
Genre: True Story 
Author: Ben Mezrich 
Buyer: Trigger Street Productions 
Producer: Dana Brunetti, Bernie Morris 
Logline: A group of students trained in the art of card counting walk away from Vegas with millions of dollars in winnings. 
Side Note: Trigger Street Prods. is owned by Kevin Spacey. Free Press will publish next month. 

The Outer Limits 
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy 
Writer: David Weisberg, Douglas Cook 
Buyer: MGM 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures/high-six 
Producer: Mark Victor, Michael Grais, Pen Densham, Mark Stern, Guy McElwaine, John Watson 
Logline: Based on the TV show of the 1960s. 
Side Note: This is part of a two-picture deal Victor & Grais Prods. signed with MGM. It will be a co-production with Trilogy Ent. Rewrite of Gerald, Justin and Zachary Di Pego's draft. Rupert Wainwright to direct.

The Set-Up 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Sidney Lumet 
Buyer: RKO 
Producer: Ted Hartley, Bonnie Timmerman 
Logline: The mob demands that a has-been boxer throw a big fight for a cash reward but he's unwilling to accept defeat, as a boxer and as a man. He manages to win the fight and to reaffirm his love for his long-time girlfriend. 
Side Note: Sidney Lumet has adapted and will direct this remake of the 1940 Robert Wise directed flick. Budget will be $20 mil. Benjamin Bratt and James Gandolfini are attached to star. Halle Berry might join them. Shooting is scheduled to begin October 1st. 

The Children of the Dustbowl 
Genre: True Story 
Writer: Charlie Mitchell 
Author: Jerry Stanley 
Buyer: Miramax 
Producer: Jim Carrey, Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher, Danny DeVito 
Logline: Set in 1939 in California, a schoolteacher and a group of "Okie" immigrant children are banned from the California school system as being undesirable to educate. The teacher and the kids walk into the desert and build their own school, using whatever materials they can find. 
Side Note: Jim Carrey will star and produce. Rob Cohen, a former exec at Maury Povich's production company, MOPO, acquired the rights to the book from Povich, who'd previously optioned it. Cohen then got Jim Carrey's interest. Charlie Mitchell has come aboard to adapt. Pic is being produced by Carrey's Pitbull Prods., Rob Cohen's Buddha Belly Prods. and Jersey Films. 

Ghetto Buck 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Jason Filardi 
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Producer: Peaches Davis, Michael Greene, Robert Lawrence 
Logline: A lovable and sheltered handyman rises to fame and then falls from grace at the hands of an egotistical TV producer. 
Side Note: Martin Lawrence will star, Dennis Dugan will direct. Story will have Martin Lawrence playing three characters, one of which is based on a character that Lawrence played in "Blue Streak." Martin Lawrence will exec produce with Sharon Dugan. Jason Filardi has come aboard to script. 

The Last Ride 
Genre: Western 
Writer: Ken Kaufman 
Author: Tom Eidson 
Buyer: Revolution Studios 
Producer: Dan Ostroff 
Logline: In New Mexico in 1868, a man returns home to make peace with his daughter whom he abandoned years earlier. While there, she shows him no forgiveness but when her eldest daughter is kidnapped and her husband killed, she enlists her estranged father to ride to the rescue. 
Side Note: Adapted from the novel by Thomas Eidson. Ron Howard is in negotiations to direct. Studio is still in negotiations with Daniel Ostroff for the rights to both screenplay and book and if, as expected, the deals closes, Ostroff will produce along with Imagine's Brian Grazer. 

The Naked Prey 
Genre: Action/Adventure 
Writer: John Hefferman 
Buyer: Paramount/MTV Films 
Logline: West Point cadets on spring break are stuck in Nicaragua after their chartered boat runs aground. This leads to a violent confrontation with the locals and a young boy ends up dead. The West Pointers are then pursued through the jungle by henchmen of a cocaine warlord, who blames the cadets for the death of his son. 
Side Note: Updated version of the 1961 jungle flick which starred Cornel Wilde. MTV Films to produce. Treatment was sold as part of Hefferman's blind script commitment with Paramount and MTV Films. 

Untitled Tim Allen Project 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Kevin Pollack 
Buyer: Walt Disney Pics. 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures/mid-six 
Producer: Tim Allen, Matt Carroll 
Logline: A wealthy man who comes across an unusual character who ends up having a positive influence on his life and character. 
Side Note: Actor Kevin Pollack brought the idea to Tim Allen and they developed it together. Pollack will script. Allen's company, Boxing Cat Prods. has a first-look deal at the studio and will produce. 

Genre: Children 
Writer: Adam Rifkin 
Buyer: Walt Disney Pics./Spyglass 
Purchase Price: $750k/$1.2 mil. 
Producer: Roger Birnbaum, Gary Barber, Jay Polstein 
Logline: An inept watchdog accidentally exposes itself to an experimental elixir that transforms him into a superhero. 
Side Note: Based on the children's animated TV series from the 60's. Pic will mix live-action with CGI effects. It will be exec produced by Classic Media's Bob Higgins, Eric Ellenbogen along with Spyglass' Jonathan Glickman. 

Untitled Addica Biker Film
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Milo Addica 
Buyer: Imagine 
Producer: Brian Grazer, Todd Hallowell 
Logline: Ruthless gang of hard-core bikers who are betrayed by those they had sworn to protect. The story will focus on a seasoned biker searching for redemption. 
Side Note: Milo Addica wrote and directed "Monster's Ball." Russell Crowe might star. 

Fate of the Blade 
Genre: Action/Comedy 
Writer: Analisa LaBianco 
Author: Pat Lee, Chris Sarracini 
Buyer: Walt Disney Pics. 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures/high-six 
Producer: David Alpert, Peter Riche, Alan Riche, Jay Sanders 
Logline: An adopted teenage Asian American girl grows up in a white middle-class San Fernando Valley family, is the sole surviving descendant of a Samurai clan of Japan and discovers an ancient demon is stalking her. 
Side Note: Based on Dreamwave comic by Pat Lee and Chris Sarracini. Project is being co-produced by Circle of Confusion and Eagle Cove Deluxe. David Alpert, partner at Circle of Confusion. Lawrence Mattis and Tony Ludwig will exec produce. 

Panzer Spirit 
Genre: Supernatural 
Writer: Roger Aylward 
Author: Tom Townsend 
Buyer: Fast Carrier Pictures 
Producer: Rory Aylward, Steven Jay Rubin 
Logline: A haunted German tank causes havoc in contemporary Europe.
Side Note: Based on the Tom Townsend book. Fast Carrier's Steven Jay Rubin and Rory Aylward to produce. 

The Whole Pemberton Thing
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Mike Samonek 
Buyer: Alcon Ent. 
Producer: Broderick Johnson, Andrew Kosove 
Logline: Centers around the explosive relationship between a young executive and his conniving, oddball office mate. 
Side Note: As part of the deal, Alcon will also have a first-look at screenwriter Samonek's other projects. 

Untitled Ripley Pic 
Genre: True Story 
Buyer: Paramount 
Producer: Jim Jacks, Sean Daniel, Ken Achity, Chi-Li Wong 
Logline: Series of feature films that would focus on Ripley's worldwide adventures and explorations, including his encounters with the bizarre and strange. 
Side Note: Paramount has teamed up with Orlando-based Ripley Entertainment to bring the life of "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" creator Robert Ripley to the screen. Alphaville and AEI will produce for Paramount. 

Round The Bend 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Gail Morgan Hickman 
Author: Nevil Shute 
Producer: Gail Morgan Hickman, Steven Jay Rubin 
Logline: Story is about the relationship between an ex-fighter pilot and his charismatic flight mechanic, who is rapidly becoming an important religious leader in the postwar world. 
Side Note: Author also penned "On The Beach." Fast-Carrier has a three pic deal with Showtime. 

Genre: Teen Drama 
Writer: Scott Wiper 
Buyer: Warner Bros.
Producer: Joel Silver, Hildy Gottlieb, Walter Hill 
Logline: Story is about a band of troubled teens who, after the murder of a counselor at a wilderness boot camp, break out and journey across Texas in search of cash and their own redemption. 
Side Note: Walter Hill is set to direct. 

The Trap 
Genre: Thriller 
Author: Robert Hinz 
Buyer: Fast Carrier Pictures 
Producer: Rory Aylward, Steven Jay Rubin 
Logline: A Chicago woman's romantic affair with a wealthy New Yorker turns into a mightmare. 
Side Note: Fast-Carrier has a three pic deal with Showtime.

Adaptive Ultimate 
Genre: Sci-fi/Thriller 
Writer: Gigi Gaston 
Buyer: Twentieth Century Fox 2000 
Producer: Leonard Goldberg, Amanda Goldberg 
Logline: A scientist discovers a cure for disease, only to end up on the run for his life. 
Side Note: Rewrite of a screenplay by Jon Cohen. 

Brother Sam 
Genre: Biography 
Writer: Shari Berman, Robert Pulcini 
Author: Bill Kinison, Steve Delsohn 
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: David Permut, Tom Shadyac 
Logline: Story of Sam Kinison, a high school dropout who became a preacher before finding success as a standup comic. 
Side Note: To be adapted from the book "Brother Sam: The Short, Spectacular Life Of Sam Kinison," written by Sam's brother Bill and Steve Delson. Life rights were also purchased. No screenwriter is attached. Permut Presentations purchased the rights to the 1994 biography, then took the project to Tom Shadyac's Shady Acres Productions. Howard Stern held the option to the book before Permut. 
Robert Pulcini and Shari Berman have been hired to adapt the book. Tom Shadyac might direct. Steve Longi will co-produce. 

The Fool's Errand 
Genre: Animation 
Writer: David Steinberg 
Buyer: Walt Disney Pics. 
Logline: A court jester who goes on a mythical journey to return peace to his kingdom. 
Side Note: Pitch. 

Hitchiker's Guide To The Universe 
Genre: Sci-fi 
Writer: Karey Kirkpatrick 
Buyer: Spyglass Ent. 
Producer: Jay Roach, Gary Barber, Roger Birnbaum 
Logline: After discovering the Earth is meant to be flattened by a hyperspace freeway bypass, a man is taken away by an undercover alien who is researching the "Hitchhikers Guide." 
Side Note: Spyglass Ent., which now holds the film rights, has hired Karey Kirkpatrick to adapt the screenplay that was penned by Douglas Adams before his death in May, 2001. Jay Roach is attached to direct. 

Man Alive 
Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Larry Cohen 
Buyer: Morgan Creek 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures 
Producer: James Robinson 
Logline: Story takes place over a few hours and is about a fugitive who tries to save the life of her alleged murder victim. 
Side Note: Spec by Larry Cohen who wrote the upcoming Joel Schumacher flick "Phone Booth." President of Morgan Creek, Guy McElwaine will serve as executive producer. 

A Penny Earned 
Genre: Romantic comedy 
Writer: Andy Bellin 
Buyer: Spyglass Ent. 
Producer: Eric Cahan, Guy Oseary, Gary Barber, Roger Birnbaum 
Logline: Story is about a Manhattan debutante who has exhausted her trust fund. 
Side Note: Script was purchased from Maverick Films and writer Andy Bellin who is managed by the Firm. Madonna and Zachary Feuer will exec produce for Maverick 

The Serpent and the Eagle 
Genre: Historical drama 
Writer: Hans Beimler, Robert Wolfe 
Buyer: Universal
Producer: Brian Grazer, Ron Howard 
Logline: Story of how Spanish conqueror Cortez flattened the Aztec nation and plundered its riches with the help of an Aztec princess-turned-slave. 
Side Note: Preemptive buy on this script. Ron Howard and Brian Grazer will produce. 

Genre: Comedy/Adventure 
Author: W.G. Griffiths 
Buyer: Real Life Pictures 
Producer: Robert Bado, Peter Guzzardo 
Logline: Story centers on the escapades of the spirited 12-year-old daughter of a brilliant scientist and her best friend, a 12-year-old boy. 
Side Note: Real Life Pictures is a NY - based indie. It was launched in March, 20002 with the intention of making 3-6 features a year. Production will begin in 2003. Book will be published by Warner Books in the summer of 2003. 

Me Again 
Genre: Comedy/Thriller 
Writer: Stephen Moffat 
Buyer: Intermedia 
Producer: Beryl Vertue, Arnold Rifkin, Nigel Sinclair, Guy East, David Willis 
Logline: Amnesia victim can't figure out if he's a hitman or is the intended target of a hit. 
Side Note: Bruce Willis has signed on to star. His company Cheyenne Ent. will produce. This project was first set up on 1/23/02. Dean Parisot "Galaxy Quest" has been tapped to direct. A screenwriter will soon be hired to rewrite. 

Captain Justice 
Genre: Comedy/Action 
Writer: Victoria Lakeman 
Buyer: Concorde-Anoish/Cinne Int'l/Lakeman Pics. 
Producer: Roger Corman 
Logline: A young boy's dreams collide with real life adventures when a criminal poses as the boy's favorite comic book hero.
Side Note: Budget will be $3 mil. Roger Corman will also publish story as a comic book by using his retired comic book label. Screenwriter Lakeman will also direct. 

A History Of Violence 
Genre: Drama 
Author: John Wagner 
Buyer: New Line 
Producer: Chris Bender, J.C. Spink 
Logline: Story focuses on an ordinary family's life after the father receives unwanted national attention for a seemingly vigilante self-defense killing at his diner, and his previously unknown past is dredged up. 
Side Note: First book in the Paradox Graphic Mystery series published by Paradox Press/DC Comics. 

Lightning On The Sun 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Burr Steers 
Author: Robert Bingham 
Buyer: Catch 23 Ent. 
Producer: Nick Wechsler 
Logline: Story of a journalist who becomes an unwitting courier of heroin. 
Side Note: Burr Steers ("Igby Goes Down") will adapt from the late Robert Bingham novel and direct. 

The Statement 
Genre: Suspense 
Writer: Ronald Harwood 
Buyer: Sony Pictures Classics
Producer: Robert Lantos 
Logline: A man, who was a Nazi executioner, lives an anonymous life sheltered by right-wing elements within the Catholic Church. When a new investigation is launched, he becomes the target of hit men and police investigators. 
Side Note: Norman Jewison has signed on to direct. Screenplay is based on the book by Brian Moore. Michael Caine has signed to star. Producer Lantos optioned book eight years ago. 

Genuine Article 
Genre: Thriller 
Writer: Eric Harlacher 
Buyer: Myriad Pictures 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures 
Producer: Cindy Cowan, Lucas Foster 
Logline: Descrbed as "To Catch A Thief" for a new generation. 
Side Note: To be produced by Cindy Cowan of Cowan Entertainment. Myriad Pictures' Lucas Foster, with Myriad's Kirk D'Amico will Executive Produce. No director is attached as yet. Production will begin early 2003. 

Playa's Ball 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Jennifer Harper, Jason Towne 
Buyer: Dale Davis 
Producer: Dale Davis, Richard Cummings Jr. 
Logline: An NBA player thinks he's being framed for fathering a child from a woman he claims to have never met. 
Side Note: Shooting will take place in Atlanta in late September. NBA star Dale Davis will produce. 

Enemy Women 
Genre: Historical drama 
Writer: Robert Schenkkan 
Author: Paulette Jiles 
Buyer: Twentieth Century Fox 2000 
Producer: Ed Saxon, Peter Saraf 
Logline: Set against the Civil War, a Missouri woman, after being sent to a Union prison for her Rebel sympathies, falls in love with a Union officer who helps her escape before being sent to fight in Alabama. Determined to return to her home, she travels 200 miles on foot through hostile territory in hopes of being reunited with him.
Side Note: Ed Saxon and Peter Saraf will produce. Robert Schenkkan is in negotiations to adapt. 

Large's Ark 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Zach Braff 
Buyer: Jersey Films 
Producer: Rich Klubeck, Pamela Abdy 
Logline: A guy who was estranged from his family for ten years returns home to attend his mother's funeral. While at home, he meets a women who changes his life. 
Side Note: Braff, star of the TV show "Scrubs," will make his feature directorial debut. Braff and Natalie Portman to star in.


Prisonaz Of War 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Nick Creature, Robert LoCash 
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures/mid-six 
Producer: David Permut, Scott Steindorff 
Logline: Four street thugs escape from a chain gang by hopping aboard an Army truck and wind up in Afghanistan. 
Side Note: Stone Village Prods. and Permut Presentations will produce for Columbia. Permut's Steve Longi and Stone Village's Valeska Ramet will co-produce. 

A Theory Of Relativity 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Lisa Loomer 
Author: Jacquelyn Mitchard 
Buyer: Paramount 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures 
Producer: Jordan Kerner 
Logline: After a five-year old girls' parents die in a tragic accident, the girl's uncle has to quickly become a man after he decides to raise her. 
Side Note: To be adapted from Jacquelyn Mitchard's novel. Jordan Kerner to produce. Luis Mandoki will direct. Paul Neesan will Executive Produce. Kerner Ent. signed a four-year production pact with Paramount. 

The Eye 
Genre: Supernatural 
Writer: Oxide Pang, Danny Pang 
Buyer: CW Prods. 
Producer: Tom Cruise, Paula Wagner 
Logline: A blind woman recovers her sight and suddenly can see things that other people can't 
Side Note: Remake rights for the Hong Kong set movie that will debut at the Toronto Film Fest tonight. Roy Lee, his partner Doug Davison and Peter Chang, exec producer of the original movie, will exec produce. 

Angel Of Death 
Genre: True Story 
Writer: Rod Lurie 
Buyer: Spyglass Ent. 
Producer: Roger Birnbaum, Gary Barber, Jonathan Glickman 
Logline: Story of respiratory therapist, Efren Saldivar who was convicted of murdering several of his patients at a Glendale, CA hospital. He is now serving a life sentence in a California prison. 
Side Note: Assignment for Rod Lurie to rewrite the James Manos script and direct. Project will begin shooting in the later part of 2003. 

Genre: Supernatural thriller 
Writer: Sean Ellis 
Buyer: Gold Circle Films 
Producer: Paul Brooks, Lene Bausager 
Logline: A woman leaving a coffee shop on a busy street thinks she sees herself driving past in a car. Completely disturbed by this, she follows the driver and tries to find out who the other woman is.
Side Note: Sean Ellis will direct from his own screenplay. Not sure if this was a spec or an assignment. Gold Circle Films' Paul Brooks will produce with Sean Ellis' producing partner Lene Bausager. Film will be shot in Montreal this fall. 

Connie and Carla Do L.A. 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Nia Vardalos 
Buyer: Spyglass Ent. 
Purchase Price: Seven-figures (inc. acting fees) 
Producer: Roger Birnbaum, Gary Barber, Jonathan Glickman 
Logline: A female buddy comedy in the vein of "Some Like It Hot." 
Side Note: Nia Vardalos, who wrote and starred in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" will co-star. Spyglass hopes to begin shooting in the spring although no director is attached. Tom Hank's Playtone along with Rita Wilson and Brillstein-Grey might come aboard as producers. 

The Girl Who Struck Out Babe Ruth 
Genre: Sports Drama 
Writer: Julie Selbo 
Buyer: 'bel Films 
Producer: Michelle Grace, Diane Nabatoff, Elizabeth Robinson 
Logline: In 1931, Tennessee native Jackie Mitchell became the only woman to strike out baseball legends Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig back-to-back, but was then kicked out of the major leagues for being a woman. 
Side Note: Based on a true story. Singer LeAnn Rimes is attached to star. Rocky Lang to direct. 'bel Films' Joseph Burga will produce. Shooting begins in the spring. Tiara Blu Prods.' Diane Nabatoff and Michelle Grace will produce with Elizabeth Robinson. Bel Films hopes to shoot three family films a year in the $3mil. -$5 mil. range. 

Hollywood North 
Genre: Satire 
Buyer: Winchester Ent./Now Ent. Group/TriMuse Ent. 
Producer: John Gillespie 
Logline: Set in 1979, centers on runaway production and tax-sheltered filmmaking in Canada.
Side Note: Producer Peter O'Brian will make his feature directorial debut. Alan Bates will star along with Matthew Modine, Jennifer Tilly, Deborah Unger and John Neville. 

Lucky Jim 
Genre: Comedy 
Author: Kingsley Amis 
Buyer: Strike Entertainment 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures 
Producer: Marc Abraham 
Logline: A young professor tries to make a name for himself in British academia. Along the way, his determination is tested as he becomes the victim of a series of disasters that threaten his professional standing. 
Side Note: Rights were purchased from Canal Plus which made a 1957 adaptation of the book. No screenwriter is attached. Strike Ent. has a four year production deal with Universal. 

Wait Listing Wally 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Toni Kotite 
Buyer: Walt Disney Pics. 
Purchase Price: Low-six figures 
Producer: Jenno Topping, Betty Thomas 
Logline: Crazy Midwestern guy takes down families ahead of his five-year old son on the waiting list for a prestigious private school. 
Side Note: Spec script. Jenno Topping and Betty Thomas to produce via their Tall Trees Productions.

Untitled Mamet Project
Genre: Mob Drama 
Writer: David Mamet 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Purchase Price: Seven-figures 
Producer: George Clooney, Steven Soderbergh, Todd Komarnicki, Jon Berg 
Logline: Story of depression-era gangster John Dillinger, who was killed by FBI agents as he left a Chicago movie theater. 
Side Note: Ben Cosgrove and Jennifer Fox are exec producing. George Clooney will produce but not star. Kimberly Pierce ("Boys Don't Cry) might direct. Jon Berg and Todd Komarnicki, who brought the project to Section Eight's Fox, will also serve as producers via their Guy Walks Into A Bar Prods. 

The Unwanted 
Genre: True Story 
Writer: Joan Chen, Geling Yan 
Buyer: National Geographic Feature Films 
Producer: Jake Eberts, Christine Whitaker 
Logline: Story is based on Kien Nguyen's memoir about life as an Amerasian boy raised in communist Vietnam. 
Side Note: To based on Kien Nguyen's memoir. Joan Chen will also direct. NGFF's Jake Eberts and Christine Whitaker will produce.

Whispers In Bedlam 
Genre: Comedy 
Writer: Stephen Falk 
Author: Irwin Shaw 
Buyer: Universal 
Price: Low against mid-six figures 
Logline: Football player whose career is on his last legs, undergoes experimental surgery which not only transforms him into a superstar on the field but leaves him with super hearing. 
Side Note: To be adapted from Irwin Shaw's short story. Tom Jacobson will produce. Jim Wedaa will Executive Produce. 

Wolf B36 
Genre: Drama 
Writer: Sara Corbett, Mark Lewis 
Author: Sara Corbett 
Buyer: National Geographic Feature Films 
Producer: Jake Eberts, Christine Whitaker 
Logline: Centers on a female wolf, one among a group of sixty six that were relocated to Idaho under the Endangered Species Act in 1995. When the wolves slaughter local livestock, a young field biologist gets caught up in a battle between environmentalists and ranchers determined to kill the wolves.
Side Note: Story adapted from a New York Times Magazine article by Sara Corbett. Mark Lewis will make his feature directing debut. NGFF's Jake Eberts and Christine Whitaker will produce.

There Once Was a Farmer
Genre: Period Drama 
Writer: Mark Eaton, Suzanne Eaton 
Buyer: Calm Down Productions
Price: Low to mid six figures
Producer: Lucy Webb, Kevin Pollak
Log Line: With the help of the town drunk, a dairy and potato farmer triumphs over insurmountable odds while also saving area farmers from ruin when he helps to start the Maine Potato Chip Industry, becoming a local hero. 
Side Note: Based on the true story of the writers grandparents. Kevin Pollak set to co-star. 

Deadly Persuasion 
Genre: Period Drama
Writer: Mark Eaton, Suzanne Eaton 
Buyer: Calm Down Productions
Price: Low to mid six figures
Producer: Lucy Webb
Logline: An FDA medical officer fights internal corruption and corporate greed while single-handedly keeping a toxic drug with Nazi roots from American distribution until it is proven lethal. JFK awards her the highest civilian award for her heroism. 
Side Note: Based on the 1960 FDA Thalidomide scandal. 

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