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September 2003 Script Sales


The Blessed Virgins 
Writer: Sarah Kelly 
Buyer: Maverick Films 
Producer: Rachel Rothman 
Side Note: Rachel Rothman, who has a first-look deal with Maverick will produce. Sarah Kelly will direct from her own script. Mark Morgan and Guy Oseary will executive produce.

The Honeymooners 
Writer: Don Rhymer 
Buyer: Paramount 
Producer: David Friendly, Marc Turtletaub, Julie Durk, Eric Rhone 
Logline: Modern retelling of the classic TV show, concentrating on the actual honeymoon.
Side Note: Deep River Prods. to produce for Paramount. Don Rhymer has come aboard to rewrite the Barry Blaustein/ David Sheffield script with the intention on bringing the budget down. Hal Ross will executive produce. John Schultz will direct. Cedric the Entertainer and Mike Epps will star as Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton.

Non-Human Animal 
Writer: Chris Bird 
Buyer: DreamWorks SKG/Vanguard Films
Producer: John Williams 
Logline: A personal injury lawyer is charmed by a sweet-talking activist into becoming a reluctant hero of the animal rights movement during a landmark legal challenge.
Side Note: Vanguard Films which has a first-look deal at DreamWorks will produce this live action flick for the studio. Vanguard paid for it out of its discretionary fund.

Valet Daze 
Writer: Sarah Kelly 
Buyer: Maverick Films 
Producer: Sarah Kelly, Guy Oseary, Mark Morgan 
Side Note: Sarah Kelly is writing the project and and will direct. Rachel Rothman, who has a first-look deal with Maverick, will produce along with Maverick president Mark Morgan and Guy Oseary.

Escape From Libby Prison 
Writer: Jay Wolpert 
Author: James Gindlesperger 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures/high -six
Producer: Dylan Sellers 
Logline: Set in 1864 at the Confederate Army's notorious lockup in Richmond Virginia, the book tells the true story of the escape of 109 Union soldiers from the dreaded institution.
Side Note: Jay Wolpert has been hired to rewrite for mid-high six figures.

Married In The Morning 
Writer: Harry Elfont, Deborah Kaplan 
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Purchase Price: $975k/$3 mil.
Producer: Neal Moritz 
Logline: Story is about an ambitious small-town newscaster who dreams of being the next Katie Couric. She gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when she's picked to host a morning-show segment about a young couple on their way to the altar, but things get complicated when she falls for the groom.

Spy Hunter 
Writer: Michael Brandt, Derek Haas 
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: Adrian Askarieh, Charles Gordon 
Logline: Story is about an ex-fighter pilot who has become an intelligence agent. Using a fully armed G-6155 Interceptor vehicle, which has morphing capabilities, he hunts dangerous spies and assassins, who engage him in their own sophisticated vehicles.
Side Note: Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" will star. Universal hired Michael Brandt and Derek Haas to script. Neal Moritz and Marty Adelstein are expected to come aboard in some producing capacity.

Strange Son 
Author: Portia Iverson 
Buyer: Revolution Studios 
Producer: Julia Roberts, Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Deborah Schindler, Tom Sherak 
Logline: Story of two mothers -- one who lives in a mansion in Los Angeles, the other in a one bedroom flat without running water in Bangalore, India -- who unite in a tireless search to find help for their severely autistic sons. Together they make breakthrough discoveries which help their sons.
Side Note: Julia Roberts will produce through her Red Om Films and possibly star. 

Writer: Niall Johnson 
Buyer: Universal/Mostow-Lieberman 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures
Logline: Focuses on reincarnation.
Side Note: Mostow-Lieberman used its discretionary fund to buy the pitch.

Girlfriends Guide Book Series 
Author: Vicki Iovine 
Buyer: DreamWorks 
Purchase Price: $3 mil.
Producer: Suzanne Todd, Jennifer Todd, Vicki Iovine 
Logline: Seven non-fiction books on such subjects as pregnancy, surviving the first year of motherhood, and toddlers.

Green Monkeys 
Writer: David Connaughton, John Trozak 
Buyer: Paramount 
Producer: Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo 
Logline: Follows green monkeys who think they are human.
Side Note: Live-action/CGI flick to be directed by Gabor Csupo. Klasky/Csupo and Nickelodeon optioned the comic strip created by Mickey and Betty Parskevas and attached the writers before taking it to Paramount. 

The Longest Yard 
Writer: Sheldon Turner 
Buyer: Paramount 
Producer: Jack Giarraputo, Adam Sandler 
Logline: Retired pro football player is sent to prison and leads of team of inmates against a team of guards.
Side Note: Remake of the 1974 film which starred Burt Reynolds. Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Prods. will produce for Paramount but Sandler has no plans to star. Sheldon Turner has come aboard to write the remake. MTV might join Happy Madison in producing this project for Paramount.

Writer: Michael Petroni 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Producer: Robert Teitel, Mark Canton 
Logline: Story is about an FBI agent who's wounded while foiling an assassination attempt on a cardinal who is first in line to replace the recently deceased Pope. As the agent heals, his search for the shooter dovetails with his own religious re-examination.
Side Note: Assignment for George Tillman Jr. to direct. His partner from State Street Pics. Robert Teitel, will produce with Mark Canton for Warner Bros.

Take Me To Your Leader 
Writer: Marita Black, Simon Black 
Buyer: Paramount 
Logline: A NASA janitor accidentally launches himself into space. After he falls back to Earth and lands in Iowa, he finds everyone believes he's an alien.
Side Note: Adam Sandler's Happy Madsion Prods. will develop and produce the project although Sandler is next expected to take a role in the film. A new writer is being sought. Happy Madison partner Jack Giarraputo will exec produce, with Gold/Miller producing.

Underworld 2 & 3 
Writer: Danny McBride, Len Wiseman 
Buyer: Lakeshore Ent./Screen Gems 
Logline: First pic which is out now has a werewolf and vampire falling in love.
Side Note: Lakeshore Entertainment and Screen Gems. Pic will team up to bring one sequel and one prequel to the screen. No actors are attached as yet.

The Beltway 
Writer: Laurence Malkin, Chad Thurman 
Buyer: Miramax 
Producer: Michael Goldman, Andrew Panay, Peter Abrams, Robert Levy 
Logline: A young intern on Capitol Hill uncovers an illegal and dangerous plot overseen by the CIA.
Side Note: Nick Cannon will star in and executive produce. His manager, Michael Goldman is producing the project with Tapestry's Peter Abrams, Robert Levy and Andrew Panay. 

Land of Pleasant Living 
Writer: Mark Lord 
Buyer: Focus Features 
Logline: Story is about a woman emotionally devastated by the death of her boyfriend. Fifteen years later, battling depression and trying to sustain a failing marriage, she comes face to face with her dead boyfriend's ghost in the form of his little brother, who has grown up to be just like him.
Side Note: Alissa Fergus will exec produce.

Magnum P.I. 
Writer: Michael McCullers 
Buyer: Universal/Imagine 
Producer: Brian Grazer, Don Bellisarion 
Logline: A former Naval intelligence officer hired to head security at the estate of wealthy absentee owner. He then uses the mansion as a base to work his own detective cases, employing the resources of the estate owner that included the signature red 308 GTS Ferrari.
Side Note: Feature version of the CBS TV show that ran from 1980-1988 and starred Tom Selleck. Brian Grazer will produce with TV series creator Don Bellisario.

Writer: Leslie Caveny 
Buyer: Type A Films 
Producer: Jennifer Simpson, Reese Witherspoon 
Logline: Modern-day fable about a young woman, plagued by a curse, who sets out on a journey of self-discovery.
Side Note: Screenwriter Caveny is the executive producer on "Everybody Loves Raymond." Script was purchased from Type A Film's discretionary fund.

Ahab's Wife 
Writer: Helena Kriel 
Author: Sena Jeter Naslund 
Buyer: Camelot Pics. 
Purchase Price: Mid-six figures
Producer: Dan Halsted, Jonas Goodman, Harvey Kahn, John O'Hurley 
Logline: A young Kentucky girl looking for adventure, poses as a young boy to gain entrance on the whalers of Nantucket. After a harrowing accident and adrift at sea, she is rescued by Capt. Ahab, and thus begins a great love between them.
Side Note: Dan Halsted is producing the project with Front Street Prods.' Jonas Goodman and Harvey Kahn and Little Giddings Inc.'s John O'Hurley. 

The Swimmer 
Author: John Cheever 
Buyer: ContentFilm 
Logline: Story of a middle-age Connecticut man who swims home during a hot afternoon from one backyard pool to another, with each stop vividly evoking a different rush of memories. Updated film will take place in the Hamptons on Long Island.
Side Note: ContentFilm is in advance negotiations with the John Cheever estate for the film rights to this story. Story was already used as a basis for the 1968 film that starred Burt Lancaster. Alec Baldwin will star in the new version. Baldwin's El Dorado Pictures and Vincent Farrell's Iron Films will team with Content to co-produce the project. No director or screenwriter is attached.

Under and Alone 
Writer: Daniel Barnz, Ned Zeman 
Buyer: Warner Bros./Icon Prods. 
Purchase Price: High six figures/mid-seven
Producer: Bruce Davey, Kevin Lake 
Logline: Story of ATF undercover agent Billy Queen, who infiltrated the notorious and violent Mongols Motorcycle Club. Because of Queen's undercover work, the ATF moved on the Mongols in May 2000, resulting in the arrest of more than three dozen people in Southern California and seizing dozens of illegal guns as well as cocaine and stolen motorcycles.
Side Note: Assignment for Ned Zeman and Daniel Barnz to write the screenplay. Mel Gibson is negotiating with Warner Bros. to star. His company found the project. Also part of the deal were life rights for Billy Queen as well as an option on his autobiography "Under and Alone."

Witness for the Prosecution 
Writer: David E. Kelley 
Buyer: MGM 
Purchase Price: Seven-figures
Producer: Marion Rosenberg, Dan Rissner 
Logline: Courtroom thriller ahout a guy accused of killing a rich widow who had taken a fancy to him. Remake will be set in the present and take place in the U.S.
Side Note: Remake of the 1957 film which starred Marlene Dietrich and was directed by Billy Wilder. Dan Melnick will exec produce. Remake rights were held by the Agatha Christie estate. David E. Kelley has come aboard to write the screenplay.

Writer: Brandon Camp, Mike Thompson 
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Purchase Price: High-six figures/low-seven
Producer: Mark Gordon 
Logline: A 911 operator, grieving over the death of her sister, begins to receive spooky emergency calls about murders 24 hours before they're committed. As she begins to fear for her sanity, a hard-boiled detective helps her unravel the situation.
Side Note: Writers will also serve as exec producers. 

Fish Out Of Water 
Writer: Ardwight Chamberlain 
Buyer: Focus Features 
Producer: Jackie Collins, Steve Golin, Larry Kennar 
Logline: A young woman from the Midwest comes to Hollywood to marry a studio mogul and finds herself in rich-and-famous central but unexpectedly falls in love with the caterer.
Side Note: Based on a story by Jackie Collins who will also produce along with Steve Golin and Larry Kennar of Anonymous Content.

Hard Hearts 
Writer: Jim Uhls 
Buyer: Hyde Park Entertainment/Peculiar Films 
Producer: Ashok Armitraj, Jon Jashni, Jim Uhls, Yalda Tehranian-Uhls 
Logline: A bounty-hunting couple who must chase down their most dangerous prey while planning their wedding.
Side Note: First production to come out of the newly formed production company Peculiar Films which was formed by screenwriter Jim Uhls and his wife, former MGM exec Yalda Terahnian- Uhls.

Jingle Belle: Naughty & Nice 
Writer: Gina Wendkos 
Author: Paul Dini 
Buyer: Revolution Studios 
Producer: Steve Tisch, Gary Goodman 
Logline: Centers on Santa's rebellious teenaged daughter who has had enough of the North Pole, goes off on her own, inadvertently triggering a sequence of events that puts Christmas in jeopardy.
Side Note: Adam Sandler and his Happy Madison partner, Jack Giarraputo will exec produce. Gina Wendkos has come aboard to write. 

The Watch 
Writer: Victor Salva 
Buyer: New Line 
Producer: John Goldstone, Vernah Harrah 
Logline: During WWII, a group of American soldiers assigned to blow up a bridge to end the war, is suddenly faced with an evil spirit sent by the devil, who doesn't want the war to end.
Side Note: Victor Salva has come aboard to write the script and direct. 

Writer: Irena Brignull 
Author: David Almond 
Buyer: Phoenix Pics. 
Producer: Annabel Jankel, Irena Brignull 
Logline: Story is about a mysterious creature who transforms the lives of a young boy, his new friend Mina and his ailing baby sister.
Side Note: Annabel Jankel will direct and produce. Irena Brignull will also produce and adapt the book for the screen.

Writer: Jan Eliasberg 
Buyer: Twentieth Century Fox 2000 
Logline: Female pilots during WW2. Centers on the first group of 28 who were hired out of Sweetwater Texas by top pilot Jackie Cochran to ferry planes for the war effort. Altogether the W.A.S.P. S. lost 39 women in crashes throughout the country.
Side Note: Jan Eliasberg has come aboard to rewrite the script and direct. Cameron Diaz will star. Mimi Polk Gitlin's Gitlin Prods. and Mimi Rogers' Millbrook Farm Prods. will produce for Fox 2000 where it has been in development for a number of years.

The Love God? 
Writer: Darryl Quarles 
Buyer: Universal/Imagine 
Producer: Brian Grazer 
Logline: A guy who is the adopted son of this Southern small-town preacher grows up in a very Christian family. When he gets older he finds he's the heir to a men's magazine empire and he has to come to L.A. to run it.
Side Note: Contemporary retelling of the 1969 film that starred Don Knotts.

Pretty Persuasion 
Writer: Skander Halim 
Buyer: Palomar Pictures 
Producer: Happy Walters, Marcos Siega, Matthew Weaver 
Logline: A sexual harassment scandal engulfs an exclusive Beverly Hills private school. Evan Rachel Wood plays a teen who frames her teacher for sexual harassment. Christina Applegate is a reporter for a local news station and Ron Livingston plays a fellow teacher who also is a lawyer representing his colleague.
Side Note: Evan Rachel Wood, James Woods, Ron Livingston and Christina Applegate will star in the project, which begins shooting in summer 2004. Marcos Siega will direct.

G.I. Joe 
Writer: Michael Gordon 
Producer: Lorenzo di Bonaventura 
Logline: Story will focus on the popular action figure that was created in 1964.
Side Note: Producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura secured the feature rights to this action figure toy from Hasbro. He will pitch the project to the studios this week with screenwriter Michael Gordon attached to write.

Untitled Channing Gibson Project 
Writer: Channing Gibson 
Buyer: Paramount 
Producer: Lorenzo di Bonaventura 
Logline: Female version of the cop buddy movie involving themes of friendship and community.
Side Note: Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett Smith will star. Shooting might begin next January or February. Overbrook Entertainment, which manages Pinkett-Smith, and Latifah's Flavor Unit Films will produce for Paramount. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has a three-year first-look production deal with Paramount. 

Worcester Cold Storage aka The Perfect Fire 
Writer: Scott Silver 
Author: Sean Flynn 
Buyer: Warner Bros./Imagine 
Producer: Brian Grazer 
Logline: Story of a a fire that claimed the lives of six Worcester, Mass., firefighters in December 1999.
Side Note: Danny Boyle will direct this film based on the book "3000 Degrees: The True Story of a Deadly Fire and the Men Who Fought It" by Sean Flynn. Story originally appeared as an Esquire Magazine article.

Deep Water 
Writer: David Marfield 
Author: Matthew Jones 
Buyer: Halcyon Ent. 
Producer: Chris Coen 
Logline: A drifter happens upon the town of Deepwater, where nothing is as it seems. His arrival in town has sinister consequences, and it is not long before he is seduced into a twisted game of deceit and murder.
Side Note: David Marfield will make his feature directing debut. He also adapted the novel by Matthew Jones. Lucas Black, Peter Coyote, Lesley Ann Warren and Mia Maestro will star.

Friends Again 
Writer: Neal Gumpel 
Buyer: David Permut, Michelle Grace, Julie Gallo 
Logline: A New York fishmonger and a director who were childhood friends but now find themselves back together for less-than-friendly reasons when the director steals his buddy's idea for his next movie.
Side Note: Ray Liotta, Heather Graham and John Goodman attached to star and George Gallo to direct.

The Iguana Brothers: A Tale of Two Lizards 
Writer: Jeremy Pikser 
Author: Tony Johnston 
Buyer: Twentieth Century Fox Animation 
Producer: Robert Luketic, John Leguizamo, Kathleen DeMarco, Fonda Snyder 
Logline: Adventures of a pair of iguanas, Tom and Dom, who do such things as give up their bug diet to eat flowers, take siestas in the sun and learn the meaning of friendship.
Side Note: This children's picture book will be the basis for a CGI-animated film. John Leguizamo will star in one of the voice roles.

The Stuntman 
Writer: Tim Day 
Buyer: Tim Day 
Logline: Action/thriller which follows a fugitive on the run who takes over the role of a dead stuntman on a movie set to evade capture by authorities, only to begin to suspect that the director simply wants to capture his death on film, blurring the line between make-believe and reality for the greatest performance ever captured on film. 
Side Note: Writer Tim Day secured the remake rights to this 1981 film. Project is out to producers and talent.

Mr. Prez 
Writer: Claudia Grazioso, Steven Gary Banks 
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Producer: James Lassiter, Teddy Zee 
Logline: Philadelphia Kid gets to be President for a day after he wins an essay contest.
Side Note: Assignment for the team of Claudia Grazioso and Steven Gary Banks. Overbrook Ent. and Teresa Caldwell Prods. will produce. 

A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius
Writer: Nick Hornby, D.V. DeVincentis 
Author: Dave Eggers 
Buyer: New Line 
Logline: Memoir of author's life after the death of his parents. At 22, he was forced to raise his 8 year-old brother and come up with innovative ways to do this.
Side Note: Book was written by Dave Eggers who has the right to co-write the treatment or approve it if it is written by someone else. He also has the right to approve the screenwriter, director and the screenwriter. The author will donate much of his money to cancer related charities. Universal is negotiating with New Line for the book rights. Kimberly Peirce is attached to develop the project, which was adapted by Nick Hornby and D.V. DeVincentis.

Silver Strike 
Writer: Art Monterastelli 
Buyer: Twentieth Century Fox 2000 
Producer: Trevor Albert, Marc Gordon 
Logline: A military unit goes down in Eastern Europe and discovers its enemies aren't local militants but werewolves.
Side Note: Marc Gordon Co. will produce for Fox 2000. John Benito will make his feature directing debut.

Winter Passing 
Writer: Adam Rapp 
Buyer: Stratus Film Co. 
Producer: Jennifer Dana, David Koplen 
Logline: Story focuses on a reclusive novelist who has an estranged relationship with his daughter The daughter returns home after a seven-year absence to a house full of strangers that include a wandering loner and one of the writer's former students.
Side Note: Stratus will finance this drama that will star Ed Harris, Will Ferrell, Zooey Deschanel and Amelia Warner. Playwright Adam Rapp wrote the script and will direct. Shooting begins in NY next month. Stratus' Gordon and Yari will exec produce with Laura Bickford of Laura Bickford Prods.

David Spade Christmas Project 
Writer: Richard Dargan, Eric Wade, Diane Duarte 
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Producer: Adam Sandler, Jack Giarraputo 
Logline: Story is about the son of Santa Clause (David Spade) who is on the outs with his father. When Christmas is threatened by outside forces, the son bands together with an oddball elf and a group of under appreciated reindeer to save the holiday and reconcile with his father.
Side Note: David Spade will star.

The Few 
Author: Alex Kershaw 
Buyer: Paramount/CW Prods.
Logline: Story of Billy Fiske, the first American pilot killed fighting the Germans in World War II. Fiske, half-American and half-British leads a small group of American pilots and breaks U.S. neutrality rules in the early days of WWII to fight with the British against the Nazis.
Side Note: Proposal by Alex Kershaw. John Logan is in talks to script. Michael Mann will direct Tom Cruise. Their companies will produce for Paramount.

Oliver Twist 
Writer: Ronald Harwood 
Author: Charles Dickens 
Buyer: Independent Financing 
Producer: Alan Sarde, Robert Benmussa 
Logline: An orphan runs away from a workhouse and meets a pickpocket on the London streets. He joins a household of young boys who are trained to steal for their master.
Side note: Roman Polanski is teaming up with screenwriter Ronald Harwood to bring this clasic story to the big screen. Film will be shot next summer with a British cast.

The P.T. Johansen Field Guide To North American Monsters 
Writer: Andrew Mudge 
Buyer: Universal 
Logline: The son of a Sasquatch hunter defends his evidence against a skeptical Cub Scout.
Side Note: The writer of this screenplay, Andrew Mudge, was named winner of the Chrysler Million Dollar Film Festival. He received a $1 million production deal with Universal and production company Hypnotic.

Untitled Farrands Project 
Writer: Daniel Farrands 
Buyer: Emmett-Furla Films 
Producer: Steve Whitney, Paul Mason, Randall Emmett, George Furla 
Logline: Feature will be based on the myth surrounding the house that was featured in "The Amityville Horror." That movie was based on the book by Jay Anson that claimed that the family that bought the house after murders were committed there were subject to a series of bizarre and bloody supernatural events.
Side Note: Daniel Farrands who wrote and directed the TV documentary "Amityville 2000" will write the script. Steve Whitney of Integrated and Paul Mason of Barstu will produce the picture with Emmett/Furla's Randall Emmett and George Furla.

The Fly 
Writer: Todd Lincoln 
Buyer: Twentieth Century Fox Searchlight 
Logline: Scientist switches his molecular structure with that of a fly.
Side Note: Fox Searchlight is talking to director Todd Lincoln for him to direct and write this remake of the 1958 original which starred Vincent Price.

Writer: Bill Wheeler 
Buyer: Warner Bros. 
Producer: Steven Soderbergh, Jay Roach 
Logline: When an ex-con learns from a newspaper advertisement that his estranged son of seven years plans to go down the falls in a barrel as a publicity stunt to get money, he realizes he must stop him. He then decides to rob the local lottery winner to get his son the money. The plan goes awry and the ex-con is pursued by the cops and indirectly implicated in a murder.
Side Note: Pitch was based on three intertwining stories that the writer Bill Wheeler wrote for "This American Life" radio show. Jay Roach might direct. 

The War Magician 
Writer: Peter Buchman 
Author: David Fisher 
Buyer: Paramount/CW Prods. 
Producer: Tony Eldridge, Tom Cruise, Paula Wagner, Colleen Camp 
Logline: Based on the life of Jasper Maskelyne, a British stage magician who used the principles of stage magic to help fight the Germans. At one point he was able to make the Suez Canal disappear, move the Alexandria Harbor and create a phantom army before the battle of El Alamein.
Side Note: Book was written by David Fisher and published in 1983. At first Tom Cruise was announced to star but he's stepped down and will produce only. Peter Weir has come aboard to direct.

Writer: Joss Whedon 
Buyer: Universal 
Producer: Joss Whedon, Barry Mendel 
Logline: Story is set 500 years in the future and centered on a crew aboard a spaceship.
Side Note: Rights to the TV show were acquired from Fox Television. Creator Joss Whedon is hopeful that the TV cast will return for the feature. He will produce through his company Mutant Enemy Inc. along with Barry Mendel, his former agent at UTA.

Writer: Robert Crais 
Author: Robert Crais 
Buyer: Stratus Film Co. 
Producer: Arnold Rifkin, Bruce Willis, Bob Yari, Mark Gordon 
Logline: Story of a police officer who is guilt ridden over from a prior stint as a negotiator, when a hostage situation went horribly awry. When a Mob accountant is taken hostage on his beat, he must negotiate the standoff, even as his own family is taken by Mob.
Side Note: Stratus Film Co. has picked up the rights to the book and a screenplay in turnaround from Revolution. Bruce Willis will star. His company Cheyenne Ent. will produce. Florent Siri is directing.

Eric Sevaried Story 
Writer: Stephen Falick, Jeff Howard 
Buyer: Revolution Studios/Imagine Ent. 
Producer: Brian Grazer 
Logline: Story will follow Sevareid's life after he was recruited by Edward R. Murrow to cover World War II. Sevareid was reluctant to leave the news desk but was forced to by economic circumstances after he had twin sons. Story will concentrate on the events of 1943, when Sevareid was assigned to the Far East and was forced to parachute from a plane in China.
Side Note: Stephen Falick and Jeff Howard will write the screenplay. Ron Howard is attached to direct and Imagine Ent. will produce for Revolution Studios.

Find a Husband After 35 Using What I Learned at Harvard Business School 
Writer: Claudia Lonow 
Author: Rachel Greenwald 
Buyer: Paramount 
Producer: Caryn Mandabach 
Logline: Story will be about a group of women who read the instructional dating book and try and to tap into the formula to find mates.
Side Note: Claudia Lonow will adapt the book.

The Last Apostle 
Writer: Tag Mendillo, Ric Waugh 
Buyer: Columbia Pics. 
Producer: Mark Gordon 
Logline: Antihero with a dark secret strives to win an epic struggle of good vs. evil.
Side Note: Columbia and producer Mark Gordon have pacted to bring this project to the screen. Paul Walker will star. Tag Mendillo and Ric Roman Waugh will write the screenplay.





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